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  1. You have given me the inspiration to dust mine off and get back to work although with somewhat less talent!! Yours is a truly unbelievable build Mark. Bud
  2. Very nice work on the engine!! You are right about Chuck Sawyer. He has forgotten more than I will ever know and is happy to share his skills. The decals for the cockpit are indeed tiny but well worth the effort! Keep up the good work.
  3. Just read the whole 50 pages and your work absolutely superb, as usual. Now it is off to your F-15!!
  4. Well, I have to add my name to the list. The desire, the research, the attention to detail, the abilities and skills as well as the patience you have developed are incredible. Folks like you, Chuck Sawyer, Wolf Buddee and others have continued to amaze me and have really challenged me to up my game. Thanks for sharing your research, tools, methods and skills with the rest of us. Bud
  5. Thanks for a great tutorial Chuck. No wonder I was having trouble!
  6. I am glad your foot surgery well. Hope your recovery does as well. I am really anxious to see how you do the panel line scribing as my "method" yields results that look like my favorite tool is a chainsaw. As always, your work is awe inspiring. Take care of that foot! Bud
  7. By the way, Happy New Year to you and yours my friend!!!
  8. Your work is over the top as usual Chuck. About the tweezers. My brother-in-law is a doctor and I get surgical tweezers from him. Really work great. The P-38 and the P-51 are absolutely my favorite planes and fortunately you have done an exquisite P-51 and the P-38 is in progress!! Thanks for doing them both. Bud
  9. Hi Don, I am a little late, but welcome. What a fantastic build and what a torrid pace! Absolutely beautiful cockpit and can't wait for the engine! Bud
  10. It is always fun when my phone dings that I have an email and it is your thread! As always, your work is fantastic and your skills are at the top. Superb attention to detail that is then beautifully crafted. Keep it coming Mark.
  11. Thanks for the information on the washes Wolf, I just ordered them. As for your build, I have already used every word I know to try and describe it. Perhaps the fact that it has taken 45 pages to date is the greatest testimony of all. Suffice it to say I have never seen a build that approaches what you have created here. Thank you for sharing both your many talents and techniques with us. Bud
  12. If you are having trouble seeing those tiny white decals on the backing paper,get a black felt tip pen and mark the backing paper on the back side behind the decal in question. There is no damage to the decals I have tried, but of course, try it on an extra decal before using on the real thing. Happy modeling...
  13. Just when I think surely nothing else can be done, you continue to amaze with your incredible ability to add micro detail that is accurate! You really have a fine set of modeling skills and are an inspiration to the rest of us. By the way, I really like the rivets.
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