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  1. Can highly recommend Nick Millmans guide on Zero colors. Downloadable for a small fee from his site. Superb information and a great history on the development in Zero painting as we know it today. Covers outside and inside. Best single reference I've found bar none on Zero colors the effect of sunlight etc and weathering. Very very cool..
  2. Nice work Gunner! Oh they are called cowl flaps.. The term gills is misguidedly been labeled by numerous modellers in articles and to top it off the Valiant book by Franks. Great work on the cad probably one of the few parts not sparkling with detail in the kit. Nice!
  3. The detail in the Aires set is beautiful. The one I'm working on fitted perfectly into the fuse section. I'm sure there would be some variation but the one I have required no adjusting at all..best fit I've ever had from a resin cockpit..
  4. I'm not sure how guys get a released 2012 means by the 30th November. Being released and "in your hands" because you live SO far from the point of manufacturing is YOUR issue not Wingnuts. I'd imagine leek last year sometime in the first two weeks of December.. As for the Camel and DR1 I can't think of a single reason not to including Rodens and HC.. I've got a Roden one and the WW treatment would by fit alone be a big step up. Then throw in better research,better decals instructions that are a reference in there own right why would you say no?? Given every legendary kit they release would help fund one or two lesser known types everyone wins...
  5. If ever there was any evidence required that Hasegawa is a Japanese company tooling for the Japanese market the George is it. Large tooling investment yet very limited market outside the homeland. What about the Raiden same again.. They missed there chance to update the Mustang, lost the razorback to Trumpeter, Will they sit on there hands again..yep. Nice to see more widespread tooling than the mainstream and ill grab one like I did the Raiden. Now please do Tei version of the Tony!
  6. I've been waiting for two or three years in fact I've given up counting. Sure it will be brilliant like everything else they have done. But C'MON!! Talking about Wingnut I think a HUGE error is not going at the Triplane...HUGE error..
  7. I think a quick visit to Japan would cure that viewpoint. The hobby is HUGE in Japan. The best example was to see in one store in Shinjuku in Tokyo 60 48th scale Harrier 2 pluses sell in 6 hours. I mean the Harrier two is not really what you would regard as a super popular aircraft. I can only imagine how many Zeros they would sell in a new release day. Tamiya and Hasegawa I believe both recognize money can be made from the West but its there home market which pays the bills and keeps the companies going. The West is cream on top nothing more..
  8. Superb build and great finish! Love it. Only hing I would add would be a bit more oil on the top of the drop tank but its superb already. Great build!
  9. Fair enough....just figure the right name might actually teach those who decide to make up there own Ames for things a thing. Even the new Franks book on the HE-219 calls them cowl gills for reasons that I can't fathom other than ignorance. Maybe we can call ailerons rollernators in future as most don't speak French. Or flaps as the dangly out bits. Modellers getting confused about a part name is part of the education about highly technical pieces of equipment, if people want accurate kits maybe calling the parts by there correct name is a good place to start. Be looking forward to more of your stuff Radu!!!
  10. Howdy If the pcs you see are for the 30mm Mk108 it does have a different lower access panel to the std for the 151. Shell ejectors are in a different location as well and a considerable bulge for the Mk108 fit out on the lower wing. Upper wing looks the same. Highly recommend the Modelart book on the Fw-190 a great single reference. Pretty sure it also has a diagram showing antenna routing in the canopy.
  11. Hey Radu can you do all us pilots a favor and call them by there real name. They are cowl flaps not cowl gills.. Cowl gills is a fictional name dreamt up by modellers over the last few years not knowing that cowl flaps even though they have been around for 90 years plus have a name. Great product ill be grabbing some!
  12. Thanks I've got one buried somewhere as we'll. Seems ZM are the first to pick up on this subtle difference. They do the homework it appears!
  13. Hi Adam The landing lights have a reverse teardrop fairing but its not very deep and no biggie. You could use some plasticard in 32nd or 48th and its not very thick. I didn't know about e difference either till I got the ZM Spad J so I guess getting its at least taught me one more thing I didn't know! What did you use or your oil streaking something like burnt umber oil paint??
  14. Beautiful Spad Adam! Love your weathering its spot on. Great result. Do you know if Tamiya put in the different wing tips on the J boxing with the fairings for the landing lights? Once again great build! Ps if that's what you did with the Tamiya kit love to see what you would do with the big boy!
  15. Hi Adam Most of the A-1pics from Vietnam to at least me have a 300 on the centerline. Losing two racks with 150 Gal tanks would surely be the worst case when only one tank using one rack can do the same job.. Plenty of Spad pics around with 300's on the centerline can post numerous links if you need. Just because the150 isn't provided as a layout option in my eyes in no way reduces the accuracy of the kit given how widely used to 300 was. In fact I'd rather have the 300 hung under the centerline covered in oil which is a trademark of USAF Spads.. Cheers
  16. The Yankee system is included...It's even mentioned as one of the kit features so I'm not sure where you got that from. I'm not sure if Tamiya changed the wingtips on the J kit for the landing lights and fairings anyone know? The weapon set has everything you would ever want for a Spad..in 32nd it's a big aeroplane. The J boxing other than weapons has everything in the box for an "accurate" J.. Can someone point out where the info stating that only 150 Gallon tanks where used on Sandy's? I've got and seen plenty of images of Sandy Spads hauling single and dual 300 gallon tanks and intrigued where the stuff about 150 came from. Doesn't sound accurate to me based off photos on the net. long range flights into North Vietnam with long loiter times would of demanded max fuel upload I'd imagine.
  17. All the parts ARE light grey..in the J..
  18. As much as I enjoy frequent visits to Japan and adore there beer which to me is the best in the world..oh along with the Scotch they do have strange tastes multi colored plastic being one of them. The plastic in the A-1J is almost identical to the pastic Tamiya was using a few years ago. To me it's far superior in quality to the multi color stuff. Hopefully the Next TA-152 run will be the same having now sold out in Japan. Strange breed of cattle but boy can they make great draft beer and food...oh pretty good at model kits to!
  19. It was interesting chatting with Kenichi in the Volks store in Tokyo last week. The A-1J has been poorly received in Japan with complaints about the lack of multi colored sprues having gone to all light grey to please Western modellers in the A-1J. Guess it goes to show you can't please all the people.. Not sure if anyone had mentioned the J is the Spad to get with all the parts and decals and instructions from both kits. Yes the US Navy decals come in the J kit..and I didn't know the J has faired in landing lights in the wing tips which are included in the J. Good value with parts for the H the J and decals for both. The He-219 looks great from the tester in the shop.
  20. Hopefully they will follow there tankard or releasing open,closed and a mixed set like in 48th so we can cover all options!
  21. That's easy Derek they are called spoilerons...Like I said be 2012 everything has a correct name already so inventing new ingenious terms for aircraft components that already have names is a little overkill. Cooling gills...lol...I'd say they guy who thinks airliners are nice shiny and clean probably invented that one to!
  22. Don't mean to get technical but in 25 years f flying aircraft I've never heard of a rolleron in relation to an aircraft. Spoilers however are hinged surfaces on the upper wing surface which can be used for drag creation and lift reduction. Hence spoilers are used for roll control and lift reduction with no change in name for each control. Rollerons are on the trailing edge of the fins of missiles like the sidewinder. Sorry pet peeve of mine is modellers mis naming or incorrectly renaming aircraft components. A bit like how cowl flaps are incorrectly and bogusly renames cooling gills??? Not sure who started that...but I think a short term in jail would be ok for their crimes against aviation..lol!
  23. Well there was a 2800 on the ground floor at ZM HQ in Kyoto 2 months ago..along with the info it would be in a future kit from SWS series..
  24. Well I just got the new 219 book from Valiant publishing and it is superb. For its price it is great value. I've got maybe 8 Kagero's and theirs is a better reference by far for airframe details and information than say a Kagero. The Kagero's offer lots of good operational info and stories of real world operations. Both good options but for an airframe reference the Valiant 219 book is awesome.
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