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  1. Agree after the 219 which although a nice model is full of accuracy problems im hoping the 109 series is good. So far it seems a good start hoping it all shapes out well!
  2. Couldnt see these have been posted here before please ignore if they have.. http://www.plastik-modellbau.org/blog/testshots-vorgestellt-messerschmitt-bf-109-g-6-revell-132/2013/#more-20735
  3. I'd bet we will get something soon. The onslaught of 32nd modern jets by Trump has id imagine left the resin suppliers heads spinning. I mean Aires have only just got around to Tomcats released two years aho not to mention Gr7's just finished by Wolfpack. Lots of work ahead for the resin suppliers!
  4. There are good Kormoran photos in a few limited run German Marineflieger books ive got one one the F-104 and Danny Coremans new book has 4 decent ones..
  5. Conversely id be surprised to ever see a Dornier. Monogram tried it over ten years ago and never went back. Given the rarer air in 32nd an aircraft with very limited popularity and a huge tooling cost hat would struggle to ever be recovered i wouldnt hold my breath. Id love a Dornier night fighter but in short it aint ever gonna happen..
  6. Darren Howie

    P-61 $$

    Very perceptive Kevin!! In Australia we get some Revell cheapie Hawk and some expensive ie HE219. We in general get better prices on Trump and HB however than the States sometimes by up to 35-40% less. Luckily i get to visit Tokyo frequently for model shopping so get cheap Japanese there. What staggers me is how cheap Hasegawa and Tamiya are in Hong Kong. 32nd scale F-4's for 60US F-16's for 80.. I could go on with ship kits almost half price from Japan. Anyway i think the ZM kit with everything in one box will be a killer. The P-61 is around the 115-120 mark in Honk Kong so pricey even for a Chinese kit. It seems the birth of the Chinese middle class and the drive or better pay and conditions is having an affect already. If they are getting pricey in China brace for some big prices over here if you choose to not buy direct.
  7. Darren Howie

    P-61 $$

    Mike in fairness thats a USA price not what the rest of the world pays. The average price of kits varies around the world. For instance US based modellers whine about Trumpeter prices yet they are a lot less in other places. My 2 Revell 219's where 98 each at a cheap shop here so I guess its horses for courses. However no amount of price difference makes up for the numerous errors in the Revell kit. Yes its cheap and sure it looks ok just dont look to closely with a photo of the real aircraft nearby... If it was released by Trumpeter then the lynch mob would of been out looking for blood months ago..
  8. Darren Howie

    P-61 $$

    Well i guess you would be wrong. ZM have sold out of the entire first run of the Shinden and TA152. As for people buying the Revell 219 over the ZM kit i guess that make sense as the ZM kit HASNT BEEN RELEASED YET! Lol.. HK have sold out the entire B-25 glass nose run to boot so i'd say "your" likes are not in line with the market. You are right with regard to ZM they offer you everything you need in one box with little need for after market. Thats why they sell so well. Revell 219 $100 plus correction wheels $20 plus props $20 where at $140 before you disregard the innaccurate cowls,canopy, mis-shapen fuselage,undercarriage and the list goes on. If you want detailed engines you can wait for a mega Aires set for god knows hows how much. In short its expensive and inaccurate. ZM kits are accurate and good value with almost everything you need in the box. As for HK they are gorgeous im interested to see how the B17 goes as it looks superb.
  9. Mmm.. I would of thought "But none of the F4-U1 / Corsair I's saw combat right?" Is as clear a statement as you can make? Corsair 1's being FAA aircraft and F4U-1's being USN/USMC... Sorry if thats not the case but it looked pretty clear from here..
  10. Love to know where people get the idea the Birdcage saw no combat. It saw some of the most intensive and more importantly played a role in one of the most decisive of the war. The role played by Cirsairs and Wildcats in the cactus air force at Guadalcanal was probably the most significant role it played in the war. Winning multiple Medal of Honors and creating the tactics to be used throughout the rest of the war this was the birthplace of boom and zoom. The role of the Corsair in the defense of Guadalcanal was far far more important than any other role it played in the war. Do some reading...
  11. Its started already!! Do some reading guys it comes with seperate cowl components to display a full engine.. Same set up as the Mustang..enjoy the magnets..
  12. Great news and by far the best Corsair variant. Best schemes with the best histories great news!
  13. The street price as opposed to the Lucky model and hobbyeasy price is 1000 Hong Kong. Even though they are cheaper than at home the internet kut shops make a very very handsome profit on Trump and HB kits compared to the average shop. And they are cheaper again over the border.. Nice looking kit..
  14. The D7F looks brilliant a swag f stellar schemes. Count me in for many..lol
  15. Lovely build and great to hear the story behind Orace.
  16. Dont hold your breath on Crossdelta. I got a couple late last year from LM and been waiting for more ever since. They seem very inconsistent in production!
  17. The street price here in Tokyo is around 20000Y. Imagine Hong Kong will be around 150-160 US if things going according to standard pricing.. Kit looks good hope its shape etc is good..
  18. Really a Hobbycraft Camel or Roden Dr1 compares to a WW one like comparing Tamiya one to one one by say Hobbycraft!!! The comparisons in engineering fit and detail are so huge as to be not worth pointing out. "We need another Camel like a whole in the head"?? Not sure what Camels you build but the Hobbycraft kit is light years from anything WW have released in terms of detail,research engineering.. Something like Tamiya versus 80's Airfix...
  19. Great news now if they will add the DR-1 to the list that would be awesome..
  20. I think Eduard are crazy in some aspects. Wingnut openly say they will not do the Dr1 and Camel leaving the door wide open for a beautifully tooled copy of both. The WW team ave boosted the WW1 interest massively and Eduard could coast in on there coat tails and grab good sales from the two biggest name aircraft of WW1. With the research done for the 48th kits which are excellent and not being big aircraft make them perfect candidates to blow the Roden kit into the weeds and a killer Camel. These days few opportunities come along for certain winners but with big interest in WW1 due to WW great work and the door wide open how good a deal do they want?
  21. If its a Cuban i dint mind if i do!Oh and i was right about the P-51 coming out just after they released the late Spit so get ready for a 109G!
  22. Maybe I'm deluded but the 109 completes the big 5. Spit,zero,Mustang,zero and 109. 109G for sure nothing gets close Corsair included. Full engine fully optioned same price as the Mustang they will sell zillions.. Revells has no engine and based off the 219 issues probable errors in shape and dimension. I hope not but after the 219 im not confident..the 109 completes the big fighters in 32nd in 1/32 with Corsairs,P-47s 190s being the second level which hopefully they may take on. But a Tamiya 109G with optional tail/canopy etc would be amazing..
  23. If your getting Warpath do not get the Schiffer version. The photos are no where and i mean no where near the quality of the original. Superb book with a never ending line up of amazing action photos. Worth every cent...
  24. Wow great stuff Chris thanks for the update. Bracing my credit card for action!
  25. They sure are signed by Franz and Charlie. Amazing print to hang on your wall and worth the price of entry.
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