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  1. I asked Robert, the guy who did the awesome new Mirage decals in 1/32 about a Swiss Mirage resin conversion. Not at the moment, his answer was... Maybe someone else has the skills and reference (I have dimensions of all the swiss specific parts) to do a nice conversion in 1/32. Video Aviation? Retrokit? Fisher Model? AMS Resin? Renaissance Models? Two Mikes Resin? Anyone else interested?
  2. What is with the too flat main canopy? And can someone please check, if the Cold War Studio MiG-29 cockpit fits into the new Trumpeter model? Thanks
  3. Great sheet!!! But we still have no swiss Mirage conversion like the canards, chaff/flare dispenser and other small things...
  4. Me too, I want one TA-7C!!!!
  5. My RF-8G arrived in Germany today! Thanks again Paul for the great service :-) Stephan
  6. Yes, a tow bar is included! Luca, the MiG-29UB will be the next version!
  7. Yep new, but the fuel tank, pylones and missles looks like from the old M kit...
  8. Is there a photo of the russian one somewhere? Never heard and seen it before... I hope KH will bring on the F-5E in 1/32, because there are so many Aggressors to do!
  9. Some modern, cool USN pilots would be great!!! :-)
  10. From the german distributor of Trumpeter Models we got the info, that the MiG-29A will arrive in Germany in may. The price will be 96,95 Euro
  11. Isn´t Wolfpack Design doing one???
  12. From where do you got that info? The TF-104G is in the new catalogue and my friend got the info from Italeri at Nürnberg toy fair last week, that the TF-104G will hit the market this year
  13. PS: My wife Emine is huge fan of F-111 aircrafts and she expects from me a 1/32 scale F-111A/E model as much detailed as SU-33. 2017 will be hot Baris, does your wife like F-14 Tomcats as well??? This would be a great seller if you can do a correct Tomcat please :-)
  14. Does the IRIAF Alicats have a special pylone for this weapon? Or can I use the AIM-54 pylone from the kit?
  15. Here are another 135 photos (on Facebook) of the new Su-33!!! This model will be a very modeler friendly model!!! Enjoy
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