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  1. Hi all - looking at the ZM website lately and seeing many LW a/c out of stock. Does anyone know when they would be back in stock or how often they are restocked? thx in advance
  2. Please let me know what you think. I need something in the 3x3 ft range (maybe 4 shelves or so high) that can fit something like the 1/32 He 219A. Thanks!
  3. Any further updates on the progress of this bird?
  4. MRP paints are 7 bucks a bottle. I'm going to mix the colors myself with the Tamiya paints I already have.
  5. thank you. how do they airbrush compared to, say, Tamiya or Gunze? thanks
  6. Hi all, I am asking your assistance - I am building a spitfire IXc for a friend and want to paint the roundels myself. does AK real colors offer accurate renditions of these (yellow, blue, red) out of the bottle? If not them, then who? thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, thank you for your replies: I have a related question. I want to mask the insignia and paint myself using AK real colors. Which colors from them are accurate for the roundels? I do not have their book and it is not obvious from their inventory. curious about which bottle of blue red and yellow to get. Many thanks!
  8. the windows on the kit acknowledge the sheer but it's questionable if they follow it.
  9. I think the angulation needed to be there but just may have been overdone
  10. at what timestamp does he say that?
  11. it could be because the superstructure is slightly concave-up, banana shaped, etc., (I.e., the two ends of the super structure decks sit slightly higher than the midsections of these decks and these angulations were necessary in order to ensure the windows remained vertically oriented despite the curvature. still seems extreme, and I lack the references to verify.
  12. I have my kit. Not sure if it's defective, or if the myriad of superstructure windows slanting about 30 degrees towards the bow was intentional. See below. Are these window angulations accurate? Thanks
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