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  1. WW great progress! Of interest SS just recently repopped the decals for Moonbeam in 32nd scale. Great work on the gear bays they look fabulous. Brilliant build and be using some of your hard ideas on mine some stage very soon!
  2. Can't remember the manufacturer but a set of DS Stealth fighter decals are supposed to be coming. Same guys just released a set of later marking which looked good. Can't remember their name for the life of me.
  3. Hi Harold what have actually done to the Tamiya parts? I couldn't find any pics or info in the vendors board on them. Cheers
  4. Wow great looking Spitfire.. Think another one on the to do list!
  5. Harold are you going to general release the bits for he ZM Spad?
  6. Hey Raptor it sure is Battle of New Years day. I normally only get Taylor's having only one Trudgian but this is a stellar print! Great shots above of he cockpit. Does anyone know if the Moonbeam decals in he Kagero Bodenplatte book are in 32 as well as 48th?
  7. I may if missed it while reading through but what decals are you using? I think an old SS sheet may ave moonbeam on it but a recent purchase of a stunning Trudgian print of this aircraft has me on course for a Tamiya build and chasing markings. Great work so far on your project!
  8. Highly recommend Ernies G Factor gear set. Also I have a replacement fin and nose that was released some time ago by a UK resin manufacturer and they where quite good.
  9. Meteor released a fix for the canopy of the D done in very nice clear resin. I havn't checked but the G canopy is not apparently as flat as the D version from the instructions in the D set. Great info!
  10. Completely unrealistic looking I must say...
  11. They are great looking burners I can feel some serious money preparing to leave my bank.. Hope to see more cool F-4 stuff your on a winner!
  12. Jeroen have you seen the price of Revell in Japan? You would have the same thought process should you see a Revell kit when walking around Tokyo you would walk away shaking your head saying no way. The ZM kit will have all the stuff you buy from Aires with basically zero of the fit issues Aires are well known for. As for seatbelts the Revell kit has the same problem plus its missing engines/gunbays etc if detailing is what you want. Given like Tamiya Zm's main market is Japan and they get cream from overseas sales they will have a winner on sale when it is released locally compared to how
  13. Speaking with the ZM guys in Tokyo last month and August for the USAF version and weapon set was the time we where told..
  14. Have you got an ETA Chris? I think I'll need to budget for hese bad boys when you get em finished! Great work. Dazz
  15. Given how much work is involved in elbowing resin into plastic it looks like again both are on a winner. For those without the desire to Dremel your kit to death ZM is a no brainer..if your into self abuse Revell plus aftermarket..clean build Revell..guess it all depends on your local price but given a P47 engine plus bay is $70 Aus the cost of the afternarket that is in the ZM kit Revell plus Aires will be well in excess of the ZM kit.
  16. Oh now this will be cool. Love to see a Ryan's Raiders bird as well..cool missions and little coverage but hey anything for an F series Thud is ultra cool!
  17. Yep I'll be getting one of each..looking forward to both!
  18. Having just come back from Kyoto and a visit to the Volks headquarters and a quick look I'm looking forward to both. We will soon be spoilt for choice. For those who want the full meal deal the ZM kit and for clean build the Revell kit. Great times!
  19. Great news with Aires dragging their heels recently..be in the queue for a few!
  20. Variation in the pressure in struts of aircraft is a common fact of aviation life. The belief they will all be the same is incorrect. Aircraft empty weight,crew,fuel load.armament all lead to variation of strut position. Then combine that with gradually bleeding pressure from strut seals over time leads to a limitless combination to suite everyone. Given the long thin nosegear leg I imagine some brass and metal replacements will appear as well you will be able to choose to your pleasure.
  21. On the subject of big intakes where all aggressors modded with the super fox intakes?
  22. Hi Thierry Yes that's pretty much correct it was an exception with the majority not locking them. However it was widely used it seems by one of the Argentine C squadrons as there are lots of photos more often than not slats up on the C. The B units did not appear to do it as most seem to be down in most photos I've seen. The new Hikoki book has lots of A-4Cs with slats up among a great selection of Skyhawk plus other photos! Great book...
  23. Hi Thierry How is the fit of the rudder in the wolfpack kit? Also do you know if anyone else has done a replacement on for the short Trumpet one..?
  24. Dragging up an old topic but figure it's worth correcting. The leading edge slats on the A-4 are not "always" down on the ground as stated very positively earlier in the thread. They could be pinned up making them up full time until the pins where removed. Why? Any asymmetric deployment of the slats could lead to undesired roll inputs hence the Blue Angel A-4s had all the slats closed at all times.nothing worse than uncommanded roll input 18 inches from another aircraft. This could occur because of slight differences in aerodynamic forces with differing angles of attack leading to one lat
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