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  1. Beautifully done John! Cheer's, Jeff.
  2. Superb builds! Cheer's, Jeff.
  3. Here is an article by Paul Gillan on building an Aussie Hornet, http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/raafhornetpg_1.htm Cheer's, Jeff.
  4. Yeah, missed this one as well,....what a brilliant piece of work! First class work all round there, everything done superbly, from the model itself, to the figures, and the groundwork is just beautifully done. That is the type of setting I wanted to put my W-12 in, but just didnt get around to it. Cheer's, Jeff.
  5. That seems a long way off, I have no idea how long it takes, and i'm probably miles off, but that is still a year away at least. Jeff.
  6. No worries Wolf!.......the Tiger is looking good! Cheer's, Jeff.
  7. Wolf, are these dry transfers from Archer what you need? https://www.archertransfers.com/AR35041W.html Cheer's, Jeff.
  8. Superb work John!...that looks brilliant. Cheer's, Jeff.
  9. Coming along beautifully John! Very nice work indeed. Cheer's, Jeff.
  10. Outstanding work Guy! Superb job all round there. Cheer's, Jeff.
  11. Wow!...that is brilliant! What an outstanding job all round there, everything is top notch. Absolutetly beautiful work! Cheer's, Jeff.
  12. I agree with all the other comments John, what a beautiful job you have done on this! Absolutetly top shelf work here. Cheer's, Jeff.
  13. Absolutetly brilliant! What an impressive model, you have done an outstanding job all round there. Simply stunning! Cheer's, Jeff.
  14. Looking great Ferry! Beautiful work. Cheer's, Jeff.
  15. Yep, I just finished the Hansa Brandenberg Early version, and I cant remember the last time I bought something with that value for money!....everything is in the box to do a very nice model straight out of it, took me a few months to do, just a little work on it most weeknights after dinner, some longer sessions on weekends and rainy days, satisfaction plus when complete. Even if they do end up a bit expensive, I work with guys that will easily p**s the price of a Wingnuts kit up against a wall at the pub every night of the week, and thats not even taking in their gambling money on horses and crap, so I think I'm doing ok with the value out of a Wingnuts kit. Cheer's, Jeff.
  16. Beautiful work Matt! Top class build top to bottom. Cheer's, Jeff.
  17. Thanks very much Bob and Peter! Hardly any rigging on this one Bob, but your tubes and eyelets made it heaps easier to do.....I've dragged my Fe-2b back out to try and finish it off, received my order from you a couple of weeks ago for this one, hope I can see it out, just a little bit more rigging than the Hansa-Brandenburg!.. Cheer's guy's, Jeff.
  18. Thanks for the info Peter, The PE ones really do look good these days, I would have sworn they were laced with rigging line or something. ......and yes, they look one hundred percent better than the alternative plastic wheels. Cheer's, Jeff.
  19. Superb work Peter! That is an excellent build.Are the wheels from an aftermarket company, if not, how did you do the spokes?....they look awesome. Cheer's Jeff.
  20. Bill, Tim, and the Mongoose, thank you very much fella's! Cheer's, Jeff.
  21. No worries John!.... glad it all worked out, its a beautiful build! Cheer’s, Jeff.
  22. Outstanding John!....love it! Has AK got a gloss coat paint as well?.....maybe try spraying it over the flat sections that bleached, which should get rid of them, then spray the flat coat back over it again., maybe try on a practice piece first. I did this years ago with a model that the flat coat frosted, and the gloss coat got rid of the frosting, then the flat coat matted it down again.....might be worth a try. Cheer's, Jeff.
  23. Thanks a lot Jan and Brian, very much appreciated! Cheer's, Jeff.
  24. Outstanding work Mark! That paintwork on the camo is just brilliant. Beautifully done! Cheer's, Jeff.
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