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    Modelling wise, the A-4 Skyhawk, Dehavilland Sea Venom and RAN/RN aviation post 1945.

    Aviation wise I am a maintenance supervisor at a well known local air museum.
  1. Port side first WZ-907 with everything in place WZ-897's hydraulic tank, the voltage regulator is removed 897's old voltage reg WZ-907 starboard side 897's voltage reg and circuit breaker panel complete This is all thats under the starboard side. And finally 907's cockpit looking aft. Anymore requests please just ask.
  2. Greetings I have the above beastie and have struck an issue with fitting the engine. I followed the instructions to the letter but when mounted the engine sticks up at the front and the cowling wont mate up to the upper fuselage correctly. I cant see anything wrong or out of place, everything is where it should be. Any suggestions, hints or the address of a good hammer retailer would be greatly appreciated.
  3. All I have at the moment are a couple of shots from my latest restoration, WZ 897 The lady herself Aft cockpit bulkhead, unfortunately stripped The bits your interested in for the rear shelf are in amongst this lot the big lump of a thing with the two rectangular blocks goes on the starboard side, the other goes on the port in front of the hydraulic tank. I'm down the museum again this week end, I'll get some better shots then.
  4. Sure do. I'll have a rummage and post something soonish
  5. I quite like this kit, no idea why The sparse detail I can live with, scratch building always livens things up, the biggest issue for me is the great big "woof" in the fuselage around the gun bay doors that doesnt exist on the real bird. I think Matchbox pooched the fuselage dimensions between the engine bay and the forward fuselage,
  6. I always have the head knocker in the safe position on my A-4 models. It reminds me why I still have a dent in the back of my bounce!
  7. Interesting thread on BM Edgar, Danni appears to be royally burred up!
  8. The area behind the driver is the ammunition bay Pics here http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=50126&page=6
  9. Given Airfix's legendary part replacement service I'm quite sure the canopy issue will be sorted sharpish. The Mosquito had a problem with cracked canopies that was fixed swiftly.
  10. A recent shot of our VW-647, might be useful
  11. If your ever over this way I'll sit you up in one.
  12. As an aside Edgar I've found some lovely unmolested samples of Hawker Yellow recently, That daughter of mine is looking foward to renewing that stoush!
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