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  1. This is going to be great. I have thought about doing this with a CL-215 from 1/72nd to 1/32nd, but not how you've done it with the plaster, that's great. I now have a 1/33rd card model CL-215 though... that I've cut out and making up the bulkheads etc.. very much like Pete's 1/24th Tigercat. Going to enjoy watching this come together.
  2. If it get one it'll be cockpit open, covers on...
  3. Very very tempted Iain, the simpleness of it appeals to me, the cockpit would need some work though..
  4. Anyone got one yet? Loads of hype about these on Facebook... if I got one, a Italian one or Spanish one would be my choice of scheme, assuming the kit is right for them. I'm still holding out for the TBM Avenger to be released though!
  5. I really want a B-17G, i'm just struggling with parting £300 for the kit! You may have seen these before.... some of Mr.Parkers. Good luck with the build!
  6. I'm allergic to cheese, must be the tiredness! Haha
  7. Hope I'm not dreaming it but I'm sure It's been mentioned.
  8. Bit slow catching up, but I will have to get a He-177... my favourite of the bombers... what a beast. Recently bought the MpM 1/48th kit of it. Not starting rumours, but did I see ages ago talk of a 1/32nd Tracker? Not saying by HpH but I'm sure it was mentioned in here... I'm pecking away at the Tigger 1/32nd vac and I just know as soon as it gets somewhere, one will be announced. (hopefully!)
  9. Hi Jeff, thanks for the reply and many links! Very helpful... never heard of 'Odd Bob' before, so i'm going to have to order one each of the AT 802's! I was going to scratch build my own, so this will be a lot quicker. I have a lot more fire bombers on the go, a Guardian, a few helicopters etc... but just consentrating on the three posted for now... great aircraft and colour schemes. This is my website and I run the IPMS UK 'Special Interest Group'. Sadly, it's slow, not as much interest here in the UK, but I'm building it up bit by bit. scalewaterbombers.wordpress.com
  10. Thanks guys for the comments! Work has been slow building, my business has picked up ten-fold so my own time has been filled up with being a new dad or sleep! But with Telford on my mind, it's time to get stuff done for my Water Bomber SIG. The Mars is on hold, it needs more time than I can commit to it... so I would rather spend that time on three to get these done. Heller DC-6 to be done with the rare Leading Edge Conair sheet. Hasegawa P-3 to be finished as a Aero Union P-3 but not in the bright red/white scheme. and the CL-215 as seen above, cowlings being modified, scribed etc... should be due for markings soon.
  11. Not seen this on here? I was tempted by the Horsa but never bothered... this however! Linky - http://www.moxingfans.com/new/news/2018/0410/4606.html
  12. More small stuff.... wish we could see a Beaver in 1/32nd scale.
  13. Tom, you need to do it in this scheme... and I'm also sure that the photo is taken by a guy called Mike Freer, he and his son Stuart have a superb collection of aircraft photos that they've taken. Might be worth searching their names for more.
  14. Karim, that would be great! I will get some photos of the kit, but it does have the camera (if a little sparse) and hellfires. I will drop you a private message with my email for them photos, that would be very kind thank you!
  15. It's a nightshot and it just so happens someone is doing an inspection, you can just make out feet at the bottom, but it's not strong as he would of moved while the camera shutter was open.
  16. These two gems, I love these type of aircraft.... and two that would be GREAT in 1/32nd scale!! Maybe one day.....
  17. I need a set, want a set....!! I have a MiG-29UB on it's way soon, these would really finish it off....
  18. Such a brilliant build. That canopy is amazing too!
  19. Great work Tom... I have posted some photos on my site from when I was on base with the B-52's back in 2016... they might help. I also have a few more of the tail etc that aren't on the link, but if you need them just ask.. Here - radleighbushell.com/sabre-strike-16/
  20. I actually managed to skip the fact you are converting this to a malcolm hooded Mustang...! You nutter. So I Googled it for more photos and found this.. which you've probably already found, but it's stunning...
  21. Secret location! Thanks! I really want the etch set for the Kuznetsov, then I might start thinking about getting it on the go..
  22. Massive clue in the first post...! " I asked Mirek at HpH to run me off one of their bespoke 1/18 subjects "
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