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  1. Terrible work ! It's wonderful to see this plane ! Your figure are top top top ! JL
  2. It's you Mr Anderson ! I'm just a program from the Matrix !
  3. Wow , clean job ! Great !!! A French ! Good idea ! JL
  4. Thank you Dave , i finish the Su-30 next week and full gas on the Fullback !
  5. Hello , I discover your build , is very a great work on this bug ! I follow your build , i have a F/A-18C on the start line ! JL
  6. Thank you Steve , whats kind of reference ?
  7. Trumpeter is forbid to release one , known as long as I did not finish mine!
  8. Another Sukkhoi ! Yeaaah , a Su-33 , maybe a next project for me , i follow your build ! JL
  9. I begin the squelette in plastic card : And for the comparaison with a classic Su-30 : See you soon ! Jean-luc
  10. Hello , My Su-30 is on the finish line....yeah , i can begin my new long project , a Su-34 Fullback. I started with the Su-27 UB from Trumpeter , i need just the Engine , the tails and the wings... To help me , i have these plan : I started with the Su-27 UB from Trumpeter , i need just the Engine , the tails and the wings...
  11. Hi Oliver , Waouw !!! This is "Norbert" from Master194 ? Great figure ! But the price...glupssss JL
  12. Thank you for all your comment , it's a pleasure ! I show you my next project soon ! Jean-luc
  13. Привет! СпаÑибо за комплимент, Ñ - автор, Ñзык tchekov краÑив, но Ñ Ð½Ðµ ÑправлÑÑŽÑÑŒ Ñ Ð½ÐµÑŽ вÑе Ñделало
  14. The vectoriels ! A Russian tarmac , homemade, not a picture ! A set of ladder in photoetch by Northstarmodels and Russian hold in photoetch too from Northstarmodels A mix from all ! Thank you , i'm in the finition , see you soon for "Ready to inspection" ! Jean-luc
  15. Hi everybody , Sorry for my Slowness.... Some news of the front... The metallic parts are in order ! The baby is on the Wheels ! The refueling probe... Close up of the canopy
  16. Hi ! Great great work ! Nice results with the paint , it's begin to look like a Raptor ! JL
  17. Hello Eric, I work actually on the same kit,for a F/A-18F from the VF-11 It's comics, i have make exactly the same work ! The kit is very bad to fit.... I follow your build with great interest, i try to post a WIP from my work if you want Jean-luc
  18. Hello Thierry, A very clean job on this Mig,i follow your build with great interest ! Jean-luc
  19. Wow wow wow !!!! You are a Master of Scratch build !!!!!
  20. Thank you Marc,thank you Oliver ! I post new pic soon :-) Jean-luc
  21. Thank you for your comments ! Jean-luc
  22. Some news, I finish the decals apply and the wheatering I begin the metal parts I present to you , Ivan Now i continue on the metal parts,ladder and figures.... Cheers Jean-luc
  23. A restart,great ! Finish there now ! courage !
  24. It's really a great work,i lova all the little detail ! And thank you for the references pictures ! Cheers JL
  25. The trumpeter pleasure ! You make a very clean job ! Jean-luc
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