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  1. I pre-ordered it from Luckymodel as well................................
  2. Good news. Ive been looking for an F for a while.
  3. What kind of glue are you guys recomending for this kit?
  4. But they havent released the F-16AM in 1/32!!
  5. Fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!! I want all 12!!! :-)
  6. When is the next round of orders for this kit?
  7. We need some colorful decals for this bird!!!
  8. I really hope they upscale their F-B Phantom kit.
  9. Yes!!! Finally some pilot figures for my russian planes!! I want ten! :-)
  10. Yes!!!! :-) Exploring the rivers of russia are not the Viking way. But sailing the rough seas of the atlantic is!! :-) But you make some beautiful airplanes....
  11. The viking is very cool, but the swedes are not real vikings!! :-)
  12. Im ordering both figures in 1/18!!!
  13. I regret i didnt buy it!!! Those swedes really know how to paint a fighterjet....
  14. I would love to have one....
  15. Sukhoi Su-9 please!!! Just looks like a piece of raw power.
  16. What about Trumpeter and Hobbyboss releases for 2021?
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