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  1. They were sure lucky it wasn't booby trapped. The Gerries booby trapped everything, even helmets. Certain screws on aircraft were booby trapped in case of capture. Allies learned to turn only worn screw heads, until they could find out which screws were wired and the charges removed. Ever wondered why so many 109s and 190s blew up so spectacularly in gun photos?
  2. I don't see a 1/32, 1/35, when it comes to people. 1/1 scale people come in many sizes.
  3. I have all of the Scratchbuilder's kits, I haven't gotten to them yet to build.
  4. Just like I heard when I wanted a WW2 1/35th 240 Howitzer like my dad was on. Its not the size, its because its not German. After all two companies had released German railway monsters. Modelers seem to forget who won, and all of the families here in the US lost fathers, husbands, and grandfathers.
  5. He's probably going to buy his son a Ferrari when he turns 15 to practice learning to drive.
  6. I was thinking how handy computers are. You just bring up a page on your monitor, take off the glass front, and lay it down on your work bench. You not only have the 'sheet' in front of you, but you can use the glass to cut on. When you are done with the page, put the glass back on the monitor and bring up the next page. You will need to work quickly, because if the screen saver comes on, you will have to put the screen back onto the monitor to refresh the instruction screen.
  7. Are you talking about that huge Glass Nose? Glasnos if your Russian. That thing is probably big enough to rivet. White glue will certainly not be strong enough. I once read an article, I think it was FSM about gluing canopies with 'Super Glue.' By using very small amounts and building up the layers, you avoid the fume etching that usually occurs. I haven't tried it, but it sound okay. Try it on a few pieces of sprue, first to test it out.
  8. I remember in school they used to say, "Read the f... question. I thought you said what we wanted not what we don't want. I remember the Army wish list. I had put North Vietnam, USSR, and anyplace but here. I ended up in North Vietnam with the 1st Special Forces Group and ended up as an instructor where I didn't want to be stationed. At least I didn't go to the USSR. So I DON"T want those Bristol Blenheims and the FB lV Mosquitos, I said I wanted.
  9. Apparently at the bottom of the Pacific near the Carriers, Kaga, Akagi, Soryu, and Hiryu.
  10. Mr. Know-it-all, do you hang out with a squirrel named Rocky?
  11. I do have both, so if I can find them, I will let everyone know. However my Hasagawa is a 104 JG and my Revell is a 104 C.
  12. I'm so glad I came upon this in 2012. I don't have to bust my brain. I did notice the 2011 lists were a bit overdone. Just remember, a list is the last thing a ship does before it goes down. I have already requested what I want in WW1 from Richard Alexander of WnW. For 2012, I want a FB lV Mosquito and a Bristol Blenhiem.
  13. Do you mean to tell me that I have to go and actually look at my polystyrene jungle. It goes all the way back to the sixties all in 1/32nd scale. Yes Virginia, I do have the old Revell Japan Nick, and those Dyusho made for electric motor kits. Many kit were built over the years, but I still have lots and lots. My wife is into photo art with someone in Brussels, so I'll let her do the pics. She is pretty busy, but I will try. I can't even lift some of her cameras without giving myself a hernia.
  14. Instead of just blithering on, I should have answered your first question. Yes, when the Sopwith Trip first came out it had the smaller Pup Horizontal stabilizer and elevator. Later they were made larger. Somewhere in my "Library" I have an old copy of 'Wind Sock Magazine" that has either a one or two page article on the subject, where they also list which planes of the famous 'Black flight' had which tails. To keep with this forum, did you know there was a Se 5 in lozenge camo? In the movie, Blue Max' one had been painted up to be used with the other Dehavilland Tiger Moths. I'm actually thinking of making a Dehavilland D.Vll Tiger Moth from my old 'Matchbox kit, although I do know Revell or one of those guys have released it, probably from the same molds. But I have it so I might as well build it. My late dad had taken me to see the movie, so as inaccurate as it is, the movie does hold sentimental value to me. I did like the Phfaltzz D.llla, even if it too was completely covered in Lozenge Camo.
  15. As far as having lozenge camo on your plate, Do they taste better with Ketchup or syrup?
  16. Vector makes the Clerget. I had bought mine from Spruce Bros. They also have a LeRhone and an Obetrusal, or however that's spelled. I do plan to get a LeRhone for my HC Early Dr1s for Voss' fokker, since he installed one on his plane. I wonder if he had removed the obetr..., what ever, before installing the LeRhone. He would have had the maintenance team sitting on the tail as he taxied and jumping off when he got to speed. He was shot down because he couldn't overdo the rudder pedals without hitting the cylinders of the rear engine. Hey guys and gals, picture that in your minds. Can you imagine how many gallons of prop wash his crew had to use before each flight?
  17. In the drawers next to the dinosaur bones where it should stay.
  18. Do the ammo belts measure out to the 1/32 scale full nine yards?
  19. I don't give any negative comments to anyone's models. Mainly, they are all better than I can do. To me it is a hobby of love, but the shadows of my planes will never grace the table tops of any model shows. I'm not as bad as it may appear, but I prefer my planes to be all closed up. Because of WnW's engine detail, I am going to use Tamiya's idea of using magnets. I will be placing them inside of the engines and place thin metal inside of the outside covers. so the magnets will work, but not be seen. It's worth a try. The small 'super' magnets are inexpensive.
  20. I'm glad for the Pheon Decals. I do have two sets coming as I previously stated, but I found an old Tom's Model Works Sopwith Triplane in my huge polystyrene jungle, that did not come with decals, but came with the addresses of two defunct decal companies. However the vac plastic is history, wait, our entire hobby is history, including triplanes. Maybe I should state the vac plastic is toast. It does have both styles of repairable tail planes and elevators, pre-Otis Elevators. You can tell they are Pre-Otis by the lack of elevator music. The kit has a lot of photo etch, including the dash board missing from the Roden Kit, although I might just wait for the promised WnWs kit. I do have an excellent resin Clerget, I forgot who makes it. I guess you folks can google it. I am curious if Rowan reads this, Does the Sopwith Trip tell you which tail planes to use? I want to thank you for my decals ahead of time. Meanwhile, I have everything I need to work on my Dr1, I can choose the color scheme googling your Dr1 decals, before I get them, since they go on last anyway.
  21. There is a new company making 1/32 only woodgrain. It's called 'HGW'. I've ordered some from Roll Model.
  22. I just received his 1/32 Fokker Striped Camo in 1/32 from his old stock, and they do look nice. If he has any right now, I don't know, but he did carry 1/72 and 1/48 as well. This summer he will be doing all three scales again. If you are into 1/28, you will have to ask him.
  23. Wind sock, I haven't seen one of those in decades. I remember one had to look for the thing, then look for any new power or telephone lines that might have been strung over an air field over night. You never landed at night. Not without a very very long arrester hook for those lines.
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