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  1. the windows on the kit acknowledge the sheer but it's questionable if they follow it.
  2. I think the angulation needed to be there but just may have been overdone
  3. at what timestamp does he say that?
  4. it could be because the superstructure is slightly concave-up, banana shaped, etc., (I.e., the two ends of the super structure decks sit slightly higher than the midsections of these decks and these angulations were necessary in order to ensure the windows remained vertically oriented despite the curvature. still seems extreme, and I lack the references to verify.
  5. I have my kit. Not sure if it's defective, or if the myriad of superstructure windows slanting about 30 degrees towards the bow was intentional. See below. Are these window angulations accurate? Thanks
  6. a scriber scribes a certain diameter line I am interested in cheaper alternatives to Tamiya thanks
  7. All, I am interesting in scribing all of the following diameters: 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 mm. Tamiya offers blades in all six diameters, but the cost is quite high. What are some cheaper alternatives that you guys like to use? Thanks in advance, Christian
  8. Nice work! Will the Real Model Nose Cowling be available for sale again? thank you
  9. Why didn’t Jerry press this into production?
  10. whatever happened to this D-11 conversion?
  11. Hi all! I am building a Spitfire Mk IX for a friend and I'm not sure what colors to use (I am a Luftwaffe expert to the exclusion of basically everything else). What are the names of the colors used for the upper surfaces, underside, propeller, etc? These questions pertain to the colors depicted on the original box art of the Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire Mk IX. Thanks in advance!
  12. You thought it was vecuronium, and then noticed the P-61?
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