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  1. I'll be damned, a simple but very effective way.... looks amazing so far too Tom, keep it up mate...
  2. I took it as sarcasm suggesting the molds were gold to start off with... (of course they aren't though)
  3. Two engines in a Viggen and Draken?
  4. Cold War out that lot, but generally anything Soviet, Fire Bombers etc..
  5. That would be awesome... I was lucky enough to see it in the late 90's at Dubendorf.
  6. I think it's safe to say, we really have no idea what it is.. I guess a few do, but can't say anything.... I would love it to be something I've got an interest in, something maybe WW2 related that could be turned into a post war Civvie, or a B-29 to make into a Tu-4, or just something Russian.... Pe-2 or Tu-2.
  7. One way to draw attention to your Facebook page I guess.
  8. If it is a Beaufighter, only one option would get me to buy one & that would be one of these.
  9. If it's a C-47/DC-3, Maurader or Ju-52... i'll get one. If it's something else... who knows.
  10. Got one put by, can't see nothing fishy this end.. if they want to make limited numbered kits, let them..
  11. Love it... hopefully this makes it to a Telford one year... I understand how big it is... but it's just too good.
  12. How I was when I got the YS-11EB... will put a thread up soon for that in Non-LSP too.. need to make the clear parts up then it'll be good for paint.
  13. No kit/model is perfect Iain from the box.. and if there is only one shape wrong with this, and an area that probably won't really be seen by people when on display (given they face nose out at shows), then I think he's also done a superb job. I'd happily take that on any kit he does, if it means getting kits no one else would be willing to produce. A-90 Ekranoplan for example... that I really can't wait for..
  14. A lot better for sure... still pondering whether to order one.
  15. How are you doing the clear areas Iain? Cutting out from plastic and inserting? Making any form of lip for them to sit on at all.. ? Great work btw..
  16. Yeah, I agree... removing the chin turret of the B-17G was fun filling in that large void.
  17. Can also vouch how well it sanded down, my YS-11EB is all but done... I should get a thread up in Non-LSP really. Nice work too, Iain... reminds me of all the work you put into them Uhu nacelles.
  18. I'd be in for a U-2 in 32nd... a Senior Span would look unreal in this scale.
  19. I know this is going off topic but this is what i'll be building in 48th... if he offered it in 32nd I could well be tempted. A P-3 would also be a fire bomber...
  20. I will be getting a 1/48th Electra.... Shame he's not doing a P-3, I saw that comment... I would of thought he would of given how much they have been in use with the JASDF.
  21. Never got one for my 1/48th YS-11EB... box was a decent size too.
  22. Bit more done (covered over the rear turret and rounded off), and i've put coat of primer over the top of all the modified areas to find any defects.. there are a few but thankfully minor, so they will be sorted tonight. Too big to photo anywhere else, so on the rug it is.....
  23. Bummer... i'll keep looking though. I have friends I can ask also..
  24. Are these any good Iain? Not my photos, but takes you direct to the photographer.
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