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  1. That is one helluva job you've done there! Very very very nice!
  2. Thanks for the compliments! Of course you can publish it! I would be honoured! Best regards; Ulrich Schütt
  3. Hello, it has been two years since I posted my last build here. Maybe not the place to tell this,..... but what the heck, gonna tell it anyway..... Let's say life wasn't kind to me the last two years, I had a "burn out" and had to seek profesional help. My social worker, a very beautiful, smart and funny lady, encouraged me to start building again but I never felt like doing so, Didn't feel like doing anything , to be honest..... So after a while she challenged me into a bet,( would be way cooler if it was "a bed" ), to build a model or at least start with a kit within a certain amount of time, the stakes..... a "Bosche bol" ( a Dutch pastry filled with whipped cream covered with chocolate), for the winner and I accepted the bet.... and won! Well, here is the result, it is the Hasegawa 1:32 Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden. Painted and/ or airbrushed with Tamiya acrylics. Vallejo washes are use for the panel lines. Chips and weathering done with Revell enamels ( silver, green and mud), artist chalks on the wings to give it that worn look. Exhaust stains are Revell enamels ( if I recall correctly, but could be Tamiya acrylics) . Hinumarus are done with the airbrush, only decals used are the tail code and the little kanji stencils. The antenna post is scratchbuild out of Evergreen rod because I accidently had cut the original one when I cut the antenna wire ( having a rough time with the wire so at the end I ommited it.....) And I forgot to place the part in the turtle deck..... It was an easy kit to build, kudos to Hasegawa! Hope you guys like it! Best regards; Ulrich
  4. Nothing?!? You should have asked for the plane and than never send it back!!!
  5. Very nice job you've done! Nice paintjob and weathering ....... you made an ugly plane look good!
  6. Yep, now I'm sure...... seeing this.... I'm not going to post my latest build, only will make me feel silly! Very nice job, you've done!
  7. Wow! Perfect !!!!! Very very very nice! You certainly make me feel like a beginner......
  8. Very nice job on the Spitfire! Especially because it looks sprayed and not hand brushed!
  9. Nice job! Love the "faded" paint on the wings.
  10. Nice build! Very nice indeed! I have to make one remark though..... you don't have to "cover' the hakenkreuz ( swastika) on , for you foreign sites, it's not illegal only in Germany. It is as if looking in the Playboy and all the good parts are covered with black bars.... ( well maybe not the best example I could give but I hope you understand what I mean ........ )
  11. Very nice start! When you come to the part where the wings are mated ( is this correct English? ) to the fuselage you have to cut some of the "teeth" of the wingspar, or make them smaller to give it more wiggly-room. Or you will have a hard time putting them together.....
  12. I've build one Claude too a couple of years ago. Had the same problem with pulling of the paint even with masking tape that was as low tack as toilet paper. I believe I had touch up the wrecked parts of the paintjob three times. Always had the feeling it was the plastic that caused it. The plastic felt different than Hasegawa or Revell plastic. The instructions were a pita too.... I was lucky to wreck the clear part on my build, and used the other one that was provided. Only to find out that the instructions were wrong when I saw pics of the actual plane I was building and I used the right canopy by accident.......
  13. I believe the cowl flaps were red on the last one. ( and the spinner too.)
  14. Wow! Very nice flawless Typhoon!!! Love everything about it!
  15. I've build the old Revell Hurricane a while ago. It was a fun build even on such an old kit. Can't recall any problems with the kit at all. ( But then again I can't recall anything if it happened before the weekend...... ) Here's my build in Dutch; http://www.plakkers-inc.nl/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2389 and here on LSP; http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=48747&hl= Best regards; Ulrich
  16. No, those are the "old" Hasegawa Oscars, there is no "new" tooled Oscar. BTW; I have build an "old" Oscar recently, pics can be found here on LSP, and with a little love and care it can be turned into a nice model.
  17. I know you're building a A6M2 but since most parts are the same i think this site could be a little help....... http://www10.ocn.ne.jp/~a6m232/ it's in Japanese but if you click on the links on the left and right on the screen you go to pages with pics. By the way....there's is a photo of the cockpit deck and canopyframe ...... and the colour is..... ( just yanking your chain.... )
  18. @ Kevin; Thank you for the compliments! And of course you may publish it! I'd be honoured! Thanks!!!! btw, you've struggled to get enthusiastic...... it took me more than 3 years before I tore the bags open.....had the kit in my hands everytime I started a new build! I started because I knew it would be in my stash for another 30 years if I didn't.... to all others; Thank you for your kind words!!!!
  19. Finished this one last week. Waited all week for the sun to shine so I could take some photographs. The kit is Hasegawa's 1:32 scale Ki-43-II Hayabusa that I converted into a Ki-43-III koh. Modified the airscoop with putty, scratchbuilt a couple of exhaust pipes and that thing on it's belly ( don't know what it is ) of Evergreen. The plane is sprayed with Tamiya acrylics. IJA Green with a pinch of brown on top. Tamiya silver , titanium and alluminium for the bottomside. Weathered with Revell enamel silver for the chipping, Revell sand colour for the tyres. Vallejo washes were used and Tamiya weathering pastels. 39th fighter unit markings and number on tail are from a Hasegawa 1:32 Ki-61 Hien. Build in Dutch can be found here; http://plakkers-inc.nl/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2666 Best regards; Ulrich Schütt
  20. Your Sap Sucker doesn't suck! Very nice and flawless job, sir!
  21. Wow! Super-job you've done! Nice weathering! Very nice indeed! Your Mrs.Bonnie is a dirty girl..... the way i like them!
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