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  1. Actually, there are three non German and British planes produced by WnWs, the American built DH.9a ‘Ninak’, and a French Samson 2-A2 and an American Samson 2-A2, although also French built, is released as a separate kit.
  2. Actually only two of the Baron’s Dr.1s were solid red. One he flew in exhibition which was preserved in Berlin until destroyed in Alied bombing during WW2, and the one he died in.
  3. I surprised that no one jumps on the good Hobbycraft Dr1s on EBay. It contains a whole bunch of the Red Baron’s planes and one of Lothar’ Dr1s. I have both Hobbycraft and Roden Dr.1s. It doesn’t take a lot along with Pheon Decals to make them look great. WnWs has already said that they will not come out with one. I would think if they were, they would have already come out with one. It surprises me that no one is reluctant to buy Aftermarket parts for WW2 models but say that they don’t want to buy Aftermarket parts for the Dr1.
  4. Then why have so many two seaters and the Gotha been sold out. I think you are speaking for yourself. I own all of WnWs multi seat planes as well as single seat fighters as well as the Brisfit fighter. WnWs is the only Company that has ever made more than single seat fighters, and the fact that they have been selling out, proves that many do like more than fighters.
  5. Looks like, as 1/32 is the new 1/48, 1/24 is the new 1/32.
  6. Another plane that flew it’s first mission just one day before the Armistice was the De Havilland DH.10.
  7. So was the Halifax Bomber, I consider like the B-24 being less popular than the B-17 by modlers but the Halifax was better looking than the Lanc. The real workhorse of Britain, although American made, was the Lockheed Hudson.
  8. Actually, if I’m not mistaken, the Vickers Vimy made it’s first flight in Nov 1918.
  9. To add a bit of confusion, I’m a Vietnam Veteran and here in the US 11/11 is also Veteran’s Day. So what if WnWs releases the iconic craft of Vietnam, the HU-1 Helicopter, affectionately known as the Huey?
  10. I absolutely love WnWs, especially since they are the only model company to produce multi seat WWl aircraft, because WWl wasn’t all about just fighters. Like Garzas, I to like challenges. Roden does offer those challenges, and it really isn’t that hard to make a Roden or the oop but easily available Hobbycraft models. With Eduard you can make any of those other kits as good as a WnWs kit. A very good example that WnWs kits aren’t perfect is that there companies making photo etched and resin corrections and additions to WnWs kits. I have a bunch of Dr1s, and you need them if you want to keep up with Pheon Decals. I bet if you put a WnWs Dr1, if indeed WnWs ever produces one, next to a corrected Roden Drl with an engine cowl already available and a little filler on the stabilizer, and maybe a few other aftermarket items, you’d be hard pressed to find the difference, even in total costs. I like WnWs except for their limited amount of models policy. I love Roden because as different decals and aftermarket parts become available, you can always buy the kit you want year after year.
  11. WW2 is already well covered, but not WW1. There are so many WW1 planes. Personally, already having a bunch of Fokker DR1s and Nieuports, I won’t buy any WnWs releases anyway of those, but there are well over a hundred different major planes that have never been released. Besides, going by the amount of requests, like the later Fokker DVlls, if WnWs produces a Drl, it will be out of production in a matter of weeks, unlike the Roden Dr1.
  12. I think Sir Whatshisname is looking at everyone’s wish list and checking off what they are wishing for, like our wish list we filled out in the Army. The more you wish for, like a SPAD or a Dr.1, the less chance you’ll ever see one. That’s how he is showing his power over the modelers.
  13. The window sill is only big enough for a Fokker Dr1.
  14. You obviously haven’t read much about how slow because of drag and the poor visibility the DR1 had, and the reason the Germans kept using it, unlike the British who dropped theirs, was because until the D.Vlls came out, the Germans had nothing to replace the Dr.1. If the Dr.1 was so great, why was there not another Fokker Scourge as there was with the Fokker E.ll and lll, nor another Bloody April as there was with the Albatros D.lll. As a matter of fact, Fokker had problems at first selling the D.Vll because of the DR1’s reputation. As far as the Beaufighter replacing the Defiant and the Hurricane as a night fighters. it had to do with radar on the Beaufighter and not the Defiant or Hurricane’s performances. But if I bought my models based on the actual plane’s performance, one of my favorite models wouldn’t be an RE.8. As far as the Defiant, Scratchbuilders released a stunning Defiant in 1/32 until about 15 years ago in resin. It received great reviews. I even have one.
  15. I thought that WnWs wasn’t going to compete with anyone. So why are they releasing a model being released by HKM? I remember how apologetic WnWs was to Roden when WnWs released their DH.2 and the Se.5, by stating that they didn’t know that Roden was also releasing them, but WnWs certainly can’t say they didn’t know about the AVRO Lancaster. Yes one is a dam buster not being released by HKM, but what about the other one?
  16. I remember the 1/48 bombers cost about $10. But then again, there were no decent glues, decal setting solutions, or paints.
  17. I just don’t understand why WnWs released almost two identical CL.lls instead of a CL.ll and a CL.lV.
  18. I’ve been wanting a Halberstadt CL.2 in 1/32 ever since 1/32 WW1 came out, especially since WnWs came out with two seaters, since as of yet no one else has. I might have mentioned it before, but I had every 1/48 WW1 model made in the ‘60s. They were mostly Aurora Models. I wanted to replace them in 1/32nd scale. Although many more types have been produced, all but four types now that the Halberstadt Cl.2 is being released. What is still missing are all multiple seaters. They are the Breguet Bre.14, Albatros C.lll, Curtis Jn4, Airco DH.4, and the De Havilland DH.10.
  19. To me, you pay too much up the yingyang for a kit with internal detail that you will never see.
  20. What happened to just flipping a coin?
  21. Look at how many people want a crap German Fokker Dr.1 Triplane. Also you are forgetting that the Defiant was a very successful night fighter, just as the Bf.110 was.
  22. I’ve never been so keen on the Lanc. I always preferred the look of the Halifax. Its like I preferred the Liberator over the Fortress. Either way, it’s not justifying the cost to my wife, it’s justifying the cost to me.
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