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    etendard reacted to wunwinglow in Tornado F3   
    Next little update, I managed to get all the dreadful sellotape goo off with some workshop degreasing liquid, and reassembled using masking tape. The ducting is inside, I will add a couple of blocks to keep it in the right place when used in anger.  The pic also shows the belly insert which includes the air conditioning unit exhaust, which is a different shape on the F3. I have a few adjustments to make, then it is on with the rest..... Thanks for watching!

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    etendard reacted to Roy Noras in Tornado F3   
    I'm interested too, both in the F3 Conversion and intake duct
    (-: Roy
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    etendard reacted to wunwinglow in Tornado F3   
    See you Monday Tony. In the meantime, I'm getting some assistance...

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    etendard reacted to Wolf Buddee in Bitten by a Mosquito!   
    Everyone needs a couple o' good belts now and then............especially the crew of a Mosquito.
    Last week I got my RB Productions Sutton Harnesses in the mail so I could finally complete the seat assemblies for my Mossie. Everyone has a favourite when it comes to aftermarket seatbelts. For me it's RB Productions. They're fiddly to assemble but once made up they look fantastic. The attachments for the shoulder harnesses are from the kit. I simply cut off the kit photo-etch belts and attached the RB belts to them. After the belts are assembled and anchored in to place they can be made to drape realistically by working them with water and a wet paintbrush. When dry I gave them a light coat of Tamiya's flat clear lacquer spray and then a careful wash of dark brown from The Detailer.
    Next step is figuring out the wiring in the machine gun bay and hopefully adding the BarracudaCast ammo feed chutes. Then I have to add the plumbing on to the forward bulkhead in the lower cannon bay and this part of the cockpit is done. I've already completed the tail planes, tailwheel bay, fin and rudder but haven't taken any pics of those yet.



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    etendard reacted to reconspit in Trumpeter F-8J Crusader VF-24 (Vietnam air war group build)   
    Hey guy's...
    after completing all those MiG's and Sukhoi's, i finally finished my Crusader.
    This was actually my third Vietnam group build entry, which i sadly did not finish.
    Now i call it done..
    I used the Eduard photo-etched cockpit stuff and Zotz decals. Colours are all from Vallejo and washes from FloryModels.
    I hope you guys (and girls) like it....







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    etendard reacted to johncrow in Su-33 Sea Flanker   
    I've been working on the rear fuselage/stinger area...didn't some general once say something to the effect "No plan survives contact with the enemy"? My plan is not dead yet...but I may be reviewing that DNR order. I think the general goals I am hoping to achieve are sound, but the route to them is bumpy at best.
    Here's what I'm hoping for, both pictures courtesy of Ken Duffey:

    Here's where I am at:

    The parts are just taped in place right now. I need to finish the nacelles before attaching the other parts. There's still a lot of shaping and filling to do...and that's where I think I may be in trouble.  The panel and rivet detail that was once present on the Zacto parts is gone as I did a lot of reshaping and reprofiling. I'm not sure how I should proceed. Should I assemble the 3 stinger/boattail parts, then scribe/rivet them, then attach the whole shebang to the fuselage?  Or should I attach the left and right boattail pieces to the fuselage, then scribe/detail, then attach the stinger?  Either way I go I can forsee difficulties. Detailing once everything is assembled will be difficult, as among other things, I don't see now I'd get my templates in place to scribe the oval hatch covers and some of the other panel lines. Even if this detailing is done before final assembly, some of those details will be lost when the new stinger/boattail is attached to the fuselage and will have to be done again.
    If anybody has ever run into a similar dilemma and has come up with a good way to tackle it, I'm all ears.
    And yes, one of the intakes is temporarily missing....epoxy and CA are no match for my ham-handedness.
    Thanks for stopping by,
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    etendard reacted to reconspit in Trumpy Sukhoi's and MiG's   
    Thank's guy's....!!!
    Here the last one, ready for pick up today, with assorted weapons, 48 pieces....

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    etendard reacted to johncrow in Su-33 Sea Flanker   
    One more tiny milestone. I scribed in the hinges/foldlines in the horizontal stabs. I also added what look to be some reinforcements with pieces of thin card. The stuff I've done is simplified and not completely accurate, but it's much closer than the stock stabs.

    Thanks for stopping by,
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    etendard reacted to Menelaos in 1/32 British Phantom FG.1/FGR.2 conversion for the Tamiya F-4J?   
    I would like to have that one among the decals...

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    etendard reacted to 3Putt in AFV Club 1/32 F-5E Tiger II !!!!   
    I think an F-5 and/or T-38 family in 1/32 would be a license to print money but that's just me.
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    etendard reacted to Zero77 in AFV Club 1/32 F-5E Tiger II !!!!   
    Of course i'd be happy to see that.
    But i dont think a simple letter would be enough to make the guys from this or that manufacturer to produce the kit we want. Otherwise we would already have a Mig-25, F-111, Rafale, Blackbird, Mirage 2000, Delta Dagger and Delta Dart, and many other ones....

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    etendard reacted to LSP_Ron in New Releases   
    There is too much negativity here lately on new releases in my opinion. We have many new companies bringing new subjects in our scale and even with their flaws it is a godsend.  I am personally tired of seeing the slamming of manufactures on research errors.  Pointing out errors is fine, but these new players are getting zero thanks for giving us something new. If it isn't perfect, belly up and model it perfect or start your own company to sell to us. 
    I am sure those watching us are open to change to improve but we are getting a huge vibe of perfectionism or it's crap and that's not right.  LSP is not a place to slam manufactures for flaws,  it is a place to identify them, find a solution and share that, a place where changing them or not is up to the builder and not judged, change or leave as is is accepted,  a place where beginners are welcome and we want them to contribute. Being so critical on a new release surely doesn't encourage more to join for fear of a lack of knowledge. Not cool..
    I commend these folks for bringing forward  these releases, hats down, flaws or not
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    etendard reacted to Jennings Heilig in Trumpeter...or   
    Clearly that is the case.  It was a very, very long time ago that P.T. Barnum made his famous observation that there's a sucker born every minute.  
    Producing a model kit that is "100% accurate" is impossible.  These are not miniature airplanes, they are artistic sculptures of airplanes (ask any kit designer).  They can be made with outstanding scale fidelity to the shapes, outlines, details, and proportions of the real thing, and that can be done at no more expense (not a single penny) than what it costs to produce a crappy representation of the real thing.  But as long as people are willing to fork over good money (and in Trumpeter's case, exorbitant money) for mediocre products, they have no incentive to produce anything else.
    I'm not sure of much of anything in the world.  But I am sure that *some* people are concerned about accuracy even if some aren't.  Or perhaps I should refine that, and say concerned about reasonable scale fidelity to the shapes, outlines, details, and proportions of the real thing.  Others aren't, and as I've said over and over and over, that's fine.  Where we get into trouble is when one camp assumes that their position is the only true and right one, and that anyone who believes otherwise is a "rivet counter" or some other epithet.  
    I happen to enjoy seeing a company produce a product that demonstrates a love of aircraft (why else do we do this?), and a deep understanding of the way real airplanes are designed, built, and used (curved piano hinge anyone?).   I'm happy to support a company that demonstrates a desire to go a little extra to produce a kit with excellent scale fidelity to the real thing.  To me, that includes not festooning it with pockmark rivet holes that no airplane in history has ever had, getting the basic shapes right, and demonstrating an understanding and appreciation of the subject.  The Tamiya 1/32 fighters are prime examples.  They go the extra mile to make them right.  Are they 100% perfect?  Nope.  Aside from almost anything written by Mozart, nothing any human ever made was 100% perfect.
    I wonder if people would give me a pass if we printed national insignias on our decals in the wrong size?  Or if I just used a font that was "close enough" even if the real thing was clearly hand painted and every letter looked different?  Would I get a pass the way kit manufacturers get a pass on crappy kits?  I seriously doubt it.  We'd be taken (rightfully so) to the woodshed.  Not saying I never made a mistake on a decal - far from it.  But I go to every possible length to ensure that what I put out is the absolute best I can do.
    The 1987 Yugo GL was a piece of crap car, but it was super cheap.  And you got exactly what you paid for.  These days, it's like people are still building the Yugo GL, but they're asking Mercedes Benz prices for them.  Sorry, but I'm just not interested.
    My grandpa used to tell me: there are two ways to do something - the right way and the other way.  And he was right.  
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    etendard reacted to Iain in KH 1/32 F11F DOA?   
    Rest of world not interested?
    I think it would sell well - especially with a shark mouth on the box lid - and I'm a Brit.
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    etendard reacted to marauderdriver in KH 1/32 F11F DOA?   
    I guess if they are going to make these kits in 1/48, then LSP needs to change to SLSP   Sorta Large Scale Planes.
    Oh well Now I can start to focus on some of the conversions I've bought,  Starting with the GT Resins F-4B and Eli's Sundowners decals
    Both on the way, or a BIG @$$ Tiffy with it ALL HANGIN' OUT, or a 2 seat Lightning, Skoshi Tiger anyone,   Oh I know,  Tornado F-3.
    I gotta a big Japanese Sub coming too  HMMMMMMM! and a GATO in the shed.
    Probably finish this !/144 KC-135R for the wife of a soon to be Retired CMSgt, who loves the 135's from the BLOODY 100th wing at RAF Mildenhall
    Then back to my WHAT-IF    CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAP!!!!!!    Sorry Glen
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    etendard reacted to KAGNEW in Help with ID......of Mk of Clunk   
    KH will be at USAF museum before Nats for new ideas.
    found under B-36 wing is a clunk. is this a Mk you guy are interested in?
    if so we will do our best to disect it...................

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    etendard reacted in Engraving and Raised Panel Detail video now up...   
    the "lost episode" ...

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