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  1. Hello, My last built, a F-16D from the IAF,F-16I Academy kit and Isracast set for the decals,Block40 modification and the armement "Delilah" Best Regards Jean-luc
  2. For a IAF,the 600 Gallons is a must I choice a "Delilah2" configuration,i use a Isracast set. I try to respect the IAF Scheme.... An actually,i'm on the decals... cheers... Jean-luc
  3. Hello everybody, In first time,Twoplace is finish,is Mr Smith now,same man I try to show you my actual build,a Isareli F-16D Block 40 from the 105 Sqn "The Scorpions" I start with the Academy kit from the F-16 Sufa and i use a Isracast set for the convertion The simplification of the spin dorsal It's OOB for the majority,some adaptation to represent a F-16D The seat are from CMK The cockpit with Eduard photoetch
  4. Hi Babs, Great work and the attention to the detail it's your sign!!!! More more more!!!! JL
  5. Wow...! With a great paint,the "OOB" is enough!!!
  6. Great Job,many nice detail all around,great build!!!!!
  7. Bonjour Rom1 I'm happy to see your job here! Great work! JL
  8. Here we are,the cockpit is Inside,some détails must be added Some modifications are made to the cockpit Wolfpack to correspond in S-30 MKI I begin the second big step,the canards... The big boy... JL
  9. Thanks dsahling1, A great build from you ! I'm not alone The camo pattern is not for now...I admit to you,I have not thought of it yet... JL
  10. Hello, Its a mix between Gunze paint H46 (Blue),H11 (white) and H329 ( yellow) JL
  11. Next.... The gearbay are in place Front gearbay for a MKI Early rear gearbay The nose on the fuselage See you next
  12. Hello, A Su-22 at 1/32 ??? JL
  13. Hello Mark, Always on the bench!!!! Nice Pit ! My avatar is not for you ! JL
  14. I want Rivets Archers !!!!! Great Work! It's very nice! JL
  15. The front gearbay in the box is for a Su-27 and not Su-30...results : At the beginning,i started to scratch build the gearbay...but Wolfpack helped!!!! And well,the gearbay for a good Su-30 MKI from pre-production ( yes,in production,this not the same....) I come back on the tails,i dont need the long tail... Retrofitting... And govern to Su-30 MKI
  16. First Step,the cockpit, The Wolfpack Cockpit is approximately for a Su-30K but i need for MKI,go to scratch build... A beautiful part is the corrected nose This nose is made in one block,What returns the different assembly of the model...i begin with the nose Here, we can see the différences between the two nose Point of no return to fit the pit...
  17. Hello Mark, Thank's It's your fault if I took back the work ! See the message 40 in your topic! JL
  18. Pitot tube from Masters Models The set for which I waited for a long time,the Wolfpack correction set... I found this badge which will be very well with That's it for today, it is late in Europe, I owe you left Tomorrow the photos of the assembly bye JL
  19. Hello, I wanted to show you a particular plane for me,It has been 4 years since I try to build it. Now that I obtained all that I wanted,Am decided well to me to it and finish it It is thus about Su-30 MKI in its test version before the delivery in India. 7 planes were used,i choose the number 2 "Blue 02",it's the nickname. I choose logically the kit Su-30 MKK from trumpeter to begin. 3 big stages for the convertion : - the canards - the vectorial exhaust nozzles - the cockpit First of all, this is what I collected for all these years A se
  20. Une superbe patine,un très beau montage! bravo! Great build and nice paint! JL
  21. Hello Fred, I'm happy to find your build! Great work,go go go!!!!! Vampire is on! JL
  22. Hi Mr M I'm here,i follow your build with interrest,great idea this built at this scale! JL
  23. Thank's Rainer, The two type of ladders is typical at the TF-104 or is just two models? And for the ground equipement,wat's kind of GPU or LOX use the Luftwaffe? Cheers JL
  24. Danke sehr Rainer, I'm happy to have a little story about this plane,i have just see two italians zippers I follow the information into the "Daco publication" and "Airdoc"...and i dont have story. Meine Deutsche sprache ist besser als meine Englische sprache
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