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  1. jreago01


    Excellent ! Will follow this with much enthusiasm...
  2. Excellent work !! And very instructive. Thank you !
  3. http://amg.cdc.cz/kat109.html Wow - this might have been old news for awhile, last year. But very interesting, though potentially very expensive. Any thoughts? I personally would love one, however I recall reading many times how the R/M 1/48 one didn't sell well in the 90s, so perhaps that might be built into the most-likely very high prospective price.. I can't imagine thins one being less than $200-300.. if we're lucky. John
  4. LSP folks- I have the Trump 1/32 Swordfish Mk1 kit in hand along with the Eduard color PE. I also purchased the Squadron In Action, but I find the cockpit pictures included somewhat lacking for what I want to do. Since the 'pit is very much open, I really want to scratch build a lot of detail into it, but am currently looking for additional references. Any hints? Does anyone know of any good web resources etc.? Thanks! John
  5. jreago01


    Cannot go wrong with Tamiya's Extra Thin Cement for plastic.
  6. Just thinking out loud here (ok typing)- but what are the chances that DML will release a 1/32 Bf-110G Nighfighter..? Finishing up their Bf-110C-7 and loving it. Does not deserve some of the bad press I've been surprised to read here and there. Would love to see a Nighfighter released.. Thoughts?
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