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    Warbirds, historical aircraft, and (please don't shun me..)armor. I am an aircraft mechanic and authorized inspector, practically live at our field here in Naples, FL.
  1. RGChastain

    Fokker Dr.1 vs Fokker F.1

    With all due respect to Mr. do335b6, LeRhone was a French company, the successor of Gnome. With likewise respect to Mr. csavaglio, it is "Oberursel", named after the town near Frankfurt. I know that it doesn't really matter......just picking nits. In all fairness, both types were just very minor variations on the original Gnome design.
  2. RGChastain

    SprueBros Dragon sale

    From what few dealings with SprueBros that I have had so far, I really like them. Very helpful and courteous.