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  1. Wonderful build! Question: which landing gear did you use?
  2. With Japo saying mimetall Doras had a wing base coat of 81 and EE stating 75 was used, amongst many other things?
  3. Thanks, I thought it was that a/c, but it isn’t.
  4. You’re right. It isn’t 500570. Doesn’t seem to be < o + - either: https://youtu.be/cYEGhCq3TBg
  5. Ridiculous! I have a spare tire set I can sell you.
  6. Found this in Pinterest, of all places https://pin.it/2Vg0aDR a good argument could be made for 81/75 or 81 undercoat/ lightly applied and very dirty 76 overcoat Does anyone know the source and which Dora it is?
  7. Color shot of what seems to be another Dora that surrendered at Furth? Upper wing could be argued 81/75 based on this. Does anyone know which Dora this is? https://pin.it/du3Q7fv
  8. Doesn’t HK offer engines as well? What is the difference in engine quality?
  9. Assuming equal cost, would you rather build a Do 335A by ZM or HK? Why?
  10. wow. Beautiful usage of what is unfortunately a rare kit.
  11. Oh yes, I read that too quickly.
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