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    etendard reacted to ericg in Supermarine Attacker 1:32 Available   
    Its a shame that the kit wasn't well supported by the modelling community. Certainly the price and quality were excellent. Subject a little esoteric, so maybe that was it. In the two comps that I have entered my kit in, it has taken out first place in its category in both and the feedback that I got was very good for such an obscure aircraft. 
    Please keep up the good work releasing kits like this mate, not all of us like to build every Mk. No. of BF 109 or 190 ever made.
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    etendard got a reaction from sandokan in Airfix Mosquito Conversion to MK XVI   
    Pitty, wished You would  produce this conversion set   
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    etendard got a reaction from RAF Liberators in HobbyBoss B-24 Liberator   
    TOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     
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    etendard got a reaction from Out2gtcha in HobbyBoss B-24 Liberator   
    TOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     
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    etendard reacted to Iain in Trumpeter English Electric Lightning corrections   
    OK - appears there's some interest out there still - thanks for all your responses!
    No promises as I'm still on a very steep learning curve here - but am feeling more motivated again. Don't have a lot of self confidence in my abilities these days - so can be my own worst enemy when it comes to getting things finished.
    Fortunately I have some very good friends who've had experience of producing their own model products who seem to be happy to give their advice/expertise when needed.
    As you can see - most of the basic shapes are done (a huge amount of work) - it's final fettling and surface detail that needs to be done - although I haven't sorted the wings yet.
    I'm still a way off having anything of production quality - but will focus first on finishing the canopy/sill area as I think this will have the most impact on a finished model.
    Liberator wing correction priority - but I'll take some Lightning parts into the office so I can fettle at lunchtimes when I'm in the office.
    I'd still really like to do a few Lightning builds for my own enjoyment - which is where this all originated!
    Blue skies,
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    etendard got a reaction from patricksparks in Airfix Mosquito Conversion to MK XVI   
    Pitty, wished You would  produce this conversion set   
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    etendard got a reaction from tomprobert in 1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress   
    SUPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    etendard reacted to ericg in CAC Boomerang A46-217 “Hep Cat” Finished.   
    Thanks mate. Pretty well every model of mine can owe some of its success to your excellent instruments.
    Some more work.
    The kit vac form windshield is well done but is very thin and very flexible. It doesn’t give a true feel of the solidly framed windshield with the thick bulletproof front panel.
    Dry fitted at this stage with lots of work to do.

    I chain drilled and cut out the front panel, staying well away from the edges.

    Using a combination of diamond files, I tidied up the hole.

    I cut out a section of .8mm PETG clear sheet and used the same files to size it so that it fit against the inside of the front panel frames. I left the bottom edge longer for ease of handling.

    I then glued it in place using superglue. The PETG sheet is super clear, so it looks as if there is nothing there in this pic. 

    The end result. Still need to do some of the side framing in the rest of the windshield, but at least now the thick bulletproof panel is quite visible.



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    etendard reacted to ericg in CAC Boomerang A46-217 “Hep Cat” Finished.   
    Cheers gents.
    Forgot to add the picture of the cannon barrel fitted into the brass tube in the leading edge. Makes it much easier to leave these off until the last minute knowing that they are going to fit really well.

    I don’t really have a shelf of doom, as long as nobody mentions my Hph Concorde. Some of my projects come perilously close to going there though, probably due to the non shake and bake nature of the projects I choose and the resulting ease of making an error. Similar to someone who reads a book and has to go back and re-read a whole chapter in order to understand a particularly difficult part of a novel, I find myself having to go and revisit old work, to start again to make things better. I had started fitting the flaps to the wings and came across a bit of a problem with how the fuselage and wings had been joined. When I originally fitted the wings to the fuselage, I needed to push them together with a bit of force. As a result of this, the inner section of the wing had a slightly concave shape when it needed to be flat. This was causing some issue with how the flaps were able to be fitted. I ended up breaking the model up to fix the problem and refit the wings with minimal pressure.

    I refitted the wings and felt much better about it although this caused a fair bit more work as some of the mating areas had been damaged during this extreme measure. This then led to another problem although to be honest this had been bugging me from the start and the following fix is well worth the effort for those building this model. The nicely done vac formed canopy is unfortunately very thin and does not lend well to handling and during the reassembling of the model, I put some pressure on it breaking it away from part of the fuselage. This was the second time it had happened and I didn’t want it to happen again, possibly at a far later stage of completion. The clear plastic does not adhere well to the super glue that I am using and joining it to resin parts does not give a good bond. The small elliptical fairings behind the pilot were also giving me some trouble so it was time for a comprehensive fix of their area.
    First up, I made up some supports from plastic card that will stop the part from flexing and breaking away from the fuselage. 

    I then traced the shape of the fairing onto some plastic card. A small flex of the vac formed part easily broke them away.

    I cut the part out of the plastic card, angling my blade so that it was beveled on the inside of the curve. I re attached the fairing and scraped away the paint around it where the plastic card part was going to fit.

    The re done part. The plastic parts that I added now lock the fairings down due to the previously mentioned bevel and also provide greater overall strength. It looks a little agricultural,  but it won’t be seen.

     Meanwhile, behind me my young fellow is working away at his own workbench well past his bed time. Being brought up on a diet of model glue and Swedish death metal, what can go wrong?

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    etendard reacted to Out2gtcha in CAC Boomerang A46-217 “Hep Cat” Finished.   
    Now that's the way to get em started. That could have been me at that age.
    My father did the same thing for me at that age, and it kicked off a life long live of aviation and modeling.
    Well done dad.
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    etendard reacted to Scotsman in New 1/32 F-4K/M (FG.1/FGR.2) Phantom kit announced by HKM   
    I got so close to getting one of those , CE died around the same time as my payment was clearing... I still  don't know if I'd have actually have built the model even if I had received it, decisions, Decisions...
    Take care of that set ,
    I have a terrible feeling that its the closest any of us are going to get to a 32nd Brit Phantom...
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    etendard reacted to mark31 in first and last built..   
    my first kit that i build with my dad 32 years ago

    the last kit that i have finnishd almost a year ago

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    etendard reacted to tomprobert in Not being 100% accurate- is it a big deal?   
    “Total accuracy” has never bothered me. Yes, like others, I like to make a model look as close as possible to the real thing, but am I going to lose sleep over a misplaced panel line? No. A nose that’s slightly misshapen? No. 
    Take the HK Fort or recent HB Lib. There are quite visible inaccuracies. Will it stop me building them and having a blast whilst doing so? No. 
    Interestingly (and wandering a little from the main topic I know) you get some modellers who slave to build the most accurate model they can shape-wise, but will then create some cartoon-like charature of the real thing by highlighting every rib, panel and rivet with overly faded paint, washes and chipping, baring no resemblance of the real thing whatsoever. Accurate? No. 
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    etendard reacted to Gazzas in Not being 100% accurate- is it a big deal?   
    Truly, your hobby should be fun for you.  The rest of us are just text on a screen.  And often it's text that thinks it knows everything.
    Have fun, Dude!
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    etendard reacted to Bill Cross in New 1/32 F-4K/M (FG.1/FGR.2) Phantom kit announced by HKM   
    I love you guys, but some of you need to get a life.
    Tamiya is a large company, and has resources to develop products on a regular basis. You can't compare their business practices to something that sounds like it's held together with spit and bailing wire. Yes, it was perhaps not the best thing for HK Models to announce a kit and then find out they can't pull it off in a reasonable time. There is probably a book that some of you can write about the behind-the-scenes maneuvering, etc.
    So in the meantime, go finish the kits in your stash, find some new kits to build or take up a second hobby.
    I wish Tamiya would release a BoB Spitty or an updated F-14. But if they don't get around to it, I will live on and be happy.
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    etendard reacted to Dave Williams in New 1/32 F-4K/M (FG.1/FGR.2) Phantom kit announced by HKM   
    Have to ask, what is the purpose of announcing a kit if three years later there is nothing to show for it?  
    If it’s to get people interested, that’s great, but as time goes on people keep asking with no new information, that interest wains and people lose confidence in a company’s future releases.  If it’s to call “dibs” so no other manufacturer starts on one, what’s the statue of limitations on that?  If two more years elapse with no change, is another manufacturer allowed to give it a go, or will they be accused of “stealing” someone else’s kit?  It’s true that companies don’t owe us anything with regards to letting us know of what their upcoming releases are, or have to tell us their schedule, but people are people, and if you announce something that people want and don’t deliver in a time many people seem reasonable, there will be questions.  That’s human nature.
    Personally, I don’t think a company should announce a product unless they have a plan and the resources to get it out in 18 months maximum.
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    etendard reacted to Gerhard in HK Lanc review   
    We dont all speak American. It's a global forum. When you hear my South African accent, you will say, WTF. 
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    etendard reacted to ShelbyGT500 in MIG-15 Bis BG Air Force Trumpeter 1/32   
    Hi guys
    It is time for the new project at the right scale
    The model is MIG-15 BIS by trumpeter at 1/32 scale, BUT in the box is anything else but not MIG-15
    So we must to re-work almost all of the parts - with a lot of scratch and aftermarket photo-etched from PART,
    so lets start and see how far this project will go:









    Cheers my friends and Happy New Year
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    etendard got a reaction from MARU5137 in Any interest in F4U-5N decals? AVAILABLE last info   
    i also want one --that makes 4
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    etendard reacted to paul fisher in Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe   
    You guys have been amazing!
    Susy and I cannot begin to adequately express our thanks to all of you for your help in this topsy turvy world we now live in. Our insurance company has finally begun to respond to the situation so by mid week we should be OK and can get some idea of how all this will work out.I will keep you posted!
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    etendard reacted to tigger in F-11F Tiger 1/32 revival!!!   
    You guys make me laugh as some of those models you wish for are available as vac forms from me. I don't understand that when the manufacturers state that they are not comercially viable that you continue to dismiss Vac forms as a voodo art or something. They are nothing more than basic shapes granted but this is where the skill of the modeller comes in. I get it that not everyone desired to spend the effort making these type of models but with some work they can look spectacular and you will have the model of the aircraft that you always wanted! I am afraid that it will be down to people like me to produce these limited market models and if you really want somehting then don't be afraid and have a go. I suspect that some of those who decry Vac forms have never tried them  and are happy to be assemblers of plastic and resin accessories. I can tell you that from eperience that often some the the so called modern kits are just as awkward as vacs and more work. Some resin kits are really bad and some resin accessories just dont fit so the work you do to make them fit is not far off the level of work required to assemble a vac form. Please dont be blinkered by the comments of others and have a go you  may end up with something that you really wanted.
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    etendard got a reaction from mpk in Grumman F9F Panther Trumpeter 1/48.   
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    etendard got a reaction from blackbetty in Any interest in F4U-5N decals? AVAILABLE last info   
    i also want one --that makes 4
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    etendard reacted to Ivan Ivanovich in F-11F Tiger 1/32 revival!!!   
    After the Asian and European distributors have made it perfectly clear they had no interest whatsoever in a 32nd scale F11F-1, Kitty Hawk had no other choice but to do so. I guess the "flexiscalians" among us will have to keep on struggling with the 48th scale brittle toffee plastic Fonderie Miniature kit for at least another decade. 
    Note to self:
    Got to check whether my two remaining FM kits have completely disintegrated in the meantime...
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    etendard reacted to MikeC in Revell Spitfire MkIXc   
    Started on Friday???   I'd have barely got the instructions out and cut the first parts off the sprue by now.
    Looks good. 
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