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  1. I had mentioned Nieuport 23, but that was before I remembered the only difference between a Nieuport 17 and the 23 was the interrupting gear, which you wouldn’t be able to see anyway on a 32nd scale model.
  2. I just received this book while I was in Belgium. It is such a great book. It was used by Pheon Decals for their new Belgium Camels decal release. I absolutely love it. It has 722 7”x11” pages and photos upon photos, and colour side views of so many yet to be produced 1/32nd scale models. There are planes like the Sopwith Pup and Re8 no longer in production.
  3. A SPAD Xl, Xll, and Xlll, Breguet bre. 14, C type German two seaters, DH.10, Vickers Vimy, Friedrich Bomber, some Italian two seaters and fighters, Hungarian planes, Nieuport 23, with Belgium markings, RE.8 reissue also with Belgian Markings. A Longhorn and Shorthorn in Belgian Markings, and an Airco DH.4.
  4. A little info from the book, The Great War, published in 1919. There were so many Nieuport fighters flying around that no effort was made to distinguish any of them. They were all simply classified as 8 meter Nieuports.
  5. Me? I won’t pay more than $944.00 for a J.1.
  6. Something to light your stoggies. But how you’re going to do it with a @|#%^ seaplane on it is beyond me. Lol! In truth they were a type of boat that a seaplane could be hoisted and towed behind a ship at a higher speed than the plane itself could be towed and taken closer to a suspected target or search area without danger of a plane lifting off. Don’t feel dumb. Modelers aren’t dumb, well most of us, some of us?, okay, you can be dumb if you want too.
  7. I’m out of the Country right now, but at home I do have the America’s/Gryphon SPAD Xlll Storks Squadron 1/32 decals. It includes Fonck’s SPAD. I’d be willing to cut it out and send it. Of course they are old and must be pretreated as much.
  8. Thanks, Blackbetty. I had no idea that any Albatrosses had buried machine guns not unlike the Pfalz D.3.
  9. BattleAxe did make one, but I haven’t found one.
  10. At some point I’ll need your address.
  11. You’re welcome. I’m not sure when I’ll order it yet, but I will at some point need your address.
  12. I’d rather just send them to you for free
  13. Does anyone know if you can put the nose cap A29 from a WnWs Early Rumpler C.lV to convert Roden Albatross D.lll to an Albatross OEAFFAG D.lll?
  14. When I get it, you were first to ask.
  15. I’m getting the kit for the Albatross. I’ll probably give away the figure.
  16. If you don’t mind paying about $170 for a small fighter.
  17. You Dr-1 fans have a chance. Copper State Models is releasing a WnWs quality of a Nie.17, and they never said that they wouldn’t compete with Roden.
  18. Rickenbacker wrote this in his book. I didn’t.
  19. All I gotta do now is sneak one and a B-24 past my wife.
  20. For a C-47, I’ll go with HpH, but for a DC.3, I’ll go with Model Space. From what I heard and read, more than often on the C-47, the cargo doors were removed.
  21. So far, I’ve only built the old Revell kit. With plastic landing gear legs, I always brush on layers of Super Glue, so they don’t bend with the weight of the plane. This is especially true with the tail wheel strut.
  22. Don’t forget to leave the landing gear flaps down. Pilots put them up, but they soon dropped down.
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