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  1. That stinks, man!! I have had some huge expenses come up in the last few months, and some more on the horizon, so I guess the same could happen to me, but I'm not throwing in the towel just yet.
  2. Archer Fine Transfers makes raised screw heads that apply like decals. I've used them, and they are quite nice.
  3. Oh my, that's cool! When I saw your title, I immediately thought "if I had video games as a kid", followed by "I never would have graduated from high school".
  4. Yep, sorry to say it, but the SAC gear are garbage. Does Damian (SOW) make gear for this kit yet, anyone?
  5. Like most things in life (Amazon, Facebook, etc.), ebay has pros and cons. Be wary, be objective, learn to work around the cons, and take advantage of the pros, and you can do very well as both a buyer and seller. It's certainly more expensive to sell there than it used to be, but good luck reaching as wide a market anywhere else. I've done both a lot, and have always come out of it quite well, and have found their customer service to be decent, though in favor of the buyer most of the time. I find the extreme hatred of it to be unwarranted, but I do prefer to do business through g
  6. Just incredible work, John!! If you bring that to NATS in Vegas, please let me know ahead of time, so I can leave mine at home!
  7. Ya, I know. Trying to sort out the issue. None of the links will work....
  8. About a year ago, I gave this model to Jim Rademaker, who finished it. He did such an amazing job, I have to show it off for him (he does not have a hosting service yet) Just a fantastic build!! (Hopefully, the images will load this time)
  9. Why did you have to show me that link......? I didn't need one more temptation to agonize over.
  10. Love these old Bugatti racers, good show!!
  11. That is downright amazing!! One of the coolest things I've ever seen. Tim
  12. Oh yes, here too. My friend sent me a book from Germany way before Christmas, never showed up, so he sent a second one about a week ago. The first one arrived last week, and the second one arrived yesterday. 2.5 months for one, 2 weeks for the other. The tracking never did work, no updates at all. I've had two packages in the last month or so go from the east coast to HAWAII, then back to the midwest, then finally here to the Pacific NW. What the hell? The tracking worked on those, at least. Oh ya, the package that came yesterday had to be signed for, and no one was hom
  13. Man, I bet!! It makes me want a 1/16 Tiger I even more!
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