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  1. Hi Guys, I'm trying to gather as much information as I can on the Avon Sabre for a 1/3 scale r/c build, and I don't know if it's just my complete lack of google-fu or if the information is unavailable, but I'm really struggling to find the details I need to even consider drawing a plan. What I really want is blueprints of the fuselage, I know that's not asking a lot, it's asking the impossible, but if there's any group of people in the world who regularly defy the odds, it's modellers For those interested in the r/c side of things, the span will be a gnats whatsit over 12' 4", power will be from a 20 + kg turbine, and at the moment I'm hoping the finished wet weight will be under 35kg. I'm going to experiment with replacement materials for "light" ply and spruce, balsa/glass or foam/glass laminates for fuse formers and the thicker ribs, and balsa/glass or balsa/carbon for stringers. Thanks, Shane
  2. I certainly do Mike, for a weird plane fan like me it was pure plane porn
  3. I thought about putting a MK82 under the fuse, but it'd probably be bigger than the plane! The Scaled Composite Ares is my inspiration http://stargazer2006.online.fr/aircraft/pages/ares.htm , I love that thing:)
  4. I'm ordering 2, one for the stash and 1 for a bit of whiffery - a BD5 fighter armed with daisy bb guns
  5. If by "being facetious" you mean "being a smart arse" then your spot on
  6. I know it's probably just a test shot, but the lines of that Lanc look a tad wrong..
  7. It's an odd one alright, 50/50 od and metal, RAAF Squadron, Dutch markings and a VH reg - I think I've just been sold on getting a DC-3, it's too weird not to do
  8. Dude, thats the most positive post I've seen from you - are you OK?
  9. At least two of those will end up in my stash, possibly three
  10. If they upscale the 1/48 Tweet to 1/32, I'll take 3.
  11. I'm restricting myself to OOB builds for a while, I have an O-2 on the bench that needs some re modelling in a few areas and that's taking all my modelling patience at the moment. ( I'm trying to turn it from an O-2 into a modern rebuilt 337 http://www.therocket2.com and it's fighting me all the way
  12. I'd be all over a WNW DR1, as long as I can get over my rigging-mortis I could possibly even finish it too I wouldn't be doing it as a Richthofen machine, probably something like this
  13. Nice glying - when I fly R/C, I can barely keep in formation with myself!
  14. Many years ago I had a Byron 1/4 scale (I think) ducted fan R/C kit of the BD-5J, I think I bought it 3rd hand in about 1990. once I realised that my bag of talent was way too small to build it, let alone fly it, I sold it on. I often wonder if it ever got built and off the ground, or is it still being stored waiting to find the right person to build and fly it successfully.
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