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    twentyten reacted to Mark M in Eurofighter Typhoon   
    Well with the new year a new build, hoping to get her done for the RAF100 show at Newark Air Museum on 1st April

    started on the seat

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    twentyten reacted to otis252 in Tornado F3   
    I want one of those so bad! Looks great.
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    twentyten reacted to mark31 in B-17F The Mustang / Lady Luck   
    Hello to you all
    I know im still working on the mosquito but work is going slow with all the painting going on so i dicieded to start the beast of the stash
    The wife is happy off course i prommisd here to build this one for here
    this will be a long term project for me
    so here are the pics before the start
    The kit

    aftermarket for this one





    so first step will be the nose section
    i know there is a lot off discussion about the intirior colors but i will go for a metal one for this part
    i hope to do a update soon
    wish me luck
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    twentyten reacted to R Palimaka in Trumpeter 1/32 MiG-29A - first Pics   
    Sorry, my stencil comment was misleading. It has some stencilled personal markings and zaps, and things like the WZL-2 overhaul facility stencil...not maintenance and instruction stencils apart from an armament panel. Stencils would definitely be a welcome addition. For those interested, the new Stratus book, No.21, featuring the commemorative schemes, has a full description of all the stencil data and placement. 
    As for the additional pilots honoured, I'll be interested to see who you choose. Boleslaw "Mike" Gladych might be a good one, having served with the Polish AIr Force in Poland, France and England, and then becoming a bit of a legend with the 56th Fighter Group flying P-47s.
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    twentyten reacted to Bill Cross in Simple Setup for Photographing Your Models   
    Thanks, Maru. It makes things pretty easy. And then just photographing stuff on the bench works, too!
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    twentyten reacted to DoogsATX in Trumpy A-6E TRAM Intruder - "Raygun 501"   
    And the Intruder is officially underway!
    Got the cockpit tub and aft deck glued together last night. Just like I remember with the 1/48 Hobby Boss, the angled fit looks intimidating but the parts line up nicely.
    Also got the intakes together and test-fitted the AMS FOD covers. Some trimming down of the resin pour block is recommended, but once it's whittled away just enough, the covers fit nicely. Wish I could say the same about the intakes...rough joins top and bottom that will certainly require clean-up work. I seem to remember this from the 1/48 kit as well.

    As for size...the Intruder is not small.

    For kicks, I set it beside the Zulu Viper.

    More to come...
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