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  1. Criggs


    Right now I have a Hasy Me-109 G-6 with an Aries cockpit. My 12 year daughter is working on a Revell P-40, and my 9 year old daughter is working on a Tamiya King Tiger (Very Nice Kit btw). We are just about ready to break out the airbrush and start some painting
  2. Looking good Chris . I too will be watching this one as I one of these to do. Good Job! Chauncey
  3. Criggs


    Thanks for all of the warm fuzzys. I am looking forward to my stay here.
  4. Criggs


    Hi all, I just wanted to say hi to all at LSP. I an 42 years old and just started modelling again. I have been a guest here many times and finally decided to join in the festivities. I am very impressed at the quality of you work! I hope to better my modelling skills from learing from all of you.
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