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  1. The reason very clearly Hobby Boss did not do that was to supply the entire line of possible B-24 variants would push the price up to double that of the HK Lancaster by the time the research, extra moldings and sprues are done...oh plus the box already packed wil be huge hammering shipping costs. All pushing the price to unaffordable levels all to satisfy modellers who cant think outside a very small square. Its funny we continually hear about what they left out keeping it afforrable but people are buying them left right and center. First 98% of people buying this kit will not even be remotely aware of the multitude of variants, turret options nor care. Model forums are full of people who are vocal and arrogant expecting their personal favourite aircraft is done to the nth degree and if not we hear all about it page after page. This negative “oh it doesnt include xyz turret” etc therefor it should “never” of been released is what, lets find reasons to “not” release kits now? Maybe HK should not of released the least most popular B-17G we could all be happy then using that attitude. Or maybe the F should never of been released as the nose is still wrong, its lacking numerous F gun arrangements and clear parts. So how many people are unhappy to have a 1/32 B-17F?...none. So how many are unhappy to have a 1/32 B-24....none...sorry one..Jennings he would rather have nothing than something. People criticising a kit for what it “isnt” is just simply glass 98% empty mentality that damages the hobby. The kit is under half the price of the HK Lancaster and has already sold out twice at our local stores yet the initial HK Lanc shipment still has not. Gladly not everyone thinks a B-24 kit need have double the sprues, three times the price to satisfy the 3 modellers who want every B-24J option in one box. Im more than happy with that decision keeping the price down the only disapointment being the split turrets its almost as disapointing as HK and their cheapskate canopy blisters.
  2. Im sure there was an extensive post comparing Trumpeter and Hasegawa Stukas here several years ago where dimensionally Trumpeter was found after much normal bashing to be more accurate.. Searched to no avail... Are there any reputable plans verified to compare with?
  3. There is about another 25 WW1 aircraft that people would love just to start. There is plenty of green pastures for WNW to graze through yet..plenty...
  4. Agree...if it was Trumpeter there would be 3 threads two of which would be shut down of guys abusing them for another massive error so blatantly visible. ”How did they miss that” et al...are they blind etc etc..lol. But its Revell so its ok... Hopefully we finally get some resin that will fit the Trump kit though..
  5. After picking up a pair of CE’s F-4B conversions Garys(i think i bought 3)are so far superior to them in every aspect i would buy two or three big UK F-4’s without hesitation. I have his G conversions, Standards..in fact i have heaps of his stuff, all very very good! Rethe F-4H the CE set is quite good prob the best CE conversion released think the cockpit was its onky shortfall. Still have Sageburner plans but some of the prototypes are very cool! I have always wondered what has stopped the model community getting behind a system used in several other hobbies. You sign up put up a credit card number to secure a number of kits you want then when preorder reaches a certain amount developement is confirmed. IE preorder total of say 100 must be reached. A running total is displayed as orders come in when it hits 100 production is guarranteed. Manufacturer is happy as they have 100 locked in buyers minimum whom have given a card number to confirm a purchase..ie your in, locked in and guys are happy as kits will get produced with zero risk if it all falls through. You get charged on shipping. Everyone wins. So often you hear of companies hesitant to produce due fear of people not backing up their typing with cash...this does that it gives a producer confidence and buyers stuff that would never see the light of day. Id be VERY HAPPY to hand over a CC number via a pre purchase agreement ie min order total must be reached to proceed to back up my promise to buy three...
  6. Well until i can verify by measuring, having it measured or verified against reputed verfied accurate plans i wouod not come into any forum saying this kit is great that ie Trumpeters kit is rubbish oh my god how did they do it. The Monogram F-84 was thought to be the bees knees and people hammered Trumpetboss when their F-84 did not line up with it...oh my god how crap is this Chinese pos, how could they do it its such a well known aircraft. Oh when someone measured up the F-84 which kit was wrong.,.Monogram. Did we see any of the oh my god how crap is Monogram, how could they do it? No all we got is silence. Now i agree there is every chance Trumpeter did get it wrong but how about you produce some well regarded plans ie Bentley and try there as a better starting point to compare rather than an Airfix kit which as we have seen repeatedly re old kits is no guarantee of anything... Unlike say a Hasegawa 109 which has been compared from end to end over the years and judgement from there would be quite reliable the Airfix Stuka has not been studied at any length and is a poor place to start. Being well regarded means little under the blow torch of accuracy.
  7. For years the Monogram F-105, was hailed as a great kit..well until the blowtorch got turned on HobbyBoss and in the comparisons the Monogram kit was found to be off in many places. NONE of the kits mentioned have had the blowtorch turned on them like EVERY Trumpeter kit is. Old kits have not endured any of the scrutiny of new ones its all word of mouth spread by the that looks like a 190 to me for years and years. Nice kits for the time but nobody has looked at them and they have been found wanting in many cases. Dont assume an old kit is correct it probably isnt...
  8. Its not just they person behind the keyboard. Wingnut Wings found to their dismay not all CAD programs are made equal. 6 programs later and several years of delay in the Fokker DVII to get curves correct then be able to tool them correctly proved that. Blind faith in CAD even with 100% accurate info does not equal an accurate production if CAD does not render it correctly or even a correct render does not equal an accurate result. For the OP im not sure what the story is but in future doing this type of leg work before you build a kit is probably a wiser move...
  9. Why would you be sorry its an awesome kit...the C is good to. The Mig -29M and K where both very respectable kits as well..
  10. I think your best bet is Master from Poland but cant remember if they have done this set. They have done several Nightfighter radar arrays in brass and are very good quality. Hope you find a set..
  11. An “average kit”...you better hope your mate doesnt buy and try to build any Italeri, Revell or anything thats not Tamiya if he thinks this is average...lol...a look at Jan’s build will be very clear how good it is out of box..
  12. I thnk thats the good thing we will have 2 Lancs with different styles. Love the effect on the Airfix Typhoon and cant wait to see what Wingnut bring to the table. Id imagine they wong short change us on clear parts like HK did..
  13. Nice review had not picked up on the clarity of the clear parts in my kits as they are still in the baggie. No mention of the kits biggest let down the blister situation of gluing clear parts to clear parts and the lack of canopy options...zero, one or two side blisters. Otherwise good review well done.
  14. Build it out of box and dont worry about it as its far to difficult to fix when there is a very nice 219 already out there. If accuracy is a concern sell it and buy the ZM kit. The Revell kit fits the mold these days for a large majority of modellers on forums. If its cheap it can look like a golden painted Unicorn and they would be happy. If its expensive one rivet better not be wrong. Luckily for most Revell has been cheap because its built close to most modellers ie EU and USA, Trumpeter on the other hand not so close so it gets far more flak for in many cases ie P-40F for equivalent issues distorted cowls. My Revell 219 still looks a lot like a HE-219 to me...but i have 2 ZM ones as well....build it oob life is to short for sows ear conversions when you can buy a silk purse.
  15. Great work on the seat be looking forward to grabbing a couple...
  16. Whoever is deciding Aires release list needs to really get out more. Someof there decisions both for releases and non releases make you wonder if they have any idea about what would be popular. No A-6 stuff in 48th or 32nd for a kit now in its second run in both scales, No Mig-29’s lucky we have CWS but lost money for Aires. Lets release heaps of stuff for the worst Trumpeter kits then ignore the big selling good ones...now lets do the same with Kittyhawk...marketing insanity.
  17. Of course you can use them. Only 0.2% of the community know about the innumerable different variations in Liberators or care that a pitot tube is in the wrong place or the framing on the tail turret is incorrect for that individual model. The majority of the community are happy to have a 1/32 Liberator its a pity your glass is fully empty outlook pops up to tell people what they cant do and we are all wrong and Hobbyboss are to be blamed for not including another half box of optional parts. You cant be serious can you?..oh thats right you just dont like Trumpeter/Hobbyboss.. You just cant help yourself to criticize a Trumpeter/Hobbyboss kit for missing the 8 extra sprues it would take to satisfy you increasing the price massively however you failed to criticize HK Models for missing the 2 parts for the two major Lancaster canopy variations..how surprising. Everyone knows Liberators had more variations than you can point a stick at and most will be happy to see some AM stuff to fill the gap of the huge variations. Many dont care... But please the company you represent failed to include 2 parts that are a massive omission on the Lancaster which is double the price so how about you worry about HK Models mistakes first before you heap criticism on another manufacturer. Glass houses et al...
  18. Enjoyed this review of the B-24 by Phil. Always found his assesments of relative value and detail etc very close to what I consider realistic value and its merits relating to your time. To me his reviews are about as unbiased and balanced as you will get on video anywhere. https://youtu.be/K4aTzRu3UQc
  19. Censorship or basic realities of the world? Aircraft modelers have flooded forums with rampant criticism of Trumpeter and Hobbyboss since the Wildcat justified or not. In some cases yes in others far from it. Armor modelers have welcomed a flood of Russian Armour never touched before with open arms. Just take a look at the past pages on this site for some fine examples of hyperbole and gross exageration. It didnt matter what the kit was like it was just a forum flood of standard anti Trumpeter hyperbole exagerating errors and lynch mob mentality. So instead of Devastators, F-100F’s, Prowlers, F-111’s we get...1/16 Jagdtigers, MkIV’s, Panthers, King Tigers and every Russian AFV for the last 30 years in 35th. Realistic assesment of Trumpeter aircraft stopped at the Wildcat and the good old boys stride in at every turn to magnify the smallest errors into huge issues. Has any single manufacturer helper the model industry so much? Their failures have lead to how much resin etc? Think of how many aftermarket producers would never of existed or be smaller without Trumpeter? Their problems have actually launched some great dealers like Zactoman replacing parts and resulting in some stunning kits, Like em or not the flow down they provided in resin, decals, PE etc is pretty staggering. PS a build of the P-40F and some close ups. https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/6011-trumpeter-p-40f-build-checkertails/
  20. Exactly...its the standard fair by the standard crew saying the standard things although i must say i have not heard the “box beng tight” before as a kit criticism. New fertile ground including the cardboard..lol. Its very hard to take most criticism seriously with the hyperbole and contradictions flooding out the accurate assesments. Whats acceptable for Revell is a hanging offense for a Chinese producer...how surprising...
  21. Just picked mine up from Volks Osaka. ZM have topped themselves box is chocka block with clear and grey styrene. Definitely getting another. Bargain for 13000¥.
  22. Anyone thinkng for a moment Revell cant do overly complex poorly engineered kits has a short memory. 1/32 109’s.... the Tornados in 1/48th Revell can pork it with the best of them...
  23. $479 in sunny Australia and thats a decent price some have it higher. Well over $500 in Japan...most arond mid 500’s. HK have controlled prices tightly being pretty equitable across countries you did well to pay so little.
  24. Dont worry Americans mis-pronounce and mis-spell the English language continually. I enjoyed your review thanks!
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