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    etendard reacted to Rainer Hoffmann in Scratchbuilding techniques   
    Hi Cees,
    I don't know whether there is a "best way" to scratch build fuselages or wings. Having said that, vac forming over a master (made from wood, plaster or whatever) is probably a good solution, if you have the means to do that. I don't, so I revert to the classical central keel and frame method. For props it's quite simple, for jets with big engines (like the Viggen) it's a bit more complicated as you need a hollow fuselage for the engine or at least the afterburner can.
    Skinning the whole fuselage with styrene can be cumbersome, but it's doable. You need a fair amount of filler and lots of wet 'n dry.
    Wings can also be tricky. I usually build a basic structure of fwd and aft main spars and ribs, then skin with styrene sheet, more or less as I would the fuselage. However, I'm an aerospace engineer and I tend to emulate the real thing, which may well be completely silly.
    Having said that, if you are comfortable with wood you could carve fuselage and wings from balsa blocks and then skin them with whatever material you like (aluminum sheet comes to mind...).
    Whatever you decide on, stock up on wet 'n dry. You'll need at least three times as much as you think you will...
    Hope this helps a little.
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    etendard reacted to Jennings Heilig in 1/32 F-102 F-106   
    I wouldn't take that bet either.
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    etendard reacted to Jennings Heilig in 1/32 F-102 F-106   
    I wouldn't take that bet...
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    etendard reacted to Tony T in 1/32 F-102 F-106   
    Aloha Derek. Right subject, but I want my Case X wing in very shiny 16473 Aircraft Gray wearing Hawaii ANG markings.

    Photographer unknown
    The Six in anything in any era would look good, but Montana ANG's Big Sky Country (needles and dials IP) and the Red Bulls from K.I.Sawyer (vertical tape instruments) were always my favourites.
    If somebody is working on a 1/32 Six in styrene, please take my money!
    edited to add pic
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    etendard reacted to Derek B in 1/32 F-102 F-106   
    I need a large scale one of these in my life!


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    etendard reacted to thierry laurent in SH Tempest - Anyone else notice the ****-up in design?   
    I disagree with you.
    You forgot that accurate drawings will show the scale cockpit and the fuselage width without taking into consideration the technical limitations linked to plastic modelling such as the too thick plastic fuselage. It is simply impossible to put a correctly sized cockpit in a correctly sized-fuselage! This is why the model companies use tricks such as underscaling some internal components to get a buildable kit. I guess the problem occurred at this step.
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    etendard reacted to Royboy in New 1/32 F-4B/N Phantom kit announced by HKM!!   
    Both will sell extremely well in my view, but something has to come first!
    Excited about the prospects of all of those lovely markings and camo schemes for all of them!!
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    etendard got a reaction from Uncarina in BAE Lightning F.3 Build: 5mm Makes A Difference   
    :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:
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    etendard got a reaction from MARU5137 in CAC Sabre, No. 77 SQN RAAF. Pilot Officer K.J.Bricknell, Malaya 1963.   
    :wow:STUNNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    etendard got a reaction from alain11 in Mig 21 MF " Djibouti air force "   
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    etendard reacted in Scratch Building Tires - Diamond Tread Cutting   
    You mean like these ...
    Like I did back-in-the-day ... before 3D.  Of course, now it just can't be done ... impossible ... only way is 3D.
    Pardon my sarcasm, but I get pretty tired hearing that there is no difference between something created by hand vs by a computer program that calculates everything for you.
    They were actually easier than these ...

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    etendard reacted to ziggyfoos in New Decals - F-4J Phantom in Vietnam (VF-143 Pukin' Dogs)   
    Next 1/32 AOA sheet (32-016) release is a little different as it covers one specific F-4J Phantom (BuNo 155887) as she appeared during three Vietnam cruises while with the same squadron (VF-143 Pukin' Dogs, callsign "Taproom") and also same modex each time (102). Not a MiG killer, just one example of the many, many other Phantoms that took part in the war daily. The Pukin' Dogs Vietnam F-4B's have been covered in decal form before (again, because of MiG kills), their later wartime F-4Js have been neglected until now. Sheet covers the Vietnam/WESTPAC cruises: USS Constellation 1969-70, USS Enterprise 1971-72, and USS Enterprise 1972-73. Among others, thankfully received help from 102's own plane captain Tom Chergi from the 72-73 cruise.
    For the 1972-73 cruise, this aircraft also bore the name of 143's XO, CDR Harley Hall, who sadly become the last Navy combat loss on 27 January 1973 flying Taproom 113 (the day the Paris Peace Accords were signed) and last American to be listed as POW. While his RIO was later released, there is still controversy and contradictions surrounding the ultimate fate of CDR Hall. If anyone saw the 1975 documentary "Threshold - The Blue Angel Experience", this was filmed during CDR Hall's time when he was the Blue Angels flight leader and as such is featured in it.
    Back to the sheet: Unlike vast majority of AOA releases, only minimal stenciling/common markings are included, such as the different ejection seat warning triangles used for each cruise, static port stencils, national insignias, and two styles of jet intake warnings and RESCUE markings. F-4's were liberally covered with stencils and is too large of a project to be covered for this release. A full F-4 stencil and panel number decal sheet may be a future release from AOA (not currently planned as of today).
    The sheet also includes fuel tank and FOD cover squadron identifiers.
    Now in stock.
    Printed by Cartograf.
    Price $22 (free shipping in the US)
    (Click image for larger view)



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    etendard got a reaction from Tango1 in "FIRST LIGHT" Spitfire Mk.Ia   
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    etendard got a reaction from MARU5137 in An arrow. Red!   
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    etendard got a reaction from florin13 in An arrow. Red!   
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    etendard reacted to Shaka HI in Avro Anson Mk 1   
    Yums..sometimes, shopping for stuff brings as much pleasure than actually doing anything with them. I think I understand the women (in my life) and their strange obsession with shoes!
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    etendard reacted to Starfighter in How to destroy an expensive kit with just a few cuts - or: Prowler&#33   
    Update time! Landing gear is wired up...

    ... primed and painted. Detail painting and (minor!) weathering are next. I always find it very difficult to choose the right colour to wash white parts. We'll see how it'll turn out.

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    etendard reacted to danimalmagic in Kawasaki 750 Mach 4, "The Widow Maker"   
    Engine in. 

    Handle Bars and wheels on. 

    The exhausts were pretty tricky with tiny mounting lugs, I drilled these out straight away and mounted with some small steel pins. 

    Body work painted, finished with Tamiya pearl lacquer, a big thanks to Tom Calbury for supplying the replacement decals. 

    Final assembly. 

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    etendard reacted to dsahling1 in 1/32 Su-27 Flanker, "Red 01" Cobra   
    Here's some more of the photos:







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    etendard reacted to mydesign in KH F-86 Sabre Dogs - how do they build up?   
    see my model report at:
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    etendard reacted to airscale in Rivet templates   
    evening folks..
    that's a great idea Hubert I will have a think about it and how to do it..
    Hi Rainer - thank you - again, that solves the problem of different sized tools - nice one
    Mike - I am thinking I might do a small run for those interested (though there are only two tools a 10cm one and a 16cm one) - I just need to figure out a covering cost and shipping - I won't do it from my website, anyone who is interested just add your name on here and I will PM at the end of this month to get details etc
    here are Rainer & Geoff's


    I will do one for Rich as well as I am sure that his SBD needs some template love...
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    etendard reacted to onosendai in Videoaviation 1/32 MJ1 loader update   
    Small update for one of the first subjects made, added a missile loader for the MJ1B, typically used for the AIM-120.
    Also a price reduction for the "A" version, now at 20,00 eu.

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    etendard reacted to ziggyfoos in New Decals - OH-6A Loach in the Vietnam War   
    Unfortunately I have no idea but I hope so. Like the previous 1/48 O-1 sheets for an also OOP kit, this is just another subject again that I wanted to cover. Plus the kit decals are kinda crap. And no disrespect but I think Miss Clawd (and other 16th Cav sharkmouthed schemes) are equal to the stinging bee A-1 Skyraider scheme and Cunningham/Driscoll F-4J Phantom scheme; as in done to death. To me anyway there's many more interesting (and colorful) Loaches that deserve some coverage too.
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    etendard reacted to wunwinglow in Tornado F3   
    Thanks David!
    Latest news from the shed....

    Latest try with the intake ducts and a replacement bulkhead. This fits all the way around the fuselage rather than the kit one which has a big gap under the upper fuselage section. I also put some slightly better looking fans on it, not that you will be able to see much of them!
    More soon. Sorry this is taking a while!
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    etendard reacted to Seversky in BAC TSR.2 (1/48 Airfix)   
    My first BIG model! )))
    WIP page: http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic_t_34706_start_0.html

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