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  1. Thank you for your Welcome, I' like this forum with only large scales!!!
  2. To change me ideas,worked on the canopy by adding details Lastly, one starts to recognize a F-15 thus
  3. Left pylon with a AAM-3 in scratchbuild
  4. Hello, Its my last build at 1/32,a EC-145 from the french Gendarmerie. Set photoetch Renaissance,decals Renaissance and scratchbuild inside and outside Thank's JL
  5. Hello Oliver ( I'm The bouffon :-) ) Outstanding work,i imagine the next scene.... JL
  6. New avancement,rescribbing,details and many more,my English is too bad for more explication... I begin the detail to full open the gun panels A general view,note the plan to make the camouflage
  7. The scribbing is adapted for make a "DJ"
  8. Hello, I'm new on this forum,it's my first build at 1/32 scale. The objectif is this plane,i love the "splinter side" I started with the F-15J Tamiya and the piece for a two-seater from the F-15E from Tamiya In first,i work on the pod, "Trumpeter" give a ALQ-131 ,but a "Two band",a little convertion for have a "three Band" imposed Next,the cockpit,i mix a cockpit "Aires", "partsrparts" parts,the rear pit from the "E" and a little scratchbuild
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