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  1. While we are on the subject of MiG 15 details , does any one know what the attachment points look like on the wing where the drop tanks attach - as in after the tanks have been dropped ? also any progress with this build ? cheers Jay
  2. Hi Harv , thanks for the digging , I had the same trouble looking for information . That era and the cold war must have been highly secretive and much of the data is still hidden I think ? cheers Jay
  3. Hi guys , well thats the tricky bit , the pilot was Russian - but secretly flying for the North Koreans , I do have the Aeromaster MiG aces set No1 - maybe it's in set No2. thanks for the help. cheers Jay
  4. Hi there , I have not posted often in the forums here but I do lurk around and see whats going on from time to time . I have been plugging away with one of these Trumpy MiG15 s for a while now and have been chasing some info on the web , but to no avail , so ---- Help . For an in flight display, I am looking to build the MiG to score the first jet versus jet victory flown by "First Lieutenant Semyon Fiodorovich Jominich" but so far I can not find details of his plane's markings ? so any one out there who can give me a clue it would be great.
  5. Hey thanks for the welcome , would you beleive that after I posted I checked out google and there was quite a lot of great LSP items showing up on the Revell 1/32 Typhoon , I have the 1990's edition which the box is just labled "Hawker Typhoon " no mk s . The instructions say it's a Mk1b , I like the inclusion of the pilot figure which is a quirk that I can't seem to shake since my early 1/72 model building days - 45 years ago ( good griefff), now 1/32 scale suits my eyes better cheers Jay
  6. Err Hi there , I am a newby here and this is my first post . I was searching for add ons for an old Revell 1/32 Typhoon I picked up on evilbay and thought I would post a topic but this one is close to what I was aiming at , so ...... is there much in the way of after market bits for the Revell 1/32 Typhoon ? cockpit etch ? Hispano guns ? please forgive any obvious blunders it's been eons since I put an aircraft kit together. cheers Jay Just saw the previous post - doh
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