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  1. Found the thread Kevin, looks great so far... only gone back two pages as I'm currently away for a week, but once I'm back Friday I shall have a good read through.... I wish I could get a conversion! I love these twin seat Fw-190's!
  2. That's a good stash.. I can see lots I have too, all the Russian stuff, lots of transport aircraft, 135's, Warning Star, C-123, RB-47 (HB 1/144)... Glad you've built it back up again since the fire.... do you have a photo of the previous stash?
  3. I would love resin canopies for the Su-27 family! I'd actually buy more than I need too, just incase I ever want to build more. I actually think they would still sell, and I'm not just saying that as I want one either.
  4. Got the An-225 on pre-order and did as soon as I could! That I can't wait for
  5. Wish I had bought the one at a show for £250!
  6. Great build so far.... must admit, I do have a soft spot for B-25's.. but in civillian use!
  7. Instagram is great and it's not just for selfies, etc! I use it for skydiving and aviation... and have had friends get a lot of work through it too, one guy got offered a job which he took! So, I highly rate it.
  8. Very, very, very, very excited about this...! As others have said, maybe more in the pipeline too? Can only hope!
  9. Thanks guys for the interest! I've just been out and bought the Revell boxing of the MPM 1/72nd scale Hudson. A nice kit, will be perfect in assisting me with some stuff until I can go back down to Hendon to see the real thing.
  10. Thanks Cees, I've got the Tracker to do next after this... Wish I had the time to do that along side this! Windows now cut out too after going around the inside with a small drill to open them up. The other side is already done, but I did that a different way, this is so much easier!
  11. Thanks chaps, it's great to have it back out. I'm just a bit gutted I ripped out some of the good work, it's all been binned since too... so 10 steps back, and hopefully many forward now. Photos of how it is now, will add more later on of some work I've done tonight, windows cut out, panels/bulkheads cut out etc!
  12. First time I've seen this, a great scale and great subject... Looking forward to see this progress
  13. Well, I'm back again... and for good this time. I need to get this done for next year, so it can go on the LSP/32ndSIG table for Scale Model World 2018... It's a lot of work ahead, but one of my favourite non-Soviet aircraft and i'm shocked I've had this for as long as I have, I thought it was only 2 years!! I stripped out some of the old work *ages* ago and have taken a photo just now of where I'm at. So yeah, a lot of work ahead... but my bench as it is as i'm writing this, scratching my head as to where to start.. wish me luck!
  14. They are indeed blue and yellow... my photo.
  15. Not so much a bomber, but a 1/32nd Dinah would be stunning.
  16. Never seen that before, (the thread)... You gotta get that back up and running.
  17. HpH do one for the Arado?
  18. If I knew I could do it in the time, I'd do a RAF B-17... that would be stunning... a lot of work though, a glass nose B-25 is tempting instead of the Hudson.
  19. My Hudson is part started so I just need to get it out, and I made a start on the Harrier this week... I might do a thread for the two, but they do slow things down for me....
  20. Seeing a Dave didn't copy and paste the list.... #1 Iain (32SIG) Sopwith Camel #2 Iain (32SIG) Supermarine Spitfire PR Mk XI - RAF Benson 1944 #3 Iain (32SIG) Hawker Tempest II - 33 Sqn, Malaya #4 Iain (32SIG) Eurofighter Typhoon #5 Pharty (32sig) Tornado GR4 Op Telic #6 Pharty (32sig) Tornado F3 11 Sqdn #7 Pharty (32sig) EE Lightning F3 29 Sqdn #8 Pharty (32sig) Harrier GR7 #9 Pharty (32sig) Mosquito either Tamiya or HK or both #10 Pharty (32sig) Hawker Hurricane 2B #11 Pharty (32sig) 2x BAE display Hawks #12 Pharty (32sig) Hawker Hunter 6 or 9 #13 Pharty (32sig) Tiger Moth trainer #14 Radders (32SIG) Lockheed Hudson 'Tigger Vac' #15 Radders (32SIG) Harrier GR.3 Revell kit converted.
  21. Tim, I saw the comment too...I remember seeing it as I thought what the hell is that and Googled it.. but where I don't know. A lot has happened since then too.... Iain, cool project!! Must be huge??
  22. I went to Telford with £510 in my pocket, enough to buy one... but sadly most of it was already spent. Gutted to say the least, I would of loved one. But I guess now I should start saving for the GIGANT......... I did but a HpH kit though, but £25's worth... in the shape of a L-200 Morava, stunning.
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