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  1. You didn’t mention the XP-47N, which did use the same engine as the P-47M. The three engines installed into the production P-47N were the 47, not 57 as used in the M, 73, and 77. I did forget the 81.
  2. The P-47N used the R-2800-47, 73, or 77. The 47M used the R-2800-57 engine, as mentioned by Juggernut, however, so did the XP-47N. Most people alive could not tell the R-2800 engines apart, you’d be safe using anyone, besides, the mechanics probably replaced bad engines with anything they could get their grimy paws on. But if you are picky, you might check out Engines and Things. They make great resin engines in 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32.
  3. AMS Resin makes a central pylon with a SUU Gun Pod.
  4. 1/48th scale is called quarter scale because 1/4” is equal to 1’ in 1/48th scale
  5. Most all people have ever seen a 24D, so they would not know what is wrong or right, this also means manufacturers.
  6. Spitfires and Hurricanes didn’t just fly together in only the Battle of Britain and not just the European Theater of Operation.
  7. You could flip a coin. If I were to build a Corsair, it would be to display it with a Hellcat. I’m working on The Millie G P-51, having worked with it’s Crew Chief, SSgt Marine.
  8. I hate acronyms. Why not just say Battle of Britain? I thought BOB meant “Built out of box”.
  9. Personally, I was upset about WnWs going into the WW2 business. They are the only company making multi seat WW1 planes. There are lots of companies making WW2 planes, but far too few making WW1 planes.
  10. Lucky they didn’t make a B-24H. They were manufactured at the Willow Run Facility in Detroit , actually Ramulus, at a rate of one every 55 minutes. I could never hope to build a 32nd scale 24 that fast.
  11. Someone said CSM has one, but all I’ve seen are Nieuport 17s. Oops, I mean XVlls.
  12. Have you seen 17 written in Russian? You’d understand.
  13. Why ask us? If I said Mustang, does that mean that you will throw the Corsair in the trash? If I said Corsair, does that mean you will throw the Mustang in the trash? I’d say you decide what you want to build. They’re your models.
  14. What is a starstrutter? One thing that I see with CSM, in my 71 years, I have never seen in print any where, a Nieuport referred to with Roman numerals instead of numbers. I saw Nieuport XVll, and I was set back a few minutes until I realized “Oh yea, a Nieuport 17.
  15. Pacific Coast did an early FW190. I don’t know if it’s still available.
  16. I’m also hoping for a Henriot.
  17. So far everyone has brought up the Mk-1 but not the Mk-ll, my personal favorite. I have the Revell Mkll, but it needs a new nose, which is supplied by Gray Matter Figures. They also supply what is needed to make a Mkll D, with the underwing cannons used in Africa. Dice it was brought up, GMF also make wheels with doors for the Mkl and a tail wheel set for the Mk1. The Mkll nose does include wheels as a bonus.
  18. Back in the 60s, like today, few companies made WW1 planes. Most were 1/72 and 1/48. There were 1/28, but these were limited to Fokker Dr-1s, Sopwith Camels, and late SPAD Xllls and much later, a too fat Fokker D-Vll, however it was the large 1/28 planes that steered me away from 1/72 and 1/48. i loved my collection of 1/48 WWl planes in the ‘60, and would love to see it again in 1/32. Here is what I remember as missing: Gotha G-V, although I am happy with the G-lV, De Havilland DH-10, Breguet 14, Airco DH-4, Albatros C-lll, Curtis Jenny, and I think that’s all I can remember. Anyone else knows of anything I missed? I do really love what has been produced which goes far beyond my expectations. First injection models in WWl was Hobby Craft with the Nieuport 17 in various gun configurations, Late SPAD Xllls, two Sopwith Camel versions, Cleget and LevRhone, and two Fokker Triplanes, Dr1 and F-1. Then came Battle Axe, who released five fighters. But the next big contributer was Roden, but only in single seat fighters. Then the biggy, Wingnut Wings, the first ever company to produce multi-place aircraft which even includes heavy bombers in 1/32nd scale. We are seeing a couple of fighters by Aviattic and Copper State Models and a modification to the poor Academy Camel by Roo. I’d like to show my appreciation to all the companies, in production and now past that made this possible.
  19. I haven’t found a good reference for an early type lower wing, which also has to be rounded.
  20. We’re all modelers, why not make the wings removable? Small screws would do the trick.
  21. I like the old Hobbycraft SPAD, but it takes a lot of work to put in either a Roden or WnWs motor to put in the CSM screen louvers. I do hope if anyone released the Xlll, they include the early rounded wing tips as well as the late square tips. Since the old Hobbycraft SPADS are still plentiful, I’d be happy if an after market company would release the early style wings.
  22. I have no issues with Roden’s Dr1s.
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