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  1. Sorry i cant insert a picture from my Ipad as LSM firum does not support it but its a shot of what they saw when the 219 had its wings off. Its not great quality but think if you will see its pretty easy to see how flat the wing incidence is. I dont have my 219 pics up ths is one i loaded a few minutes ago off my phone. https://photos.smugmug.com/Other/Webposting/i-rrS3rPQ/0/fafa3635/X2/IMG_6854-X2.png The engines and nacelles where easily accesable as well while they where there from every angle imaginable. I have zero issues with the ZM 219. I doubt its perfect but i cant see myself modding one thing on mine.
  2. Having stood next to the dis-assembled 219 they where lucky it was like that. You could clearly see the wing mating area and how it joined making getting incidence angle spot on easy. I have no issues with the ZM 219 but that doesntvmean its perfect. What someone will need to provide to convince me it has issues though is going to be far more convincing than some drawings/plans that have no basis of being factual in the first place. I'll dig out my NASM visit pics which show the fuse etc but there is no way they coukd of got the incidence angle incorrect as it is very clear. The 219 was sitting there litterally like a giant model kit fuse in one piece with the wing loin location clear as a bell.
  3. ZM 3D Lidar scanned the NASM HE-219 thats accurate into tenths of a millimeter. No photo or plan will ever be that accurate no matter how well intentioned. Ever.
  4. It anihilates the Revell offering. About the only addon needed is a new seat. If your into your Mig-29's Zacto has released so resin for burner cans, a new radome and missiles. Now i bought all of them and they are beautiful. However i wouod also say many people would say you dont need them and thst would be fair they really target the hard core Mig lovers. Out of box its going to build into a great looking Mig-29 Cold WarcStudios do a beautiful seat and have a cockpit coming but to tell you the truth the kit cockpit is very nice...not ss nice as a hyper resin set but with good paint and some work a great cockpit for a kit. Overall its great i grabbed two, ordered a 2 seater and will get the SMT when it comes.
  5. Just got back from Singapore and the M Hobb shop had new release Scale Nutz stuff in in 1/72 scale. Think they may still be going but on a very limited small basis just doing stuff for locals. They had F-5's, F-16's and A-4 sheets all onky in 72 though...
  6. Just got my two kits. Fgures are excellent highly detailed. Nice work on the F-5 headung off to order another pair. To many great F-5E's to mention! Great work Kittyhawk kit is very sharp be ripping into one of these post haste!
  7. Wingnut are not competing with RODEN. They are in different price brackets and hugely different in quality ss a product on the shelf People rightly or wrongly would prefer to build another kit than a Roden one. It was WNW who brought WW1 to the fore with superb engineering, beautiful instructions, no requirement for reference books. They are almost the perfect out of box build. WNW not doing a DR1 really adds little to Roden sales as the guys who will buy them already have and those thst havnt have chosen not to for a reason right or wrong. Why buy a kit requiring reference books, a resin cowl seat etc when you could just build any other WNW kit...or a Tamiya F-14 or Corsair? The most Iconic aircraft of WW1 not being done by the most iconic manfacturer of WW1 kits to protect a kit that requires resin, extra detailing, its engineering is far below WNW standards does nothing for the hobby or WW1 mdelling era at all. Will i add to my Roden DR1 pair..no.. Importantly the profits from the mass DR1 sales would help fund more of those bizarre and unusual WW1 aircraft that catch everyones eye somethng Roden have never contributed to. No WNW DR1 is a step back for WW1 modelling and WNW which also means for those who love WW1 us as well...
  8. Dont worry the amount of resin at the back will be more than offset by the amount of resin plus blood sweat and tears at the front trying to fix the nose/ windshield/canopy/spine to keep it balanced! 50 years on and not one good F-105D on the market except for the new Platz 1/144 105. Someone finally got the spine/canopy right with a decent cross section...and in 144th at that.
  9. Wouldnt it be great to see WNW do a fleet of DR1's, Spads, Nieuports, and have those kits profits allow a whole bunch of lesser known WW1 aircraft to be done. We can only hope..
  10. Guys keep posting stuff from Richard Alexander from like 10 years ago LONG before the shake up at WNW to a more streamlined profitable model changes a couple of years ago. Times have changed and WNW have moved on releasing a swarm of Camels that where never to be released. Things have changed and statements that applied 10-12 years ago do not. Anything could be coming but the chance to do a 100th Anniversary boxing of something Richtofen cant be ignored.
  11. There is a rather incredible Begemot sheer for the 29 in 1/32...
  12. Great work on your A-10 mate love the devotion to duty! Only back for a few weeks from crawling all over the A-10 at Pima and the fantastic A-10 Stalag display. High level of A-10 motivation right now...still my favorite A-10's of all time are the Jaws schemes..
  13. Anynevknow if its comng with both noses and rounded LERX? Or are they saving those two parts for an 80's Red Flag boxing and the awesome Nellis schemes from the 80's.
  14. I knew there was a reason why we coukd never sell those Monogram things!
  15. You are not alone...but im sure there are at least three very happy modellers in the world who want one so good for them. Glad i dont have shares in HK though...
  16. The ailerons where i think maybe hydraulically powered and aileron droop is normal “if†the system is pressurized by engines and bleeds off pressure after shutdown. Most F-5E's in ground photos display some droop. Generally only about 10 degrees though not fully dropped. Any F-5 maintainer guys around who can chip in on it?
  17. If you search here ie LSP rhere wss a post which highlighted some shape issues on the HAS kit minor though. Quite a lengthy topic with excellent info and some great input
  18. There may not even be a Revell later this year based off the initial break up of Hobbico...
  19. Just ordered 2 Spads for conversions from Aurora on Ebay for 80USD equiv shipped. What shortage? Lol..
  20. An excellent seller bought plenty of Trumpetboss from them..
  21. Im actually not worried about getting Revell but i am hoping we get some resin i can use on my Trumpeter kits out of this release. Based off the Mustang hopefully it will be nice but then again the Spitfire ie B team might be working on it. Hopefully Radu helps them out..
  22. Lol. Ordered two sets then accidently ordered another 2 seater Spad and a pile more Connie stuff for another EC-121. Your shop is a bad place Paul!
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