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    KUROK got a reaction from MarcinWSS in SE. 5a "Hisso" WnW   
    Wow that is fantastic!
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    KUROK got a reaction from Tolga ULGUR in 1/32 Hasegawa P-40M Kittyhawk Mk.III   
    Another beauty, Tolga!
    It seems you and the Hasegawa P-40 are a match made in heaven!
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    KUROK got a reaction from Rockie Yarwood in SE. 5a "Hisso" WnW   
    Wow that is fantastic!
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    KUROK reacted to MarcinWSS in SE. 5a "Hisso" WnW   







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    KUROK reacted to Panzerwomble in Revell P51D Mustang, Col Don Blakeslee , 335th   
    This is my Revell 1/32 Mustang in colours of the Colonel Blakeslee c/o  335th Fighter Squadron , 4th Fighter Group , October 1944.
    If you don’t know, Don Blakeslee was the American ace credited with having the highest number of missions (over 500 sorties / 1000 hours) in the ETO as well as leading the first unit of Mustangs over Berlin. Training with the RCAF in 1941, flying Spitfires, Thunderbolts and eventually Mustangs, one obituary described him as “the most decorated second world war US Army Air Force fighter pilot “ . A fascinating and inspiring character.
    The P51D BuNo 4413779 was delivered to the unit on the 30th June 1944, and carrying the personal letter C, became Blakeslee’s mount till he was grounded for being “too valuable to loose” on 1st Nov 1944. The 27 year old Colonel Blakeslee didn’t go in for nose art or victory markings, but always flew C for Charlie as he reckoned it stood for “chief cook and bottlewasher”.
    Service records show this aircraft belly landed on 1st Nov 1944 at RAF Harrowbeer near Plymouth in Devon  (quite some distance from “home” at RAF Debden in Essex) and this may be part of the reason Blakeslee’s flying days were considered done . Growing up a Plymouth boy, I spent a lot of my teenage years wandering around that old RAF base imagining the wartime exploits 40 years earlier, it was also popular as a place to learn to drive Dad's car. The aircraft was repaired and went on to serve with other pilots of the 335th until the end of the war, being scrapped in September 1945.  There is now a replica on the UK airshow circuit G-SHWN. I found a picture of 4413779 dated between 10th and 27th October, just a couple of weeks before the landing at Plymouth.  Shows the recently applied red canopy framing, white tail and an OD wing fillet taken from a 336th aircraft.
    2020 has been a busy year for me in my usual armour arena: 4 Battle of the Bulge,  4 Normandy , 5 other dioramas, two 1/48 jets plus other odds and sods,  and so I decided I wanted to try something different and new . So… let’s have a go at Alclad NMF ….. Mustang seems a good subject (never made one in any scale before - i'membarrassed how is that possible ??) Bought the Revell kit as it was all going to be a bit experimental, and if it goes wrong then, er ,no great loss, and ………sheez.......... it’s only got Olive Drab as the kit offerings  …no …no …..NO more olive drab !!! So looked around for a more suitable NMF Mustang and decided to do this particular aircraft instead.  
    Mostly out of box, made a dinghy (?) for the seat and some homemade belts, and also the specific aircraft markings as couldn’t find a set in 1/32. Also had a  go with using Flory wash instead of the usual oils, so as ever, a few firsts with every model. Hope you enjoy.
    PS Hope you don’t mind a sneaky last pic of the previous model I completed before starting this one, and perhaps the nemeses of the 8th Air Force…., a Dragon 88mm  Flak 36 .














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    KUROK reacted to Tolga ULGUR in 1/32 Hasegawa P-40M Kittyhawk Mk.III   
    This is my 8th Hasegawa s Warhawk . And the next one is a long tail P-40F rolling to the painting process.

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    KUROK reacted to Tolga ULGUR in 1/32 Hasegawa P-40M Kittyhawk Mk.III   
    Hello everyone,
    This is my recently finished 1/32 Hasegawa P-40 (M) Kittyhawk Mk.III with the markings of GA M FR864 from  RAF 112 Sqn  North Africa 1943.
    Cockpit modified by Eduard PE set.
    I have used Eduard s exhausts and Wheel sets.
    Paints : Gunze and Tamiya acrylics.
    Sharkmouth painted by using "DN models" customized masks.
    Happy modelling

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    KUROK reacted to Out2gtcha in Trumpeter P 38 Lightning   
    Looks MOST excellent!   Really well done. 
    If you are ever so inclined, try thinning the MS foil glue with 91% alcohol and shoot it through an airbrush. If you lay the foil down on a giant tile shiny side up, and with some water and a car body putty smoother, smooth out the foil to a perfectly flat pose. Then you can lay down the glue in very thin even layers, and it really reduces the amount of marks that come through the foil after its burnished

    Congrats on a VERY nice model! 
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    KUROK reacted to Miloslav1956 in Do 335B-2 1/32 HK models   
    First Pfeil finished Eduard wheels HGW seat belts Master gun barrels All colour MRP.    




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    KUROK reacted to DeanKB in Wingnut Wings Gotha - How Much?   
    I listed mine on EBay a few months ago, with the HGW detail set, started it at £0.99 plus shipping.
    It eventually went for something like £750. Which is why I sold it - I'd rather have £750 than any kit! And £750 will get you an awful lot of replacement kits.
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    KUROK reacted to LSP_Ray in Wingnut Wings Gotha - How Much?   
    I just put a Gotha on eBay last week (part of the daughter-needs-money-series), with a starting price of $0.99 and it went for about $450. Also for about the same price went my Fisher X-1A/B!
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    KUROK reacted to Gary Needham in Fisher or not to Fisher   
    Get them built; it's model kits we are talking about here not Amazon share certificates. With an ever ageing and diminishing core of enthusiasts who are willing to pay well over the odds for kits (and) as we enter economically uncertain times, who knows if you will make much of a return if you hang onto them for any length of time.
    If you sold and made, say, a $3-400 premium on what you see as an 'investment' on each kit next week, is that really going to 'change' or impact upon your life in any significant or noticeable way that you start looking at new houses or visit the nearest Bentley car showroom..?
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    KUROK reacted to Out2gtcha in F7F-3 Tigercat - BuNo 80405 - VMF 312 MCAS - El Toro, CA 1946   
    After cutting most of the previously too big semi circles, I coiled up a new wire with the R/C push rod, and it made a much more acceptable sized coil:

    After a few hours of cutting, swearing and generally having a fit, I had all 36 1/2 rings fitted to both engines:



    I know this is far from the best representation of these I've personally seen, but it was such a PITA, that I'm not redoing them and will live with them. The main issue with the engines, is that you have LOT of small little tedious tasks for an engine, and because of the twin aspect every single thing is doubled. 
    Next in line of the tedious tasks was the upper cylinder heat shields. All 36 of them +4 extra had to be individually cut out, holes reamed, and trimmed and sanded to get rid of the pool of resin attached to all of them.

    1 down, 39 to go:

    The final task was done for the heat shields, and I got a layer of MS 1500 black on them:

    Ill be getting on with the install of the head shields tonight, then it will be on to installing the 72 ignition connections on the ignition ring, then painting the ring itself, and starting on the ignition wires.
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    KUROK reacted to Out2gtcha in P-51D Dixie Boy   
    I just found these pics today, as I found a "Photobucket Transition" folder today with ALL of my PB pics in it including Dixie Boy...............
    This was a 1/32nd Hasegawa P-51D that I re-scribed and fully foiled and polished for one of my first customers (Fred) who was an active member on LSP many years ago. It was also my first polished foil job, as well as one of my first foil projects overall, so things are a bit rough in places. Dixie Boy was a civilian P-51D that was owned by a millionaire friend of Freds who had initially requested the model and when hearing my price (IIRC I think it was in the $400 range which is WAY low for a polished foil project IMHO but hey ho) immediately found it to be WAY too steep and refused the commission. Fred thought it was a very fair price, and he then ordered the commission  himself. I've attempted to contact Fred a couple times over the years, but no luck. I always wondered what happened to him or how DB was.
    Still though, for one of my earliest projects, turned out just fine. You'll have to excuse the intense sun and reflections in the pics, it was murder trying to photograph all that polished metal, and this was prior to my photo booth.
    The 1:1:




    A couple foiling in progress shots:


    Forgive the blue hue, as my camera was on the fritz in the hot weather we were having at the time









    The rear fuel tank and apparatus were removed to make way for a scratched jump seat like the 1:1:








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    KUROK reacted to cbk57 in DeAgostini Millennium Falcon 1/1 scale, updated 11/8   
    Here are some photos as it comes into final forms.  I have made some creative decisions as if you have to make a tough choice here.  If you are trying to replicate the studio scale prop, it has a lot of features that never show up in the movie.  For example along the sides there are extensive use of weathering materials that resemble rust effects.  Also the Satellite dish area looks totally different from what is replicated in the model.  Also the prop is fairly clean.  There is little panel lining, there are subtle streaking effects and some basic washes.  Now when you go back and watch Empire Strikes Back the look is totally different.  The falcon in the movie is just filthy.  The sides are just loaded with soot and very dark dirt effects.  Also in the movie scenes the set designers loved leaking hydraulic fluid.  You look at anything where there are hydraulics like the entry ramp and there is leaking fluid everywhere.  The thing is filthy in the movie.  
    I in the end went more for the movie look.  I rewatched the movie and the rust effects don't seem to ever show up or make any sense.  When you see the movie prop it looks fire enough back that I think the movie close ups should influence the look more.  So here you go:
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    KUROK reacted to ironman1945 in 1/32 Revell P-51D   
    Finished this one about 5 months ago. Revell's new P-51D early.
    Great kit, I think it strikes a good balance with fit, finish and detail. Silver is Rub n Buff. 
    Photos taken with my crappy cell phone, really need to work on photography skills.
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    KUROK reacted to Out2gtcha in F7F-3 Tigercat - BuNo 80405 - VMF 312 MCAS - El Toro, CA 1946   
    Thanks Dan, she is still upside down on her own cradle in my workshop. No new progress since the end of 2018.  Although...............
    I am wrapping up my Ki-45 (I HOPE!) shortly, and my current plan IS in fact to have the bit kitty make a return to the bench!
    After a two year break, and staring at her unfinished for so long, its time to move forward with her...............
    Updates to come, as hopefully Ill be picking the big kitty back up this year still!
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    KUROK reacted to Archimedes in What will be Airfix's next 1:24?   
    Airfix have already jumped the chasm of only doing 1/24 subjects from around the Battle of Britain when they launched the Mosquito and Typhoon. They have also realised the power of the American Market with the Hellcat (and they realised there wasn't a good competitor large scale kit of this subject) . They also know the longevity of German WWII subjects. So what might they do next that would have broad appeal to a British, American and wider market base? 
    If going Allied
    P40E or N - both variants were extensively used by almost all allied air forces. I feel this would have as much longevity in the U.S. as the Spitfire and Hurricane molds have had in the UK market. It may also potentially appeal in the Antipodes and even Russia. This airframe also has a smaller span than the Spitfire Mk1a even. So not one that poses problems of space in 1/24.
    If going Axis
    Me 262 - This is an iconic airframe and one that is smaller than the previously released 1/24 Mosquito with masses of accurate data available for it and a lot of extant airframes and replicas. No other manufacturer has made this in 1/24 (I am amazed, given that Trumpeter did such a good job in 1/32 that they didn't scale it up actually). 
    Kind regards
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    KUROK reacted to Dpgsbody55 in What will be Airfix's next 1:24?   
    A P-40 in 1/24 is an excellent suggestion, and one I'd leap on as soon as it came out.  Personally, I'd like an N in RAAF or Tuskegee Airmen markings but the variations are endless for the short nose versions if they engineered it in a similar fashion to the Hasegawa kit.  After all, the P-40 fought almost everywhere so it's appeal should be almost universal.
    Another good suggestion for an Axis plane too, but someone would have to do brass undercarriage legs for it if you were to weight the nose.  And a 262 is one that Airfix hasn't done too as we have a 109 and 190.
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    KUROK reacted to Robthepom in Eduard P40-N   
    Very enjoyable build the Eduard upgrades on the Hasagawa kit are excellent

    Thanks for following
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    KUROK reacted to Miloslav1956 in A6M5c Model 52 Hei Takeo Tanimizu 1/32 Hasegawa   
    Zero number 9. finished.
    Work in progress: 

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    KUROK reacted to Alex in Curtiss P-36A Hawk - 2/LT Phil Rasmussen - Pearl Harbor [1/32 SH]   
    Continuing to plow away.  The clear parts on this kit are reasonably thin (the sliding part of the canopy will fit when slid back, unlike their Ki-27 kit) and clear-ish.  Greatly improved by a coat of Future.  I bought these masks for the canopy as they were the only ones I could find:

    They are cut in Oramask - it's OK but for canopy masks I prefer the ones that Eduard makes out of the yellow Tamiya-tape like stuff.  It's thinner, to a useful degree.  To make masks for the inside of the canopy, I just took the surrounding material and stuck it down to a pieces of wide tape, and traced with a scalpel blade.

    I've decided to try and "hairspray chip" the inside of the cockpit, so I've got a lengthy series of layers to spray (also doing some other stuff in parallel).  First hit everything with Alclad Gloss Black:

    The Alclad basic Aluminum (001).  Tried to get a good thick layer to avoid "chipping" through it later.



    I'll let that all dry until tomorrow and then hit it with hairspray and then acrylic cockpit green.
    I made a little gooseneck lamp for the pilot to read his charts by:

    I'll hand-paint the junction box black later.
    The prop actually turned out OK, especially thinking back to what a grotty heap of plastic the component parts were as they came off the sprues...

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    KUROK reacted to Jan_G in 1:32 Douglas A-26 Invader from Trumpeter/Hobbyboss?   
    corrected wing intakes from Resin2Detail released
    wing mounted 0.50 gun pods should be released next


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    KUROK got a reaction from mpk in Most elegant WW-2 design ? The Spitfire !   
    P-38  !!!!
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    KUROK reacted to Stokey Pete in So, what happened to the WNW HP O/100 and O/400 molds   
    They’ve been smelted down and turned into Krugerrands.
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