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  1. So, the Eduard "early" sets say they are for serial no.s 5-15 are these the "series" used for the tail numbers? Is that the right term? Is there really a significant difference? The most obvious thing is the tail fillet, which I assumed came with "late" versions, but maybe not that late.
  2. If not too late, I would also take a set.
  3. Being the tread-head in question, It looks like you got what you wanted in our trade, which I'm perfectly happy with. Merry Christmas.
  4. I want to build the Tamiya 1/32 P-51D as one of the Tuskegee Airman's planes. Were these "early" or "late" I'd like to buy some of the Eduard upgrades and want to get the correct ones. I did find some Warbird decals, are there others? Any other AM goodies I should consider? Thanks for any ideas, and Merry Christmas
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