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  1. Clunkmeister

    Questions on building the HPH Dreaded Walrus

    YES! Brother, the big biplane idea has been rattling around in my semi empty skull for months now, and Brian's experiences with it are extremely interesting. He's a builder like you. It takes much to shut his enthusiasm down, but the Dreaded Walrus certainly succeeded. I've pleaded with him several times to finish it and all I received were looks of pure pity and clinical understanding. If a jig is what's needed, maybe it's time we developed one? I have plenty of angle iron, expanded steel matting, and fabrication tools at the shop.....
  2. I'd love some feedback from guys who have tackled this kit. From what I hear, all is roses until the wing support DRAT gets installed, and it pushes straight through a latticework and some beautiful radio equipment? And then there's a big issue with figuring out wing/engine/strut alignment? My questions are these: 1. Is the complete rear interior visible on the completed model? If not, does it serve any useful structural purpose or is it just ornamental? In other words, can it be eliminated from the construction sequences? 2. I see the real Dreaded Walrus has a real oddball engine angle. Does the included gauge allow the angle to be set correctly? I know Brian powered out on his, and I also know the easiest answer to this would be to pick up the telephone and talk directly to him, but I'd love to see a thread on this as I also know there's many of these kits in stashes and SODs, languishing away. My intention, after the Nats are finished, is to clear my bench and go full tilt on an HPH kit, either the PBY, the Helldiver, or the Dreaded Walrus. Being a biplane, the Dreaded Walrus speaks with a very loud voice.... I'd love some great feedback from those in the know. Thanks ahead of time.
  3. Clunkmeister

    1/32 Mk XVIII Tse-Tse Mosquito

    My goal is to either find and acquire for or help Harv find and acquire one of Paragon’s Tse Tse conversion sets. The Nats are up and coming...
  4. Clunkmeister

    Zoukei-Mura P-51 Mustang Miss Marilyn II

    Very nice. I have this kit in the stash and the scheme never hit me. Until now. Gorgeous! Of course I’m no Mustang guy with 98% of my P-51 builds being postwar RCAF ships, but this one just got my juices flowing. thanks!
  5. Clunkmeister

    Zoukei-Mura P-51 Mustang Miss Marilyn II

    Beautiful job! Is that an oob scheme?
  6. Clunkmeister

    Wingnut Wings Taube 07/14/18 Wings

    Messing with a wing scheme still.
  7. Clunkmeister

    Helldiver ... in the work

    Great pointers on the Helldiver. This is a model I will need to build. I just like the real Helldiver that much. But yes, those flaps look to be a huge nightmare of headaches
  8. Hey guys, I was a firm believer in enamels, mostly MM and Floquil, with some crossover into Tamiya. Metallics were always Alclad. Now, I discovered Gunze, and have pretty much switched over. Alclad and Gunze interchange for metallics. I’m going to try some AKAN, I’ve heard good things about it for VVS stuff. But my big revelation? Mr. Levelling Thinner. LSP_Paul pointed it out to me years ago, and it’s done more to help my results than anything else. Now I tell the same to anyone who’ll listen.
  9. Clunkmeister

    Flat monofilament. Finally found some !

    Yes, completely agreed on the Golden Age racers. The airplanes are small and the wires are large. The bracing wires form a very large portion of the aircraft. The Travel Air Mystery Ship, for example. It’s my favorite Golden Age racer by far, and the shiny wires against a black/red scalloped aircraft is just too cool for school. Then don’t even get me started on the Wedell-Williams or any of the Granville Brothers designs.
  10. Clunkmeister

    Make the others jealous

    Grabbed this from my LHS the other day.
  11. Clunkmeister

    Flat monofilament. Finally found some !

    yep, Peter, I did an RE.8 that way and I never really noticed.
  12. Clunkmeister

    Flat monofilament. Finally found some !

    Hubert, I'm right there with you on the scale accuracy thing. I like my models to look the part. Not a "what if", but a total miniature replica and illusion to the eyes. I think with biplanes though we're definitely exaggerating an effect in many respects. Woodgrain, for example. Our woodgraining is WAY overscale by a factor of about 200, yet it gets the point across. Fabric effect decals: again, way overscale, but it gives the effect and looks great Turnbuckles: Waaay overscale, but they look the part And the list goes on. We look for the effect on pre 1929 biplanes, we model exact to scale in later years. My .02 only, and it's worth nothing.
  13. Clunkmeister

    Flat monofilament. Finally found some !

    William, I agree 100%! I've become attached to Monofilament line for one big reason: It adds strength to the model which benefits travel. In Texas, going to any show is at least an hour's automobile trip, usually much more. I live in the country and everything is far away. So anything I can do to make a biplane model sturdier is good for me.
  14. Clunkmeister

    Flat monofilament. Finally found some !

    I'm definitely going to try it. There's some here I trust their opinions unerringly, and Hubert is one of those. If he thinks it'll work, I'm all for giving it a try. Besides, what's the worst that could happen? You're out the astronomical cost of a roll of fishing line.
  15. Clunkmeister

    Unreal C-5 Galaxy takeoff, gut wrenching!

    Agreed on that 76 Alan, they just might have been smashed, although you'd think the Aussies would have seen something if they were. Back in my days, we never had software, just old (highly optimistic) performance tables and slide rules, and also the best tool of all, our gut. If I didn't think I had the room, I didn't do it, period. The ATC guy wouldn't be first on the scene, I would be. The long trundle to the end was a pain for us too, especially in a big taildragger. But I'm sure it saved our lives. And even with recips, we'd run them up, and verify stable power before releasing the brakes. That IL-76 would have made quite the stain on the landscape.