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  1. I have been building models for 40+ years, an have never seen a perfect model, I have 2 Revell Uhu's on top of my work pile, an have been watching Lain an Matt's post with great interest. I dont build for contest any longer, just for myself, an look to these post as a way to get over some of the rough spots. I am glad you are not removing this post Lain, as I have found a lack of any decent material on such a graceful aircraft redialy available. Let us all remeber we each have different build styles, some of us will build as is, while others will build to the max, that is what is great about building a little bit of history gone by.
  2. As a ex-AGE mechanic, Barry has given a great definition of the 2 units. The -60 was used on all aircraft from the veitnam era to the mid 90's when it was slowly being replaced by the -86,(no bleed air capability) as well as being able to be used as a emergency generator for certain building operations.(i.e. control tower, flight operations an hospital). The NF-2 light cart was mainly used as a lighting sorce for night operations, an a 110 electical power sorce for using electical tools on the aircraft out on the flight line, an yes it was used as a shelter at times, but not recommended as there was a high chance of suffication from carbon monoxide form the poor exhaust it had.
  3. Your Jammer looks great, I was a Aerospace Ground Equipment Mech when I was in the Air Force, from what I can see, you have made a very well representaion. The 1st photo of you prototype is a MJ-1B (deisel), but I also saw that you had the hood that would properly represent the MJ-1A (gas). There is 3 versions of the MJ-1, an it looks like with very little work, all 3 can be properly represent with minor modifcations.
  4. F-101 voodoo (all) B-52's If your gonna wish lets go really big.
  5. It's a color photo set for all the gauge panels, as well as another sheet of PE with additional interior items that you can add or modify through out the interior of the aircraft. Duane
  6. Bearkill

    customer's feedback

    My bombracks showed today for my Ju 88 I am working on, they even look better in person than they did on the MDC site, great an extreamely clean castings, they are definately going to be the icing on the cake. Thx Duane
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