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    We just lost a much loved Brother-in-law last week to cancer (the funeral was last Wednesday; I was one of the pallbearers). My thoughts and prayers are with you Tim.
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    Hi again Tim.
    I've been thinking long and hard about your situation. What I do not know etc. Also I have been remembering my history as I began to fall ill, the confusion that set in motion and the later diagnosis. 
    I have just gotten off the telephone with a medical professional working in a haematology ward at a leading hospital here in Sydney. I wanted to make sure I remembered correctly, and get an idea of what a Dr must say. At least in Australia.
    Often a Dr may take a blood sample and speak along the lines of what the Dr is trying to rule out. Often a patient will hear a word such as cancer and focus on that. 
    I am not referring to your wife or yourself during that appointment.
    More often the case I am pleased to say people do not have cancer. Usually the eventual problem is usually treatable.
    My experience to begin, was not that I was tired in the mornings, but rather during all my waking moments. Being that your wife has been tired in the morning first made me think she may be hypoglycemic.
    First thing is you just await the first results. If there is something they again wish to check out, one of, or perhaps both of these tests will be performed. A bone marrow biopsy or a pet scan.
    Bone marrow biopsies are usually quite fast and not overly painful to begin. Pet scans are time consuming but offer no pain.
    Now these are but two of the tests that follow after the initial blood results. Different diseases have different approaches.
    As I said earlier, there is no point worrying yourself too much at this initial stage. These steps can take time for them to eventually find results. In my case from April to September.
    If your wife is standing and then feeling light headed and experiencing a loss of balance, that she may be falling over; these are known as a "postural drop". These are caused by low blood pressure. T avoid this, ask her to go from lying down, to sitting on the edge of the bed for at least 30 seconds. Breathe deeply, then stand and make sure she is steady before heading off.        
    Be careful not to throw the word, Cancer around too easily. And beware of those who do.      
    Again I offer my best wishes.
    Yours. Dale                                                                       
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    The rundown in the Nov issue of FSM for 1/32 aircraft most wanted is:
    1) P-51 Mustang A/B/C
    2) B-24J Liberator
    3) F-106 Delta Dart
    4) F-101 Voodoo
    5) B-26 Marauder
    I can see the (relative) desire for a pre-D 'Stang but...for me....*yawn*
    Same for all the large airscrew planes.  The Hun series jets get little love in this world as it is.  Time to change that. 
    The 1/24 most wanted was interesting as well:
    1) F4U Corsair
    2) F-86 Sabre
    3) P-38 Lightning
    4) F-4 Phantom
    5) F6F Hellcat
    I'm in violent agreement with the first two. 
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    Here I am hard at work (hardly working)
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    RAF days

    BAe days

    Air Cadet days



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    I thought some of you might like to see a few photos of my build of the Silver Wings PZL kit. It was built for, and has been featured in Airfix Model World magazine (October issue). I won't lie, it wasn't an easy build, but I can enjoy the challenge that was mastered, and am truly happy with the finished model. I added some rivet detail to the fuselage and a couple of very minor details in the cockpit, other than that it is as supplied by Silver Wings.








    Hope you enjoy the photos,
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    :wow: :wow:
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    Going through that very process right now Tim with my Anson, and loving it!
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    I have scratch built 3 different models. The first was crap, the second was pretty good and the third I am quite proud of.
    Bottomline, you have to build to get better. And you have to start somewhere.
    Start with something easy and progress to your dream project. Check out my 1:32 Skyshark here on the forum. I was learning every step of the way. You will too.
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    Hi Cees,
    I don't know whether there is a "best way" to scratch build fuselages or wings. Having said that, vac forming over a master (made from wood, plaster or whatever) is probably a good solution, if you have the means to do that. I don't, so I revert to the classical central keel and frame method. For props it's quite simple, for jets with big engines (like the Viggen) it's a bit more complicated as you need a hollow fuselage for the engine or at least the afterburner can.
    Skinning the whole fuselage with styrene can be cumbersome, but it's doable. You need a fair amount of filler and lots of wet 'n dry.
    Wings can also be tricky. I usually build a basic structure of fwd and aft main spars and ribs, then skin with styrene sheet, more or less as I would the fuselage. However, I'm an aerospace engineer and I tend to emulate the real thing, which may well be completely silly.
    Having said that, if you are comfortable with wood you could carve fuselage and wings from balsa blocks and then skin them with whatever material you like (aluminum sheet comes to mind...).
    Whatever you decide on, stock up on wet 'n dry. You'll need at least three times as much as you think you will...
    Hope this helps a little.
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    I wouldn't take that bet either.
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    I wouldn't take that bet...
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    Aloha Derek. Right subject, but I want my Case X wing in very shiny 16473 Aircraft Gray wearing Hawaii ANG markings.

    Photographer unknown
    The Six in anything in any era would look good, but Montana ANG's Big Sky Country (needles and dials IP) and the Red Bulls from K.I.Sawyer (vertical tape instruments) were always my favourites.
    If somebody is working on a 1/32 Six in styrene, please take my money!
    edited to add pic
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    I need a large scale one of these in my life!


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    I disagree with you.
    You forgot that accurate drawings will show the scale cockpit and the fuselage width without taking into consideration the technical limitations linked to plastic modelling such as the too thick plastic fuselage. It is simply impossible to put a correctly sized cockpit in a correctly sized-fuselage! This is why the model companies use tricks such as underscaling some internal components to get a buildable kit. I guess the problem occurred at this step.
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    Both will sell extremely well in my view, but something has to come first!
    Excited about the prospects of all of those lovely markings and camo schemes for all of them!!
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    :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:
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