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  1. Can you explain why the Hasegawa 109F and G series are on the market for2800-3200Y in Tokyo and the Revell kit is almost double at 5600Y?I think i can. It would be the same reason why Revell is so cheap in the USA.. Ps Therry thanks for the excellent write up. Do you have any idea when or where the measurements for the 109 nose came from people are quoting? When the Hasegawa kit was released everyone acknowledged the spinner priblem but no mention was made anywhere regarding the nose. Im intrigued hiw that hapened and where Revell got the measurements from. Its not like the 109 wasnt
  2. Looking at my pics from Seattle Paul Allens Mustang wing pretty much refelcts Jennings diagram to a tee. However an aircraft lovingly restored on an unlimited budget gets far more love than any Mustang off a production line in wartime conditions. Combine that with 3-12 months of operational service in every weather imaginable.(Ie we are talking about Europe here) with temperatures ranging from 30c to -56c means a very quick degradation. Putty included. In short build it how you like you are certain to be right at one time or another.
  3. Is anyone else like me completely disapointed in the Revell kit? All the hype Revell pumped out about it being the ultimately accurate 109?? I have a pile of 109's in the stash with MDC cockpits waiting and spinners and cant see one single reason to buy a single Revell kit. I had one in my hand in Tokyo a few weeks back and it came close to being bought but all the issues stopped me from picking it up and the price in Japan didnt help. I cant see the "length issue" and IIRC no one in 12 years has clearly shown where it lies and every review of the Has kit other than the known shortcomings
  4. Hi Tim Having been around aircraft for a similar time as you at 31 years of flying experience 16 with airlines there are many exceptions to rules. Aircraft with patches and dings many with modifications that make them non standard. Sure nobody paints over a static zone but ive seen plenty of rivets where there isnt supposed to be any. Thats in the tightly controlled world of 2013. Can you imagine how uncontrolled a maintenance shed on the other side of the world with extreme pressure for max flyable airframes every day would be with most work done in the open. People who think flaps are
  5. Part of the issue is modern dslr's capture so much more detail than a ww2 camera. Run through photoshop far more detail is visible to the eye than unprocessed image from film that was far less sensitive than the equivalent iso today. Hence most fine detail was lost. the moment the shutter was pushed. Combine that with flat finish on hard working aircraft many having flownn many missions in the harshest of conditions means lots of detail easily visible on glossy pristine aircraft gets lost forever in images. The thing i love is how people so undyingly believe if its in a manual t must be tr
  6. I think Radu is onto something. Build a model as you want and respect the fact that when viewing others they have made the same choice. And hopefully show you that respect as well. Great work from Jennings to for those that choose that route. Having seen plenty of Mustangs they are as all different as each other. Paul Allens in Seattle i think has a correctly restored wing very clean indeed. Yet Museum of Flight has a rivetted wing completely different. Make a choice abpnd respect others may make a different one. The whole flaps down Corsair debate at HS was laughable with some people
  7. Ahh missed that part! Mossie then as they share the engine they have tooled already..not sure if that makes em brothers! Oh the 48th Shinden is girgeous picked one up last week,,
  8. Brilliant Flanker in every respect! Love the finish it is very real with superb weathering. Did you vac the windscreen or another method? Superb..
  9. Mmmm spirited brother?? Well they have already dine the D so it Sounds like a P-51B to me...
  10. I havnt tried with Chris's intakes but the kit ones fit far better if you join the engne cover to the main intake piece prior to fitting.far less of a step and far less sanding than attaching the cover then attaching the intake..
  11. Im sure shop owners are not driving Bentleys around. But a 300% increase in price or even a doubling is not the consumers problem. Again i can see why US modellers are screaming about kit prices and rightfully so..
  12. Hey Doug What specific problems are you referring to on the ZM kit? Comparing the issues is interesting. For Revell...incorrectly proportioned fuselage..nacelles hosed..props..canopy..cowl flaps..landing gear...if you know of an easy way of fixing the entire fuselage let me know.. The only issue i have seen or heard about ZM is a minor quibble on the canopy which i think is a hang over of the retooling to correct the changes made to the front one. Like to know what the issues are you know about. The Revell kit has large errors all over the place and imho comparing its errors and the ZM
  13. Tax dodge? What a load of rubbish. They are not that cheap if compared to street prices. If you ever visit Hong Kong you will see how cheap kits are there. Things like standard Tamiya F-4s and Eagles are approx 75-80 USD. Most Hong Kong dealers are selling 25/30 percent above street prices. Its not a tax dodge its just how much they are.. On prices having jst returned from a bit trip across the US you guys are getting ripped a new one by distributors. I saw prices on Tamiya Corsairs ranging from 160-199USD! Tokyo at Yellow Submarine they where 8800Y less 25% or 66 bucks. You guys are
  14. Anyone who has a ZM kit and Revell will quickly testify about the differences. If you intend upgrading the Revell sorry dont bother by the time you get a kit half as good and barely as detailed you will of spent twice the ZM price and it still wont be as detailed nor as accurate. If you building OOB it is good value as long as accuracy isnt an issue. In all setiousness it is not unlike comparing a Trumpeter Mustang and the Tamiya one.. If you havnt seen the ZM kit in person do yourself a favor..
  15. Ive ended up buying an zisra Sufa set as i could not find the straight D conversion. I also picked a a spare D canopy from Ebay to avoid doing a vac cut out. The Isra bits look nice good panel lines on mine and very good quality in general. Could not find a D anywhere..
  16. Hey Don it pretty much looks like the test shots but seeing it in hand is a world of difference. One really nice touch is the letter hand signed by HK thanking the team who helped out with some well known names thanked. Great to see..
  17. Wow the more i look the better it gets. Very nice detail stuff. Its not a ZM 219 for detail but the surface detail etc looks nice. Very nice..
  18. Mirage III for sure. Plenty of great operators and numerous options for aftermarket conversions etc so heaps of extra sales.
  19. Got home from Tokyo this morning and the postie was banging on the doir a couple of hours with the big B-17. Wow its huge!! Anyone else cut one up yet it looks simply awesome in the box! Grabbed a Wolfpack T-38 at Volks Tokyo nice looking kit to. Corsair is finally out in Japan cheap to around 65USD at at least two shops. Time to play with plastic
  20. Hi Kevin, I think Gary should be able to at least say something as after a quick look through Rohan apears to have launched a pretty scathing attack on someone who appears to have had no issues with anyone else other than him. Hope to see you back online soon Gary as your services are missed..
  21. 29Eu now that is expensive compared to center. Think i paid 15 USD from him on ebay plus shipping of 10 with other bits. Funny you had a problem i know about 6 people who have used him numerous times without a problem. What happened? I found him a stellar dealer he even sent me extra snakeyes due to a 5 day shipping delay on my order. Hope he is back online soon his parts come in handy for numerous projects and given how much you paid for a sprue that is far cheaper in Japan. It seems Tamiya Europe is ripping people off big time.charging 29Eu for a 520Y sprue. How do they justify chargi
  22. Agree i'm a huge ZM fan but with a great price in Japan it will have to hurt sales. Although ZM are crafting a market for people who want the full meal deal and a lot of history in the box not just plastic and decals. So maybe they think that market is strong enough that people may still buy one. Maybe..the Tamiya Mustang is a different style of kit to Hasegawa so maybe they have it right. Hope so there kits are brilliant lessons in history and aviation not just models.
  23. His seller name is center762..used him about 6 times for things like Snakeyes,F-16 canopies etc. Prices are reasonable some a little expensive others very good..very good dealer..
  24. The 4 was released first all others have the corrected fuse..
  25. Of course they are different between the C and E kit the profile on the two seater must allow for a second seat and second pilots head. There is an Ebay seller who sells the canopies seperately and also sold the parts required to go from single to 2 seater. Used him quite a bit for bits and pieces like that plus extra weopons but he appears to be offline at the moment but well worth getting on to. Luckily i got my spare canopies from HLJ before they stopped selling spares but i have picked up some F-16 sets from Ebay for 2 seater canopies. Check him out excellent dealer and a great source
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