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  1. I'm calling this build completed. Had a let down when I removed the canopy masking. I discovered a small crack in the rear half of the canopy above the left side of the back seat. I must of hit the canopy sometime during the build :BANGHEAD2:. I applied some Future over the crack to see if would absorb into the crack but no such luck. What a bummer since the canopy is so prominent on this aircraft. 






    After two failed GB builds, I'm pleased with the build; it has its faults, but what build doesn't. I'll be taking a break from LSP builds for awhile as I've discovered MFH multi-media kits. Never done a multi-media kit and I'm looking forward to something new.


    ARGH, after looking at these photos, I see I forget to paint the navigation lights! So I guess it's not completed after all, back to the bench.....


    Thanks for looking in on my build.

  2. I've made progress with painting the build; although, it hasn't been without issues. As I painted the green, I put a fingerprint in the fresh paint not once, not twice, but three time! Frustrating! After letting the green cure for 24 hrs, I sanded the fingerprints out and re-applied the green, and after these touchups and a couple others cured overnight, I applied the gloss cost.



    I'll let the gloss coat cure for a couple of days then start applying the decals to the build. This GB end date is coming up fast, but I should be able to get the build complete in the next few weeks.


    Thanks for looking in.


  3. My wife and I decided today would be a hobby room day, and it was a nice snowy day to be relaxing in the room. My focus was to get the build ready for a coat of primer later this week. I was able to get the seats and canopy installed, and the canopy is masked. 




    Now the fun part begins! My last two GB builds crashed and burned when the painting began, but I figure the third time will be a success. Fingers crossed.


    Thanks for looking in.

  4. I finished up the seats, and I'm happy how they turned out. But....



    ...as I began looking at photos of the Spitfire schemed Hawk to start prepping for painting my build, I noticed the seats should have been black not grey. :BANGHEAD2: 

    Not sure why I locked on to the grey. I thought about repainting them, but it was a fleeting thought.....


    I'll be getting these and the canopy installed over the holidays, so I start priming the build.


    Happy Holidays all!





  5. Progress is being made on this build; however, it is small and slow. I have too many builds on the bench currently: a formula 1 race car, a baby JA-37 Viggen, a mid-size F9F panther, a big Hellcat, and this build. Focus wanders and too many new projects call! 


    I have the landing gear close to completion. I feel the gray is too dark, but I'm not going to change it.



    Also been working on getting the base colors down for the seats. Have more to do here but wanted to show work is being done.


    Once the colors are down, I'll attempt adding wear and apply a wash.


    Need to get these seats done, so I can close up the cockpit and start painting the build.


    Thanks for looking in and Happy Holidays!

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