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  1. I`m looking forward to start building my "alicat" when i see this.
  2. I am currently dreaming about the EA-6B Prowler from Trumpeter. And i hope it will be released before 2050 :-)
  3. Not much about this release on the different webshops and modelling pages at the moment. Why the silence?
  4. Ordered the B-25 strafer decals. My plan is to build "Fatso".
  5. Love it! I have one in my stash waiting for me, and i got the Caracal decals :-)
  6. Love it. Got two in my stash. Planning to build them as african sukhois using Linden Hill decals
  7. I really hope Fox one decals start up again someday. Anybody in here know what the subject was for Fox one decals 32005?
  8. Are you sure the strafer version will be released anytime soon? Its not displayed on the HK-models site, and no internetmodelshops is announcing it. Its really quiet............................................
  9. Ordered the strafer sheet. I am planning to build fatso :-)
  10. Where can i get these? I am also planning to build the Tamiya P-51 as a korean veteran.
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