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  1. And who says history is boring! To think a model made this connection happen. Great stuff! Mike
  2. Any timeline on when it'll be moved to the front burner?
  3. Hello Jan, I'll take two sets. PM forthcoming. Mike
  4. Wow, can't believe it's been near a month since I've posted any progress on my build! Although I haven't done much, I have made progress. The build now has it's colors. I went with the Floquil old silver and AKAN green (faded) for the build. Silver definitely shows ALL the flaws! Good thing this will be viewed from afar! I also tackled the ordinance for the build. Decals are next, and I'll try adding some weathering. I also need to get the base cleaned up and painted. Thanks for looking in. Mike
  5. Nice work Paul. Yes it does, more than I could handle. Good to see you got the fuselage halves together. I'm looking forward to the rest of this build. I may have missed it in your previous posts, but have you determine what scheme you'll be doing? Regards, Mike
  6. The weathering on your build is absolutely amazing! Your build is a true masterpiece. Well done. Mike
  7. Thanks for sharing this! It’ll come in handy as I paint some M117 bombs. Mike
  8. The build is coming along nicely! Doing an inflight display at a near vertical take-off angle will look splendid. Hmmmm, I may do that for my eventual Lightning build.... Mike
  9. I haven't been motived to do any painting on the build, so I decided to work on the in-flight stand. It's been awhile since I've done any woodworking; it was enjoyable to generate some sawdust! The stand is made from 3/4" MDF, and I gave the base a 45 degree chamfer. And here's the build posed on the stand. I may shorten the acrylic rod a bit. The stand will be primed and painted gloss black. Thanks for looking in. Mike
  10. Making great progress on this! Smart idea using the gloss black. What did you use to fill the seams of the tail and wings? CA glue or ? Mike
  11. Great to see you’ll be tackling this kit in the GB. It was beyond my capabilities, so I’ll be watching to learn! Mike
  12. Thanks Max! The build is primed and masked, and it's ready for the paint shop! The wings went on without any issues. The top wing/fuselage seam wasn't that bad and easily dealt with with Mr. Surfacer. The bottom seam on the other hand had quite the gap, on both sides. The canopy fit wasn't as bad as I had feared, but there were some pretty good sized gaps the deal with. The fix isn't perfect, but it works. Next up is deciding which paint to use. It's either airbrushing Floquil Old Silver or a spray can of Tamiya AS-12 Bare Metal Silver. I'm leaning towards the spray can, but I'll do a test of both colors on the kit's MPF tail to see which I like best. Thanks for looking in. Mike
  13. John - if you’re in the US, PM me. I may have an extra set of intakes. Mike
  14. Great looking build and photography of it as well!
  15. I’ve been watching your LSP build, and it piqued my interest in this aircraft. I’m planning to pick up one of these Airfix kits, so I’ll be watching this build closely. Mike
  16. The build is looking great! It'll be wrapped up in no time. Mike
  17. An overdo update for the build. This build was bumped to the backburner as I worked on several other non-LSP builds. After a lot of dry-fitting, scraping, puttying, and sanding, I have the spine and tail on the fuselage. It's starting to look like a Fishbed. I had to add a piece of styrene sheet at the face of the spine as there was a gap between the canopy and the spine. The canopy fit is iffy, some gaps to deal with. I've painted Marek the MiG driver. My figure painting skills are atrocious, so he will not make an appearance in this WIP! The plan for the weekend is to get the wings on and figure out the best way to deal with the canopy. Thanks for looking in on my build. Mike
  18. I received my sander last week. I've only used it a couple of times, but I agree it's a quality product with lots of applications.
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