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  1. Obviously I don’t agree, but I respect your opinion. As far as I see, a WW2 plane the size of a comparable sized WW2 model, would probably be too expensive for many modelers. If WnWs follows the same tradition with WW2 as they did in WW1, I expect we’d see types never before produced and everyone would be crying that they want another Bf109 or an Fw190, but WnWs would ignore the requests.
  2. The C-111 has a longer fuselage but a smaller wingspan.
  3. For very tedious parts of a model, I do a little bit at a time, work on another model, then go back to the tedious one. Right now I’m building spoked wheels for two Pocher Alfa Romeos which means eleven wheels, so hundreds of spokes and spokenuts.
  4. Personally, I don’t want WnWs to switch over to WW2. WW1 has been such a void for so long, especially multi seaters and anything other than more than a few of the most common fighters. I remember when in 1/32 for decades you could only find Nie 17s, SPAD Xllls, Sopwith Camels, and Fok Dr1s.
  5. Actually the only difference between the B-2 and the C-1 is the machine gun and if you have a Rumpler, it has a spare straight mount and machine gun. The Alb. C-lll is longer with a larger engine than a B-2 but it is on my wishlist. I wonder if you just reshape the tail on a B-2 and add a machine gun, and called it a C-3, how many would know otherwise?
  6. WW1 running out of ideas? Do you have any idea how many different WW1 types were produced? The French alone had hundreds.
  7. Actually, the German design was patiented in 1912. Fokker was subsequently sued and lost later in the War. The main reason that England did not have an interrupted gear a year after they captured an Eindekker was because they were too proud to use the German design. Instead England waited for a completely different design of their own. It was kind of the same thinking that prevented British use of Parachutes.
  8. Part is a company. They make very detailed interiors for a Camel, SE5, SPAD Vll, and Dr.1. You can get them in the US through Roll Models.
  9. Whether better than WnWs or not. At least by using either Salmson 2-A2 instructions, you have the Tamiya, Humbrol and Federal Standard formulas for the right colours for French Camouflage and aluminuum dope.
  10. I might actually get the early version, but I have upgraded my other Nie 17s with detailed interiors with Master Caster’s Nie 17 interiors.
  11. I’ve been to the Smithsonian and I go to Paris in the spring and to Brussels in the fall every year. My favorite museum for WWl is the Musee de Militaire in Brussels. There you can see the very last Nie 17. This is funny considering Belgium never used the 17, but the 23 instead. The last 17 is in French markings.
  12. Every original SPAD I’ve ever seen were eeru underneath. Actually every French camo aircraft I’ve seen were either eeru or light bluish grey, which Aviattic states the last SPAD Frank flew was. It would make no sense to paint over the eeru, since paint adds weight, something undesirable in a fighter. I’m going with the eeru. Thank you soooo much for your valuable input.
  13. I plan on using two Aviattic sheets to build both Luke’s SPAD and his wingman’s SPAD. My question is What was the underside colour of both SPADs? The reason I ask is because my reference books, including Osprey, state that the undersides were beige, yet the Aviattic instruction booklet says gray. Which is it?
  14. I’d like to get the N48 Nieuport 17 to go along with my S48 SPAD 7s, and a Nie17 to convert into a Belgium Nie.23, which with a rat tail file would be an easy conversion.
  15. I guess it’s all in the timing. A Lanc is far too big for me, but I hope WnWs offers turrets as separate kits. I still have an unbuilt Scratchbuilders Defiant that I’d prefer to stick a WnWs upper turret to.
  16. What are those planes being produced by Roden, the ones with the rounders with the red on the outside and blue in the middle?
  17. I guess Wingnut Wings was like me. HKM kept promising the Lanc so long and month after month kept saying it was coming out then not releasing it, that I honestly gave up that they ever would until WnWs put a lit match on their tail. Now I guess everyone has a choice. Just realize it’s been years since HKM has released any bombers. Did you honestly think theyed actually release their Lanc?
  18. Aviattic makes a very obscure Italian Fighter that is very detailed, but like a lot of very detailed models, you can spend a lot of time following very intense instructions drilling etc and detailing a lot of areas you will never see. I am just gluing and painting.
  19. Funny how everyone keeps building only Nieuports, when France made more types of all kinds of aircraft then all other Countries combined. This is something I didn’t previously realize. Did any of you know that Bleriot made some huge four engine bomber designs with two engines on the top wing which were directly above the two engines on the bottom wing, which left me with the question, how did they start them?
  20. The only acceptable Camel was mage by Hobbycraft, and they no longer exists. The Dr1 is still in production and WnWs has now offered a decal for Roden to prove their willingness to not compete but help Roden to sell more Dr1s.
  21. When is everyone going to believe that WnWs isn’t interested in competing with anyone. They just won’t come out with a Nie 17. But you have to realize that because of upper wings, all that internal work you do in a small fighter will be unseen.
  22. There is one on display at the Musee de Militaire in Brussels, Belgium. I never realized how short they were.
  23. I learned the hard way that hanging on old out of production kits, like Matchbox and Scratchbuilders for profit loose value when newer versions arrive. I have a Lysander which I do want to build. Since the decals are so old, make sure you coat them before you dip them in water.
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