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    KUROK reacted to Madmax in Teutonic Starfighter   
    Painting this very German Starfighter is fun. The splinter camouflage is rather reminiscent of Luftwaffe builds from another era, and is much nicer to mask than any organic camo pattern!

    On the sheet of paper are my mixes for the green and grey - real hit and miss stuff I'm afraid.

    As it turned out, my green was too yellow. Don't take the "Gelb" in the "Gelboliv" too seriously, it is actually quite a dark green. Sponged on masking fluid is used to add some visual interest, and I then sprayed darker shades over the existing green.

    The same was done for the grey, and lighter shades oversprayed to get the contrast right. You will notice that I have sprayed some green over the grey in areas to simulate the green showing through worn paint. As mentioned previously, it looks to me like the grey is sprayed over the green.



    I used Tamiya TS-96 Fluorescent Orange for the dayglo on the tip tanks. It is quite important to get the right undercoat for it to work, and here you can see a yellow undercoat that fades to white on top where the dayglo fades quickest.


    Apart from getting the undercoat right, it is also quite important to get the dimensions of the panel right! 


    I got hold of some cool Uschi stencils (that Mig Jimenez markets) at my LHS, and have put them to work creating some variation to the silver/grey undersides.

    Most enjoyable stuff!
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    KUROK reacted to Bobs Buckles in The Birth Of A Pup...Early days   
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    KUROK reacted to Bobs Buckles in The Birth Of A Pup...Early days   
    Hello fellow plastic junkies,
    I'm in the process of knocking up a Pup. Here is the cockpit assembly near complete barring seat and belts.
    More updates when orders calm down...See you here in 2040!
    Stay safe my friends. 
    Von Buckle 

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    KUROK reacted to MikeMaben in First time airbrushing / panel washing / paint chipping - Hasegawa P-40   
    Or Artists Water Colors (Gouache, which means more opaque than regular water color paint).
    I use them for washes and sometimes unthinned for small openings like louvers or vents.
    I recommend a set of the basic colors so you can mix whatever you need.
    Don't use kiddie watercolors.
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    KUROK reacted to Feed me Jack in First time airbrushing / panel washing / paint chipping - Hasegawa P-40   
    Hi all, 
    Long time viewer, first time poster. I have been in awe of the quality of builds on here for a long time, and as a modeller rediscovering a childhood hobby, these forums are extremely useful for tips and inspiration. 
    After a few builds using a mix of Tamiya rattle cans and acrylic hand brushing, I decided to splash out and buy an airbrush. I picked up the cheapest one I could find -around £40 including a mini-compressor (the irony being I was spending far more on the rattle cans than it will cost me to airbrush!).
    I have seen it said many times, that airbrushing doesn't have much you need to learn about , but it does have a very steep learning curve. This I can confirm is true! I managed to break the needle after two days !
    For this build, I also wanted to try paint chipping and panel washing. It turned about to be a build of a lot of firsts. The kit itself, the Hasegawa 1/32 P-40 is a great kit overall - good fit in general, some nice cockpit / undercarriage detail, and great value for money. Decals weren't the greatest, and required a LOT of Mr. Strong to get them to settle down. The crosshair was also very disappointing - this is such an iconic part of the P-40, yet was solid (e.g no space between the crosshairs!). I left this off as it was too delicate for me drill out the middle parts. 
    A spoiler - there are lots of mistakes with this model. I wasn't interested in historical accuracy, and the weathering is very much overdone - as it was my first time, I went to town! I also overdid the paint chipping. The underside blue is far too 'blue' - it was my first go with the airbrush (I still had the rattle can mentality to cover as much plastic as quickly as possible!). It was only much later in the model I really got to grips with the idea of lots of very thin coats. 
    Anyway - enough talking - here are the pics:
    talking, here she is:
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    KUROK reacted to David Mooney in 1/32 P-47D Miss Fire/Rozzie Deth II   
    Hello all, I hope you all have been surviving lockdown by modelling-on.....I have. 
    I set about Trumpeters P-47D bubble top version and I was pretty pleased with the kit, I have but the Razorback version and that game me a lot of issues, so this was a surprise and a pleasure. 
    I attempted for the first time a natural metal finish (NMF), so I tried using extreme metal paint by AK and I found them very fragile and had to have a change of plan. I opted for the Mr metal colour paints by Gunze and these were fantastic and very durable when applied.
    I added a few aftermarket pieces, these were the resin wheels by Brassin and the gun barrels set from Master (32115) and I get rid of the metal seatbelts and made my own from masking tape as I can never get the photo etch belts to 'sit' right. 
    Anyway, here she is...…..I give you Miss Fire which was piloted by Piot-Frederick Christensen in England 1944 











    All comments welcome :-) 
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    KUROK reacted to MH Design Scale Models in VOUGHT F4U-1A CORSAIR 1:32, TAMIYA   
    Hello LSP and all funs of aircraft scale modeling,
    I have been watching and admiring all kinds of nicely built planes here on the LSP forum and so I decided to become a member as well :-)
    Thanks a lot LSP guys for letting me join your group. 
    Here is a picture of my VOUGHT F4U-1A CORSAIR 1:32 by TAMIYA.  If you would like to see more pictures or get more info of this model, please feel free to visit  my web https://www.mhscalemodels.com

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    KUROK reacted to Thunnus in 1/32 Zoukei-Mura Ta152H-0 White 7   
    Thank you kind people!  It wasn't pretty and she didn't turn out perfect but she's DONE and I'm just happy to be able to drag this one, kicking and screaming, across the finish line.

    The photos of the finished model have posted over on the RFI board...
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    KUROK reacted to Gazzas in WNW Fokker D.VII Unknown Pilot Jasta 54   
    Hey everyone,
       It's been a while since I posted a build here.  I'm not good enough to be a slow builder, but there has been a lot of armor and other scale stuff that I've spent time on.   Once in a while, there is a photo that pops up that just know you must do.  Sometimes, I find that other modellers have already beat me to the punch, and I need to find another scheme.  I did Wollf's D.Va by WNW a couple years ago, and although I enjoyed every minute of it, I felt like I was just 'assembling' somebody else' fantastic work once finished.  This has caused me to give away the remainder of the Green Tail Trilogy decals.
    Likewise with this Fokker D.VII.  This kit is actually the Fokker D.VII (Alb).  But I have dressed it up as a Fokker D.VII (OAW).   And here is my inspiration photo:

    I've probably gotten quite a few things wrong...  but what else can you do when you have one picture?  Guesswork.  And a little help from some people who know more.  Anyway...  here are my results:


















    Thank you for looking!
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    KUROK reacted to chuck540z3 in SH Tempest Mk V "Kicked Up A Notch". July 21- Front Radiator Bits   
    July 3/20
    A bit of an update already, in order to document some challenges with this kit and how to fix them.
    Step 17 and 18 have you install the cockpit cage assembly and the rear landing gear housing into the fuselage halves.  This wasn’t very straight forward.


    First, the rear bulkhead part J6 is too wide, holding the fuselage halves apart at the bottom.  After many fine-tuning sessions with a sanding stick, I got the fuselage halves to fit together nice and tight at the bottom, without the need for clamps.
    Chuck Tip:  Try avoid the need for clamps to glue large parts together.  This often leads to cracks later and other parts sometimes don’t fit due to swelling.  If parts don’t fit, there’s usually another solution like the examples below.

    The windscreen isn’t installed in the instructions until Step 40, but I want to install it now to protect the gun-sight.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit very well either, due to a shallow front lip on the fuselage parts and a very thick front of the windscreen clear plastic.

    And resultant fit.

    As with the rear bulkhead, the solution is to sand the bottom of the windscreen, especially at the front.

    Here it is installed after masking and painting the windscreen flat black on the inside, with the kit vinyl masks applied to the outside.  Near perfect fit now.

    There are two arms on either side of the gunsight platform that apparently serve as braces attached to the sides of the windscreen frame.  I could not get them to touch the windscreen frame without the gunsight hitting the glass, leaving a gap.  To close the gap, I applied CA glue in layers until I achieved the correct thickness, which is a lot easier than applying shims.

    After sanding the CA glue and painting it green, the arms now touch the windscreen frame.  I could have glued them as well, but the gun-sight platform is strong enough without the added risk of glue (and fogging).

    The rear landing gear well is nicely detailed, but it doesn’t fit the fuselage parts at all.  After gluing the parts together (J2, J7, J19) as per the instructions, I wound up pulling them apart,  The long angled part J2 is too long, so it needs to be trimmed at the bottom (top of pic) and it should sit forward of the angled guide on Part J-19, so I inserted a styrene shim behind it.  The upright front Part J7 is a bit too shallow, so I added another styrene strip to support it from behind.  These parts were glued to one side to ensure proper alignment.

    After painting, the gear well now fits both sides of the fuselage halves in a clean snug fit, without any gaps.

    With everything now glued into place, it’s time to set it aside and let it dry, before I cleanup all joins with CA glue and new scribing.

    Thanks for your continued interest in this build, which I am really enjoying right now.  It has the right balance of kit quality- and enough flaws to fix- to make it fun.
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    KUROK reacted to airscale in 1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"   
    Hi folks

    Eric from Aircorps Aviation who restored the real Lopes Hope 3rd has been in touch asking for some pictures for the current owner – I thought as I had them, I might share them as I haven’t done an RFI post

    It’s not actually finished yet as I am waiting for the display case to be built so it can go in there dust free and safe, but there are only a few things to do like aerials, fix the canopy parts properly & detail them, and the drop tanks & mounts

    The final pic is with a US aircraft compass to give a sense of scale
















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    KUROK reacted to The Madhatter in 1/48 1999 Eagle - Tactical Edition   
    Hi everyone
    I've been a bit quite on the forums lately and that's because I've been spending more time building and less time writing. I had to take a break from the relentless detailing of the Star Destroyer (which I will go back to because I want to see it done), and so for the past month or so, I have been away quietly building my 48th scale 199 Eagle. I've long loved the design of this ship and have dreamed of having a kit of this as a boy when I saw it in an old Airfix catalogue but just never bought one until a couple of years back when I saw one of these going relatively cheaply instead I clearly grabbed one.
    Naturally, me being me, I also was never going to paint it like the show. Then I saw The Admiral's build (http://resinilluminati.com/showthread.php?t=17378 ) and it's inspiration from him that got me going on mine. So I naturally borrowed/stole his cockpit idea and subsequently made my own poorer copy.
    However, it reinforced my previous desire for a non standard white Eagle, so I came up with the most obvious option: paint it in black! Everything looks good in black right?!
    Painted in Tamiya NATO Black, flat black and German grey and something else to. The engine stuff is all painted in bare metal just because I thought it would look cool. That general concept is prevalent throughout this whole build really
    I'm going to blow my own horn here and state that I am super happy with how this came out. Yes - after taking the photos I realised that there are some paint issues to fix that have alluded me prior to now but they are easily fixed and TBH, I'm not going to take another series of shots to show them fixed. It's been hard enough to get enough light to take even these pictures. Love Melbourne weather! At any rate, you'll get the idea from the following pics











    and this is my rudimentary cockpit which I shamelessly stole from Bill. Thanks again mate!!
    I can't paint faces to save myself, so I sprayed shaped pieces of masking tape silver followed by clear red and a mist of clear orange. It looks much better to me
    The screens behind them are decals which I cut up and stuck onto the back wall with a  hole behind it where fiber optic stubs had been inserted into the side panels - all lit by a single SMD each side. The red cockpit glow is a standard but sanded 5mm LED. It looks good against the black.

    Well, that was a fun build in so far as that I didn't have to make details for anything. Like I said, I'm super happy with this. I think it looks seriously cool, but that's just me
    Anyways, thanks for stopping by and having a look.
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    KUROK reacted to leoasman in HB B-24D   
    Finished up the tails today.  I'm thinking of spraying a very thin tan over all the markings and deice boots to simulate the sandy environment in Benghazi.

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    KUROK reacted to Shawn M in P-40N Coral Camouflage   
    she is still hanging in the entry way to the Air Zoo

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    KUROK reacted to Dana Bell in P-40N Coral Camouflage   
    Hi Boyd,
    There are still two schools of thought of the desert island camouflage.  The "pink" school would go for Corps of Engineers Desert Sand, slightly darker than 30279.  The "beige" school believes Corps of Engineers Sand, which was a bit lighter than 33448.  I opt for the beige, but I really can't prove I'm right...
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    KUROK reacted to CANicoll in Revell Desert Rat P-51D   
    Hope everyone is having a good (holiday in the US) weekend.  REALLY looking forward to the three day weekend!  Got a bit more done today , closing up the cockpit sidewalls.  Looking at the IP and the sidewalls realized I needed to add about 12 more decals and I know there are a few more I can still add. Right now I have bits from Tamiya, Revell, Barracuda and Airscale adorning the cockpit.  I keep forgetting how busy the cockpits really were.
    But first - the radiator intakes.  View from the opening, but we all know hardly any of this will be visible.  But wanted to show a dirty exit so here is what it really looks like from above too.

    The streaks were done by putting a spot where the radiator is, and blowing towards the exit.  Imperfect, but it won't really be visible anyway.

    Almost forgot to put the side supports on the seat but here they are.  The darker shade of green shows up better in the cockpit rather than having a monochrome green and in the cockpit don't show up as that much of a difference.  The supports came out of the Tamiya P-51D kit.  They are actually silver rather than brass as the other PE pieces are, and hard to see here, but I rubbed off some of the green paint on the wear points, revealing the silver/aluminum underneath.  Eduard color PE for the fuselage tank gauge.  The picture is a bit over exposed as silver is showing up as white.  Also, some more dirty wash on the floor board.

    Did a bit more work on the sidewalls as well. Most of the markings are from the Barracuda Cockpit placards pack.

    And the other side.  Added a decal over the Eduard Color PE on the throttle as the printing on the PE was too faint to really see.  Also added the brass 'chain'.  The Barracuda resin sidewall pieces have places to actually put in maps and mission report forms.  Here they are represented just by paint.

    And closed up, dry fitted here:

    As much as I really liked the Barracuda canopy rails, I just could not bring myself to cut these off and attach a PE set.  Painted aluminum with a black wash.

    Closer look at the IP - final version... Added a few more placards as well as well as realizing I had missed the entire mid-section decal

    Been watching some of the history channel shows on WWII lately as well.  VERY interesting and timely!  Have a safe holiday everyone.
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    KUROK reacted to leoasman in HB B-24D   
    So, I'm still working on this one, and I finally decided to get a Silhouette Portrait 2.  Best decision ever!!!!  The learning curve is a little steep, but the results are awesome.  This should allow me to do "Teggie Ann".  So here is a pic of my first efforts with the vinyl masks I cut myself.  

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    KUROK reacted to leoasman in HB B-24D   
    Starting working on the wall stand for it.  Pretty excited with how it is going!  Was able to get everything dialed using two spare HK stands thanks to Patrick Sparks.

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    KUROK reacted to leoasman in HB B-24D   
    Been plugging away at the B-24!  I experimented with some color on a test wing and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.  Somewhere I read that Tamiya Flat Flesh was a decent match for the Sand color used in North Africa.  Well after using it I totally agree, at least to my eye.  It has a nice pink hue and I think will look great on the whole airframe.  I also kept looking at the tires and finally decided I couldn't live with the flat spot.  So I used some miliput an rounded them out.  I also started the process of creating the little windows next to the tunnel gun.  This is really uncharted territory for me!  I used some clear plastic from some packaging and after taping it to the fuselage, I traced out the shape to be cut out.  Next I will have to build little sills in the openings for them to sit on.  Thanks for looking!

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    KUROK reacted to leoasman in HB B-24D   
    Got my little pilots in their seats.  Still have to get the details painted and shadows etc.  Figures are not my strong suit, however, I hope they will be acceptable once everything is buttoned up.  

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    KUROK reacted to Wolf Buddee in Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1A   
    I finished the wing centre section last night and it's ready to be attached to the fuselage. Another milestone, if you will, on this build. The majority of the work on this section was adding the hydraulic lines within the wheel wells. Although the MLG is in place for the photos it hasn't been glued. I made sure that the MLG assemblies could be removed beforehand as it fits very positively.
    I have to admit that I had the good fortune of picking up on some of the detail painting help John Kim received while building his Corsair.






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    KUROK reacted to airscale in 1/18 Focke-Wulf Fw190C V18 'Känguruh'   
    hello again my friends
    thanks for all your kind comments
    Thanks Vincent - makes sense and it gives me more confidence now you have said it
    Thanks Rick - you should restart it - it's a fascinating bird and I am finding out more and more as I go. I am not conditioned to make assumptions as I really like working from drawings and facts, but with this model I have had to learn to start to relax a bit and just go with what would make sense in the absence of those facts
    They are hugely helpful Mark - thank you. I do have the D model parts manual but just couldn't find those drawings in the 600 odd pages while scanning through them
    A little update on the 190…

    ..added the PE part to the seat pan and made up a buck to vacform the seat back – I tried it in metal but it was not only too thin, but the folds were too straight, that is to say the seat back has quite radiused corners where the metal was folded / pressed to make it..

    ..this is before I cut the back down as it was too tall..


    ..then made up a little jig to add the mounting lugs..


    ..and assembled & painted.. I am using MRP Paints RLM66 and am really struggling with it – it seems to dry and go syrupy in the airbrush paint cup almost immediately and the finish is quite rough – I might redo it and try thinning it.. I am also not sure about the colour – it looks very dark to me…


    ..next up are the two small bulkheads that are mounted to the seat rails – the left hand one has the round oxygen thing that the pilot whacks with his elbow if the cockpit depressurises and it creates an oxygen mist..


    ..I made up the seat rails from brass ‘I’ beams with the sides filed down to the two different widths they are in reality, and added the PE bulkhead laminates… I also made up the oxygen thing..


    ..and painted them…


    ..in readiness for fitting them, I made up the canopy rails from brass square section with a slot cut into it and fitted these to the sidewall parts so I knew where the seat rail bulkheads needed to integrate with..


    ..also added the rear cockpit skin with the riveting to the pointed part under the canopy..


    ..then the cockpit area was painted as I worried I wouldn’t be able to get in all the nooks and crannies and the bulkheads added..


    ..and with the seat dry fitted..


    ..still not sure about the colour…

    Has anyone got any recommendations for an idiotproof RLM66 that is maybe a bit lighter (& bluer?)



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    KUROK reacted to repeater in ZM SWS P-51D Red Dog XII   
    Hi all, 
    Painting is done!  
    Tackled in this way 
    no base coat. instead, I polished the fuselage plastic to a smooth glossy finish with tamiya polishing compound. 
      the fuselage was painted with Mr Color SM01 Super Fine Silver.   This paint sprayed easily and evenly.. i applied 2 coats 
      a few of the fuselage panels were painted in a darker shade of SM01  (darkened with a SM04 stainless steel). 
      wings were painted with Mr Color C8 Silver with few drop of gray, to simulate the silver painted wings 
      I've left the wings as ZM moulded them... ie. panel lines YES,  rivets NO 
      red nose and tail are Tamiya flat red (acrylic).. and then a clear gloss.. because that's what I had available ..    

    Painting was relatively straightforward.   Next time I'll probably polish the wings too.. the plastic is very very slightly pebbly. 



    Thanks for checking in.  All comments are welcome.
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    KUROK reacted to Miloslav1956 in P-40E-1 Lt. John D. Landers 1/32 Hasegawa   
    Here is my another P-40E
    Included all sets from CMK
    All colours MRP


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    KUROK reacted to Gewehr 43 in 67th Fighter Squadron P-400 at Guadalcanal   
    Finally, the Special Hobby 1/32 P-400 is complete!  This kit is pretty rough and is more or less and upscaled version of the Eduard 1/48th scale P-39.  As such, it doesn't fit together all that well, and the details are pretty chunky.  To make matters worse, both the build and the paint processes fought me at pretty much every turn.  This is the second time I started a SH P-39 of some variety... the first attempt yielded me nothing more than a paint mule because the kit fit is so lousy.  In any case, I'm really happy with how it ultimately turned out, though it took ~6 months to get here. I added the Eduard PE seatbelt and interior set and used a set of Montex masks for the goofy-but-historically-accurate shark's mouth.  Is it perfect?  No, but I'm pretty stoked. 
    This is meant to represent an aircraft of the 67th Fighter Squadron as it fought desperately to hold the line against the Japanese on Guadalcanal.  The P-400 is the British export version of the P-39 and featured a 20mm Hispano Suiza cannon in place of the more traditional 37mm refrigerator thrower.  Rejected by the British, they were transferred to the USAAF who dubbed them (no doubt tongue-in-cheek) P-400's because that's supposedly the top speed the aircraft was supposed to be able to reach.  P-39s and P-400s were handled roughly by the Japanese in the Guadalcanal campaign, and without a supercharger, they couldn't climb high enough to hit the bombers they were built to intercept.  Nevertheless, their pilots fought valiantly despite their fighters' inferiority and were pivotal in stopping the Japanese advance in the SW Pacific.  I have a thing for underdogs and the P-39/P-400 is pretty much defines "underdog."  There's a saying that goes, "the P-40 and P-39 didn't win the war, but they sure as hell made sure we didn't lose it."












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