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    etendard reacted to MikeC in Revell Spitfire MkIXc   
    Started on Friday???   I'd have barely got the instructions out and cut the first parts off the sprue by now.
    Looks good. 
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    etendard reacted to MARU5137 in Hello everyone. It is difficult to explain...   
    Apology  for the rude words on the podcast ... those who don't know  about DALE CLEARY  and here  is Dale who has played with famous people.
    Apologies if you have seen this before.  KUDOS TO DALE..
    ▶ Episode 10 - Dale Cleary (Master Teacher, Percussionist) by The Deconstructed Drummer Podcast
    Watch "Chemo Drummer Solo Episode.1" on YouTube
    Watch "Chemo Drummer Solo Episode.2" on YouTube
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    etendard reacted to Gigant in Hello everyone. It is difficult to explain...   
    Welcome back!
    Personally, I have been wondering about you Dale.
    You might not remember me but we met last winter.
    I also would like to say welcome back, and if you are up to it could you do us a favor and share with us the names of the three model kits you are referring to, both the 1/48th as well as the 1/32.
    If you are able to, pictures would be nice also.
    If you need help in posting them, say so.
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    etendard reacted to LSP_Mike in Hello everyone. It is difficult to explain...   
    Dale, first and foremost this is a place to build 1/32 kits. Plan, build, show your work, interact with others, study, learn, and enjoy our hobby. We all have gone through phases in life; the coming back is the key.
     Dig out a 1/32 kit, and tuck in.
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    etendard reacted to Tnarg in Hello everyone. It is difficult to explain...   
    You are an inspiration to all of us in your courage to keep going. Live life to the fullest extent that you can and have fun. I salute you and do not worry about anything that "organ in your head" did or will do.

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    etendard reacted to RBrown in Hello everyone. It is difficult to explain...   
    Absolutely no reason for embarrassment and yes please come back...
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    etendard reacted to mpk in Hello everyone. It is difficult to explain...   
    Hi all.
    You may remember me, I am the guy that joined the site while a little ill. I survived my illness to the surprise of everyone. I have not posted here in a while due to my being rather self conscious regarding my behavior. I believe I made some people uncomfortable. Which I fully understand.
    Surviving such an illness has its cost. A cost I am fully prepared to pay and I am not complaining. In fact I am amazed. All told I had 256 regular treatments, plus a further 34 via lumbar puncture, of the strongest and only chemo that actually damages the brain. Plus 19 months on a mind altering experimental drug...
    If anything it has shown me that never giving up is a virtue. No matter how sick one gets, never give up.
    I made friends here. There are so many kind and patient people on this site. I miss my friends but I remain embarrassed and self conscious regarding my brain damage. I never go out. I no longer play music. I have never had brain damage before and don't know what to do. The only cure it seems is time.
    Anyway, I still model and have now completed 2 1/48 kits. It seems 1/32 may take more work than I can handle but I am trying.
    My good friend Martin has been a great support and I respect and admire him for it. I miss Harv, Marus...
    Understanding what I am telling you, that I am not insane but the organ in my head has been physically damaged, should I come back?
    Please forgive my indulgence here in this post. This is not an easy post to make and yet I feel I owe it to those who know me.
    Yours. Dale.
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    etendard reacted to Scotsman in HK Models Spey Phantom Update   
    How about tomorrow - I've got to find the money to pay for them!
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    etendard reacted to Kagemusha in HK Models Spey Phantom Update   
    Not quite, needed them yesterday!
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    etendard reacted to Scotsman in HK Models Spey Phantom Update   
    Lets stop fussyfooting around here - 1/32 1970s RAF, Buccaneer, Harrier,  Jaguar and F-4M - we need them all NOW
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    etendard reacted to jaleonard3 in SH plans 1/32 Westland Whirlwind, Sea Fury and Typhoon.   
    This Whirlwind thread has been running almost as long as the actual aircraft lasted in service......and still we have no 1/32nd Whirlwind.  
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    etendard reacted to Bobs Buckles in Bristol Crocodile   
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    etendard reacted to Wackyracer in Spitfire Mk.VB trop T M 249 Squadron Malta (Now Complete)   
    Few more pics











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    etendard reacted to LukGraph in Westland Wapiti Mk. IIA, British interwar bomber, 1:32 scale kit, next   
    Thank You for the warm words.
    One British (N) and one Australian (A5-10) painting from attached photos. Thanks.




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    etendard reacted to b757captain in the post of the bikes got me thinking how about we post our cars?   
    Nice to know that lots of you guys are into cars & stuff! Here's one of mine:

    And one from an old hobby:

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    etendard reacted to MikeMaben in the post of the bikes got me thinking how about we post our cars?   
    My 1956 Mustang ...


    ...and my daily driver for the past 12 years (back when it was younger) ...

    The '56 isn't getting fuel after the winter hybernation.
    Think it's the fuel pump 
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    etendard reacted to robertmro in 1:24 Airfix Mosquito Gun Bay Upgrade   
    Hi Guys,
    When I started this project I didn't realize that I could turn to this forum for help. Now that I'm going into the final phase a of this kit and I need some input.
    The ammo boxes will go the printing service as soon as I'm convinced that I got it right.
    Please look at these renders and suggest any changes.

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    etendard got a reaction from MikeC in Gnat T Mk 1, 1:48   
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    etendard reacted to JamesHatch in Tanmodel.   
    I'd happily build one in 1/32. 
    Javelin too if anyone will indulge me.
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    etendard reacted to crobinsonh in Tanmodel.   
    Apart from the many posts on the combat history (and I am actually privileged to own XX894 which served in Lebanon protecting UN (British) troops as well as flying a number of missions in the Gulf War) there are actually quite a few color schemes - FAA - early and late, RAF early gloss light gray/dk gray/green later matt and different roundels light gray/dk gray/green, wrap around dk gray/green, Artic white and gray wrap around, Red Flag Brown/midstone/light gray, Gulf war pink, Post Gulf War light great overall, at least 3 test colour schemes (rasperry ripple, black and yellow, all black, dark gray, white and red, RAF black scheme, Thundercity gloss black, SAAF two colour schemes. 
    That is at least 15 schemes - considerably more than many Cold War and modern serving jet - and that is without all the special schemes.
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    etendard reacted to Phartycr0c in Tanmodel.   
    Now a sea king in 1/32........ that would be something. 
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    etendard reacted to wunwinglow in Tanmodel.   
    Well Jennings, for every Buccaneer you don't buy, I'll buy two.....
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    etendard reacted to JamesHatch in Tanmodel.   
    ...you mean because the Americans never used it? British = parochial?
    True, only SA and UK, but so what? The Brits used it in the RAF and FAA.
    So it didn't fight in the first Gulf War? Maybe I dreamt that.
    A quick look at Wiki shows it also fought in combat in South African service during the Border Wars.
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    etendard reacted to ScottsGT in My wife packed her bags and is leaving me....   
    This is mine on a Friday night wine run. She was getting ready for the weekend.

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    etendard reacted to MikeMaben in My wife packed her bags and is leaving me....   
    I think it's wunna these ...


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