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  1. Quite looking forward to this! Didn't want to shell out the above cost just yet.
  2. Hi Nick, Just a quick answer from me as I'm packing up at work. Ideally, you need a tripod. Set the camera to A (I'm not a Nikon man, but I think A is the same as Canon's Av.) A being Aperture setting. If you set the numbers to f/22 (the higher the better) this will slow your shutter speed down (this is where a tripod is needed). In short, the higher the number, the smaller the Aperture = more in focus. If you set it at f/3.5 (or there abouts) your setting the lens at a larger Aperture = less in focus, you also get a fast shutter doing this. be warned though, if your camera sensor is dirty, the smaller the Aperture ( ie: f/22 etc) will pick up dirt on the image, so don't be alarmed if you looked at your photo and have a black dot, small hair line on the image. If you don't have a tripod, up the ISO to around ISO500/ISO600 and set the A between f/10 or f/16, this will set the shutter speed slightly slower, but decent enough to be hand held. Although, photos won't be as good. It all depends on your lighting, and where your taking the photo. I'm going offline now, so will check back tomorrow. Hopefully someone has explained it better. Best of luck!
  3. Lol, Iain I'm starting with a Skyvan, something a little easy to break me in. But i'm looking at certain fighters that haven't been produced in 32nd if I can master my first master. Work is starting on this after xmas, as I'm not down my dads until then. (He has the Balsa wood!)
  4. Thanks Tim, Your right it is but I can't find anything online. I've probably got the issue at my dads house somewhere too!
  5. I've actually got one, and will use it for a reference, but good call!. I'm after some plans to photocopy to the right size. I'm going for a 32nd scale one.... Hopefully it won't be to hard because it's so boxy
  6. Bit of a long shot, but does anyone know where I can get scale plans for a Short Skyvan? I'm going to embark on a new project after the new year!
  7. Radders

    Kit Prices

    How many people spend fortunes on kits only to have them in the 'stash'? I can understand the hobby, totally. I just don't get hoarding literally hundreds of kits. I'll buy a kit at any price even if it takes a while to save, but only doing so knowing that i'm going to build it. But back to the OP, I agree, some kit prices are silly!
  8. Yeah I think I get that, so it's got to be wider\deeper so that it sticks out of the vacform. When I'm nearer the time John, i'll drop you an email as I was also going to ask about getting it vacformed
  9. Hi guys, Been thinking alot lately about vacs since I got started on the Hudson. I'm going to attempted at making my own master, unsure of what aircraft yet, but it's going to be fairly large. I've got the balsa wood sorted with thanks to my dad, but I've got a question. Say i'm making a 1/32nd scale aircraft, do you have to take into account the thickness of the plastic used when vacforming (the final scale), so really I'd make the master slightly smaller? Or is that me being silly. I've no idea what i'm going to do, i'm weighing up my options with regards to engines etc to see what would be best as I wouldn't want to make engines etc! Thanks all, Radleigh.
  10. All 1/32nd scale CL-215, A-20 Havoc Hansa Jet Gulfstream 1/2/3/4 & 5
  11. You would never think so much detail goes into something so basic looking. Top notch Eric!
  12. Superb stuff, that'll be my toy if my numbers come in! I've wanted one for years.
  13. Alright Steve, I'd go for the Dauntless although I was going to say the F.3! Radleigh.
  14. LOL, Telford '14! Telford '13 i'll have the Hudson on show all being well. I'm thinking of getting the B-24 just after Christmas once the Hudson is in full flow.
  15. Hi guys, was thinking of 32nd scale using 'Tigger's' vacform kit. Decisions..
  16. Hi guys, Quck question... As title, is this a doable conversion? I assume, it's a case of changing the tail... or is there more to it? Cheers all..
  17. Hi Bob, I did once have the Revell Ju-88 to do this conversion but due to lack of work I sold all my large kits so it never got built! Needless to say it's never left my mind and seeing this really makes me want to try and tackle it. I look forward to the updates!
  18. Wow, man after my own heart! I would love this kit/conversion!!
  19. Cheers Lee, have been on that site but can't find where to download? I think I would like a Learjet 35, but if there is a large list then I will have a scout through as i'm open to all sort of aircraft, especially Russian. Eric, would be great to see the V1 progress
  20. Anyone got a Harrier for sale? I really fancy 'Tiggers' 2 seater vac conversion!
  21. Thats the one! I couldn't remember what it was. I was thinking if someone could make something for me, then turn that into a master so it could be vacformed. I'm trying to get out of carving up a load of balsa wood!
  22. Hi all, I've seen somewhere on here, but for the life of me can't find it again.. someone making a model from a machine that was done using some form of equipment and a block of vinyl(?) I think it was laser cut. Can anyone help? i'm intrigued as to how it works and weather it's an expensive process? Thanks all, Radders
  23. Hi Matt, cheers for the link I hadn't seen that before, but reading through there are a few kits there I would love to have a go at! 1/32nd C-47, F7F Tigercat and RB-57F Canberra! Maybe one day?? Regarding the detail parts, I'll be doing everything from scratch so I wouldn't buy them in the first place, cheers though!
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