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  1. Brilliant work once again Miloslav! Beautifully done. Cheer's, Jeff.
  2. "I'm sure other people here might have some good ideas on how to fix it, but would spraying some gloss coat over the decals get rid of the silvering and then use a different flat coat?" This sounds like it could be worth a try,......I would probably try this first and see if it worked. Jeff.
  3. Bloody outstanding John! That looks really impressive now. Cheer's, Jeff.
  4. Thanks a lot Andy! I am trying everything out on a paint mule as well, try and sort things out there before I hit the main project. Thanks again for looking in, Jeff.
  5. Thanks Matt, Bill and Dennis, and for the likes guy's! Just another small update... I have painted the underside of the wings with the Alclad Aluminium, but my old Iwata HP-B airbrush that I usually use just for base coats etc was too fine for the job, and I was getting a very mottled uneven effect that didnt look too good, so I had to break out my very old single action Paasche H airbrush with a No.3 needle on it to get a good even coverage, and I'm pretty happy with the result now. Looking at the pic of the Starboard Wing, there are a couple of little scratch
  6. Absolutely brilliant Alex! You have done a superb job on this stunning scheme. Well done! Cheer's, Jeff.
  7. I have seen some outstanding Helo builds over the years Pete, but yours combined with the figures, and the effort you made for realism, such as the angles of the Rotor Blades, and all the gear in the cabin etc just blows everything else away! It is an absolute masterpiece of work! Cheer's, Jeff.
  8. Wow!...that is outstanding work! Beautifully done on what must have been a very tricky build,.....I still can't believe that a subject like that was ever kitted as a scale model, unbelievable. Cheer's, Jeff.
  9. Thanks John!....I'm using the riveter tool from RB. Productions, but I'm not sure if they are still availiable. https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=890 Cheer's, Jeff.
  10. Finally got to the point of laying down some paint on this thing....knowing that the wing root area of aircraft models can be a problem with the way the paint swirls around in that area, and you can get a dusty rough section with the paint drying at different times on the different angles, I didnt want to have that problem with the Alclad on this one, ......the last thing I want to be doing is sanding the wing root area over and over if this problem happens here, so I took the same approach that Alex did on his Mitsubishi Claude build in his "In The Navy" Group Build project, and mask of smal
  11. That is spectacular Alex! What a great scheme, and you are doing it brilliantly. Cheer's, Jeff.
  12. Thanks a lot Mike!....Yahu has both colours for an IP and I wasn't sure which one to get, but after your info, I'll go with the RLM 66 one. Cheer's, Jeff.
  13. Jeezzz, that is massive!...I’ve never seen that before. Jeff.
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