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    etendard reacted to airscale in Rivet templates   
    so here is the spot to discuss what is what with templates
    ..while I hadn't thought of doing marketable tools as that is likely sewn up by others, there is a need to make these in the bigger scales like 1/18th
    we were having a chat in Geoff's P51 thread
    this is the kind of thing in mind - at standard UK & US head sizes & spacings - this is 'Fine' spacing @ 1.13mm in 1/18 scale

    questions like what is a good size / length of template - I have done 7cm x 3.5mm and 18cm x 3.5mm but I need to print them on paper to work out if that is ergonomic or not
    so guys, pile in..
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    etendard reacted to DirkE in F-4E Tamiya   
    I am new to this forum. I build models since over 30 years with some pauses. This F-4E Tamiya  I finished last year.





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    etendard reacted to wunwinglow in New 1/32 Tempest - master photos   
    I have plenty on my plate right now. Release dates mean very little to me. My late father was fond of reminding people, 'You are not flying until the wheels are off the ground' .  I'd rather wait for a fabulous kit, than get a disappointing one a year earlier.
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    etendard reacted to Bryan in New 1/32 Tempest - master photos   
    May of 2025?
    Sorry....I had to throw that in.  These guys and their "release dates" are becoming positively comical.
    I know you are just the messenger though.
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    etendard reacted to wunwinglow in 1/32 scale resin / cottage industry wish list ?   
    Ask a 100 modellers and you will likely get 100 different replies! I don't make Luftwaffe subjects, never will, but they are extremely popular. There are all the missing Century series fighters, F101, F102, F106, earlier types F89, CF100, all of which would make terrific models. 
    I'd release something you are passionate about, that will shine through in your production, and hopefully enough customers will head your way to make it worthwhile.  If you can emulate the best, Silver Wings, Iconicair, Fisher and their ilk, you won't go far wrong.
    I hope it pans out for you!
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    etendard reacted to Joe66 in 1/32 scale resin / cottage industry wish list ?   
    One of the reasons I ask is because I like them all...I like the research, I like the design challenge, I like creating scale models and not just 1/32 scale and not just aircraft. I have scratch-built ships, figures, trains, cars, armor and planes along with a broad range of accessories over the years...some just one-off for myself or commissioned and some produced and sold. I have equipment for production of metal, both centrifugal and investment cast, pressure and vacuum, RTV, investment or vulcanized mold making, resin casting, fiberglass work, etc and so on.
    Years ago, I produced kits or components for Liberty Model, Imperial Hobby, Tom's Modelworks, Fisher, Copper State, Squadron and many others. I got away from the scale model business for personal reasons, completed a career in Federal law enforcement and retired from that not too long ago, but my passion has always been creating scale miniatures so I am hoping to get back in the game and produce things commercially once again under my own label. Several items are already under development !
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    etendard got a reaction from williamj in She's Got A Ticket To Ride.......Finished.   
    LIFE LIKE!!!!
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    etendard reacted to williamj in She's Got A Ticket To Ride.......Finished.   
    Thanks for following along. Sorry it took so long.

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    etendard reacted to sluggo in B-58 Hustler   
    Got some more work done on this rig.
    Built the wing inner structure and applied the inner skin. This is a little more challenging than I anticipated. Have quite a bit of smoothing to do before the out skin can go on. I'm waiting to make an aluminum order so I have time. 
    Inner structure.

    Upper inner skin attached.


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    etendard got a reaction from Hubert Boillot in Kitty Hawk Models (KHM) Large Scale Jets... thoughts and musings   
    CF-100 !!!!!!!!!!!
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    etendard reacted to Menelaos in Kitty Hawk Models (KHM) Large Scale Jets... thoughts and musings   
    my all time favorites:
    Mirage F1
    Mirage 2000-5
    F-102  (TF-102A??!)
    F-106A  (F-106B??!)
    and don't forgett the brit Phantoms F-4K/M
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    etendard reacted to LSP_K2 in Kitty Hawk Models (KHM) Large Scale Jets... thoughts and musings   
    I know of the F-84F, and that's about it, but I'm really looking forward to that one.
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    etendard got a reaction from David66 in Resin Conversions.   
    1/32       f-86 A conversion   
    1/32       fj-3 fury 
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    etendard reacted to MikeC in Brief explanation and our questions for LSP projects   
    Hi Baris,
    I'm with Hubert: I like to show the lines of the aircraft, and am not keen on open panels, so the approach on the RF-84F is ideal imo.  An open canopy option is great though.  I'm also lazy, so I don't build detail that won't show.
    You say "When your purchase 1/32 scale kit, does number of parts affect your decision to buy? Does it have to be 300+ parts?"  For me, no.  Parts count does not influence me.  What does influence me to buy is subject, quality, good fit, reasonable accuracy, and interesting decal options - but that not so much, as I often go aftermarket.
    But then, I'm only one modeller, others may have different wants.
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    etendard got a reaction from Harold in Resin Conversions.   
    1/32       f-86 A conversion   
    1/32       fj-3 fury 
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    etendard got a reaction from Vandy 1 VX 4 in Resin Conversions.   
    1/32       f-86 A conversion   
    1/32       fj-3 fury 
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    etendard reacted in KH F-11?   
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    etendard reacted to Grizly in Belcher bits 1/32 F-5A conversion set - What's the verdict?   
    Belcher's Bits conversion is most certainly doable. I haven't finished my CF-5A as of yet but it is well on the way.

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    etendard reacted to Ralph Riese in 1:32 Hasegawa Spitfire Mk.I   
    Hasegawa's 32nd scale Spitfire Mk.I boxing (ST14)... Lots of speculative detail and personal interpretation. Might look something like a Spitfire that Standord-Tuck flew in the latter part of 1939. Thanks to those here who kept the build honest, and to those who commented on the previous "Works in progress" posts. Apologies to those who've seen it on HS PP.









    Thanks for looking - comments always welcome. Cheers, Ralph.
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    etendard reacted to fozzy in Total Scratch build of the front end of a B17G!   








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    etendard reacted to kkarlsen in RAAF Beaufighter Mk IC   
    Added some dust and scratches + color filter...

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    etendard reacted to kkarlsen in RAAF Beaufighter Mk IC   
    Thanks! Here some details of the Build...


    Complete "overhaul" of the Interior...

    Rivetting and panel lines...

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    etendard reacted to tomprobert in 1/32nd scale Avro Shackleton AEW2 - scratchbuild project   
    With the fuselage centre section progressing well and having cut my teeth on making bulkheads and formers etc., I had the confidence to have a go at making the nose section. This is a lot more tricky as there are many complex shapes and subtle curves to try to replicate, especially around the extreme nose where the bomb aimer/gunner's glazing. Again, the interior won't an accurate structural representation of the real thing, but being black and only the extreme nose interior being visible there shouldn't be too many problems here.
    As with the fuselage, the basic shape of the formers were made from plastic card and assembled to give a skeleton that'll be skinned in due course:



    I haven't made the 'roof' to the nose compartment yet as some form of interior needs to be added, as well as the observer/gunner's transparencies and its associated fairings:

    So this is where we're currently at:

    And alongside the 1/72nd scale version for a 'size reality check!'

    As I said at the start, there's no guarantee of success in the long term, but I'm having a blast right now!
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    etendard reacted to kkarlsen in RAAF Beaufighter Mk IC   
    Diorama: Bristol Beaufighter Mk 1C - No. 30 Squadron RAAF ( A19-15 'O') - Australia

      I tried to Catch the Atmosphere of Ward's Airstrip, Port Moresby 1942, in the Diorama.   Model Kit: 1/32 Revell Bristol Beaufighter with a lot of scratchbuilding.      My good old Revell 1/32 (1975?) was taken apart and had a complete overhaul, inside and out. The project took around a year or so, reworking all of the model until i was happy with it: Complete interior rebuild, wheelbays, gunbays & removeable panels. Sanding and rescribing of panel lines & rivetting.   Diorama: British built Bristol Beaufighter Mk IC undergoing maintenance at Port Moresby, Ward's Airfield, during the Kokoda Trail Campaign, Papua New Guinea, November-December 1942.   From early 1941 the roles of the Beaufighter diversified as it was adapted to carry out anti-shipping strikes and ground-attack missions, and in these capacities gained its fearsome reputation. In the Asia-Pacific theatre the Beaufighter was nicknamed "Whispering Death" because of its quiet engines and heavy firepower. The origin of this nickname is generally attributed to Japanese troops, but there are also accounts that it began with British pilots in Burma.   Royal Australian Air Force 30. Squadron Beaufighters attacked Japanese boats, airstrips, and supply dumps in Lae, on Goodenough Island, Buna, and Gona. The unit also played a major part in supporting army operations between Buna, Kokoda, and Sanananda by regularly attacking supply and communication lines. By November 30. Squadron had begun a series of strafing missions against Japanese infantry retreating from Kokoda towards the north coast. The squadron's Beaufighters maintained an armed reconnaissance searching for troops escaping the bombing offensives on Buna, Soputa, and Gona.   They also made a series of successful strafing attack on grounded aircraft at the Lae aerodrome. The Kokoda Trail fighting was some of the most desperate and vicious encountered by Australian troops in the Second World War. Victory on the Kokoda Trail ensured that Allied bases in Northern Australia, vital in the coming counter-offensive against the Japanese, would not be seriously threatened by Japanese air attacks.  

    This Photo from AWM, Inspired me to do the Project: "Ward's Airstrip, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea 1942"

    Had to try another one... enjoy

    Diorama: 1/32 Revell Beaufighter + Ford 3000s Converted. Airfix Multipose Figures converted with Ultracast Heads...
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    etendard reacted to Jack in talking about "early" cold war warriors........   
    Now this is the dynavector kit, but i wouldn't mind seeing it in 1/32 scale, should be a pretty large chunk of plastic (or resin), but it would fit in nicely with the already present and mentioned cold war aircraft:

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