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  1. Thunderthud

    XF-103 Thunderwarrior

    Hello Lee Nice build! I remember this plane now. There was no real canopy right the pilot was to fly from a camera to make the plane more aerodynamic.The pilot only had 2 tiny side windows.It almost looks like one of those early cruise missiles they were devoling in the late 50's.
  2. Thunderthud

    MDC, are they still in business?

    thanks Franck
  3. Thunderthud

    MDC, are they still in business?

    OH yes Lee things have certainly changed. I was at that movie theater also for a movie. thank you very much Pavel for the link. I see we use photo Bucket here, good I can do that.
  4. Thunderthud

    Trumpeter F4U 1A 1/32

    Excellent work!
  5. Thunderthud

    Trumpeter A-10C

    Thats a great model of a great plane! I remember riding my bike to the factory with my friend and I had my camera to take pics as they rolled them out of the factory. The gate guards chased my friend and I away when he saw the camera. Oh those sweet days of youth!
  6. Thunderthud

    Dragon P-51 "Cripes 'A Mighty"

  7. Thunderthud

    Fw 190 F8

    Beautiful job!
  8. Thunderthud

    Foiled Has Royal Australian Air Force P-40E

    Thanks Brian, I'm going to check out UMM-USA. Keep up the great work, I'm looking forward to some update pics of the P-40. they look great in the "Aussie" camo and markings. Joe
  9. Thunderthud

    Foiled Has Royal Australian Air Force P-40E

    Hello Out2gtcha, Your P-40 is looking great! I have to ask, where did you get that JH models wooden stand. I want one of them, it looks like a great shop tool.
  10. Thunderthud

    MDC, are they still in business?

    Thanks to all for your help! I will post a build thread to show my progress.I will need to know how to post pics on this forum. I made a nice wish list for all my items. Oh and Lee Yes I am a F-105 fan all so a P-47 fan.I live only 15 min away from the old Republic Plant were they produced the P-35,P-47,F-84,F-105, and the A-10.They also produced spare Horizontal Stabilizers for the F-4 Phantom.The old factory is no longer there.There are strip malls there now. The Republic Airport is still there and active. The American Airpower Museum is located on the airport property. www.americanairpowermuseum.com .They have a huge amount of planes flying and static.They also have one of the last remaining F-14 Tomcats in a non-flying state. They also have a Blue Angles F-18 I built and donated it to there model display. I also donated an F-105D "Polish Glider" to the Republic Airport Historical Society for display in the airport lobby. And Thank you for the warm welcome to the forums! Joe
  11. Thunderthud

    1/32 He111P $70 at Sprue Brothers

    cool they have a great Cyber Monday Sale on all there kits
  12. Thunderthud

    MDC, are they still in business?

    AAAAhhhh yes that's the One Thank you!
  13. Thunderthud

    MDC, are they still in business?

    Black Dog is new to me, do you have a web link or a supplier whom I might search? Thanks for the input!
  14. Thunderthud

    Future Group Builds?

    Do you think the fall out of participents could be due to the Holidays or the world wide economy issues?
  15. Thunderthud

    MDC, are they still in business?

    wow Thank you! Thanks Kevin. The domain changed. Its been a while since I was on there sight. Awww just lloked them over and they seem to not be producing anything for the FW190 anymore. does anyone know of any other aftermarket suppliers offering 1/32nd scale FW190 goodies.