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  1. the skin was definitely stressed out of the factory. it's just that Airfix has overdone the effect by making it too uniform and ubiquitous. it's a great first step on their part and the kit seems excellent overall
  2. Hi all What is your favorite 1. Decal paper (brand, ink vs laxer, clear vs white decal paper) 2. Printer ink sealer (i.e., krylon spray vs Papilio decal fixative) 3. What do you use to get your decals to set to your model ? (Microset/Microsol, etc) thank you
  3. My Fw 190D-9 that I started in 2008 probably belongs on here...
  4. A man with a 3D printer, technical drawings, and a pure love for the aircraft, is a very capable man...
  5. Is it just me, or do the Memphis belle restoration and the sentimental journey B-17G have different windscreens? SJ’s appears a great deal larger and more square when viewed from the front?
  6. What about seeing how things compare if you make sure the very front vertical lines associated with where the clear plexiglass nose attaches are parallel?
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