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  1. I didn't say it was right or wrong, all I said was, HKM get's referred to as HK, quite often...
  2. Very cool. I love them! (Original link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/95025859@N08/14751603927 )
  3. Quite a cool plane built in Brazil, also license built in the UK. The Super Tucano is even better looking but this below is a standard Tucano..
  4. Saves me typing it.... what he said ^^
  5. Bring out what ever, just don't bring out any early Harriers yet, not until I've built my Revell 1/32nd scale one, only because I've been hunting for years and now finally have one! But in all seriousness, a 1/32nd Vampire family would be great, lots of schemes around for them too. But if this was going to be a 'do we need it, or do we want it' thread, I don't want a Vampire, but I'd take a Gannet all day long.
  6. My friend Chris Chennell took this, me, dad and my brother used to meet up with him all the time, so a high chance I was close by!
  7. In Butch's defence, 'HKM' often get referred to as 'HK'... I always say HK.
  8. Thanks for the info... does look great don't it!
  9. Not seen it mentioned on here, sorry if I've missed it. http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=92
  10. What's involved in converting one?
  11. I can't wait for the UB! But I'm going to break my rule of 'only twin seat Russians in 1/32nd', I need a 1/32nd MiG-29A...
  12. Likewise... News to me Anyway, I've set up a new thread for my Bf-109H. ( See here - http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=69360 )
  13. New on the bench, I have wanted to build this for years so when the conversion finally came out I was over the moon.... it's just taken me a while to get one..! Just the one photo for now, will post more later on Unsure what route I'm going for scheme, the world in my oyster as they say.
  14. And me, why is the Fw-189 a 'Uhu' ? (I don't know what Uhu means...)
  15. Revell Bf-109 G-10 for my AlleyCat Bf-109H conversion... getting started ASAP. (Thread soon....)
  16. Superb, great seeing old birds fly. Would be an amazing model in 1/32nd too!!
  17. I had a brilliant day.... spent way more than I wanted, but then I shouldn't go with the cash in the first place! I got VERY lucky today!! Two old kits I've wanted for a very long time were both on the same stand and priced really well! Revell 1/32nd Harrier Heller 1/35th Frelon Trumpeter 1/32nd Su-30MKK Alley Cat Bf-109H conversion Amodel 1/72nd Be-200
  18. I should have one soon.... so I will get some nice close up photos and general photos if anyone still wants to see it. Can't wait!
  19. Took these last Friday after a 0415 start... a very long day but so worth it. The photo of the B-52 is also how I took the video by holding my video camera on my lens with a cable tie. Works well!! Enjoy!!
  20. I have some photos of a Bearcat if you need them? I found the disc recently, but as soon as I find out where I've put it I will load them up if you're interested. Great to see one being done in 1/24th!
  21. I've decided this is going to br brought back out and worked on, but only 3-4 hours per week... slow work but it'll get it going.
  22. Thousands would be happy with it out the box and you generally see them built out the box too. This is what I love, modifying a kit to make it your own, nice work on the rudder!
  23. Sorry chaps, not done much apart from cut the bulkheads out, floor, cockpit section etc but at the moment no idea where they are lol. Probably in a model box somewhere. I do and really want to get it going though..
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