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  1. Treated myself to these over the last 2-3 weeks. Sorry they aren't LSP's... 


    I sold both my IL-76's to help fund my skydiving and when this one came up for sale I snapped it up as I regretted selling both, the A-50 is my second, been after a second for some time..  the Moss and Atlant I've wanted for years, the Moss was secondhand and 'cheap', the Atlant is now no longer produced so I bought that from Hannants.. 


    and the hunt for another An-22 continues... 



  2. So I sold my Trumpeter Su-25UB + resin cockpit a little while ago and instantly regretted it. So when I saw this 'lot' up for grabs, I had to bid and won it at a stupidly low price for what I've got... a proper result!!


    Needless to say i'm over the moon. Might actually build this one.. 


    (and yes some single seat stuff in that lot but I may sell them bits on as I've no need....)



  3. Hi guys,


    I'll post some photos soon, but keeping you guys updated.


    The 'batplane' will be done with a B-17F kit, so this is going to be N66571 a 'G' with the right tail.. but lots of differences and mods needed to the kit, I have cut away all the bits I need to, and now working on getting it up to standard. Wings made up, and engines progressing.. just waiting for some etch to arrive from Hannants for the engines also. 


    Really enjoying doing this... as I haven't been doing any modelling what-so-ever in the last few months... been busy with work and weekends learning to skydive, recently passing my AFF too, so just a few more solos and then I'm an A license holder. I should be able to pick up a bit more modelling then once that's sorted....


    Here's a photo from Airliners of the one I'm building.. you can see it's quite modded from the old USAAF days, it was with Kenting Aviation Ltd before being converted to a tanker and used as a Photographic Survey aircraft.




  4. You've done the  B-17, B-24, B-29, Halifax, Stirling (in progress) etc... and now this, can't be much left in terms of monster kits to build in 1/32nd scale? 


    Great work mate, hope to catch up this year, although not sure when... I may come down to Southern Expo. 

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