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  1. 18 minutes ago, Tnarg said:

    If we are expecting two engines, then Drakens and Viggens qualify, even if JETMADS are doing one of them now. Probably not, but better than many of the alternatives for the return on investment. I still want a Martin B-10B (not gonna' happen).





    Two engines in a Viggen and Draken? 

  2. 9 hours ago, JamesHatch said:


    Yup, haven't we all, including the Sunderland, P-51B, Phantom etc. 


    I have my purple paint and Milka Ju 52 images at the ready too!


    That would be awesome... I was lucky enough to see it in the late 90's at Dubendorf.

  3. I think it's safe to say, we really have no idea what it is.. I guess a few do, but can't say anything....


    I would love it to be something I've got an interest in, something maybe WW2 related that could be turned into a post war Civvie, or a B-29 to make into a Tu-4, or just something Russian.... Pe-2 or Tu-2. 

  4. No kit/model is perfect Iain from the box.. and if there is only one shape wrong with this, and an area that probably won't really be seen by people when on display (given they face nose out at shows), then I think he's also done a superb job. I'd happily take that on any kit he does, if it means getting kits no one else would be willing to produce. A-90 Ekranoplan for example... that I really can't wait for.. 

  5. 34 minutes ago, Anthony in NZ said:

    Let me know if I can help Thierry!  And let him know you are friends of ours through LSP and liked the Andover etc. he will probably remember me asking for you when I was organizing the Andover's anyway.


    LOL, you reckon he has seen enough Andover/YS-11-ish looking versions that he's seeing them in his sleep!


    You guys will love having a project like that in 32nd...even I considered it because it looked so cool!  


    He is going to do an L-188 Electra in the near future, but he said he wouldn't do the Orion, Oh how I would love him to do the P-3 in 32nd!


    Cheers Anthony


    I will be getting a 1/48th Electra....  Shame he's not doing a P-3, I saw that comment... I would of thought he would of given how much they have been in use with the JASDF. 

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