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  1. Well Hubert you were correct about the skewed effect that you saw so I think I corrected it as best I could as for the nose gear slant I couldnt say for sure but it was placed according to the directions. Now for the good and bad news Y'all. I am mostly done with this bird so I went ahead with the decals and what a fiasco they were. Out of two sheets only the four stars were salvageable as every one of them either broke apart in the water or as soon as I applied some pressure to adjust them in to position. I did use plenty of micro-set but now all I have is the four roundels. I have a friend sending me some Zotz decals soon and Ill just have to redo those to see if I can perk up the plane a bit. If you look closely to the decal you can see the tiny white marks left by the crazing. It did settle down well for those four but I amstill dissillusioned with HB decals. I am pretty stoked about the way my canopy and wind screen came out. I usually muck those up pretty good. I took the ionspiration from another builder of the same planer here in the Forum. Thank you... I am stilllearning how to improve the skills iot takes to pull something l;ike this off. so my next kit will be better and I hope you will agree....Paul
  2. Well Steve you about eliminated almost everything on my list. Lets seeeeeeee ummmmmmmm how about a 32 P-6 Hawk? For the other side of the pond, a 32 HS123. Oh gee I am on a roll now. Nope thats it....More tacos......
  3. Sorry Paul but I am a single malt type of guy. None of thet secret agent stuff for me. Now I guess there is no help either So how about some ideas on scratching a pit for both the Beau and Mossie? Tacos for everybody
  4. I love getting things stirred up
  5. Iso and surgical spirits are so close. You can also use distilled water as stated before or clear ammonia diluted by 30 to 50 %. I am not really familiar with that ab so I dont know if you can go for a larger tip. Paul
  6. I know I am resurrecting an old post here but I use a leather nail buffing stick that can be found at beauty supply stores. to get the seam down to manageable tolerances I wet sand with a fine sanding stick dry off the part then buff it until it squeaks. My grand daughters think its funny and they want me to squeak their nail then.
  7. Well I should hope so.
  8. I finally got most of the color shot, landing gear on and some other touches done, all I have left is the attention to details stuff and decals. I noticed that I have a seam in the port wing that opened up so Ill fix that also.
  9. I have to say that this is the most ambitious build I have ever seen. I do imagine you do get burned out sometime.But let me interject a little inspiration, I did this a while back as a wiffer from NAS Glenview. I really hope to see this build of yours to fruition as none of my friends will believe it. Paul
  10. I have a couple of ole Revell kits, Beaufighter and a Mosquite. I was wondering if you guys may know where I could find some good details sets for these. Thanks Paul
  11. Happy Birthday Phil. Never will you be as old as I. Thank goodness. Many more.


  12. Right on Ron! I have the older Revell kit from the dark ages, Dark green plastic and a pilot that resembles a Sasquatch. I see what you have done and I am inspired and have hope for these old Revell kits anyway. It hard to believe that just 30 years ago those were state of the art kits. Keep it going and I will watch with intrest. Paul
  13. Mike. I looked through all my stash and I am sorry but I dont have anything near to what you are looking for.Paul

  14. Well I applied the first couple of coats, color sanded and then another coat, No I didnt use the alclad but MM acrylic aluminum. The first couple of coats were like pearl. I thought it was really pretty but thats for a car build I have in mind. Any way before I get too far gone on this I thought I would give it a day or so to cure and follow up and keep the light mist going. Here is what I have so far. Thats not much to look at but it is still progress all in the same.
  15. @Kev, Yeah its the OLD kit for sure. Going to figure something out. Maybe get some accent in April. Pit wheel wells etc. @ Mike, Thats not a bad idea Mike. Looks to work real well.
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