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    Build in most scales when the urge takes over but really like the big planes
  1. It's but a 1/48 Italeri Saber Harv, developing my skills after quite a few years away from modeling before I move onto my 1/32 kits, 2 WNW models, a MiG and a Sea Venom.
  2. I've been lurking here since I joined LSP a few months ago waiting for a group build to join in. I received the WNW Hansa Brandenburg for Christmas and almost have my workbench cleaned of various projects. That promise to myself, finishing a bunch of projects in various scales, would be rewarded by opening the WNW kit. I've not been here long enough to have met or known any fallen comrades but can tell my scanning the posts looking for help or gathering tips and hints that the quality of builds here is amazing. I hope I can live up to both the tribute and the excellent quality of the kits. I'll probably start in 2 weeks after I finish painting my last cleaning house project, an F-86F. Tim
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