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    tomv87 reacted to Miloslav1956 in Ki-61-l Tei & Ki-61-I Hei mjr. Teruhiko Kobayashi 1/32 Hasegawa   
    Today update.




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    tomv87 reacted to Miloslav1956 in Ki-61-l Tei & Ki-61-I Hei mjr. Teruhiko Kobayashi 1/32 Hasegawa   
    Thanks all !
    Today update - left side.



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    tomv87 reacted to DrDave in IBG PZL P11c   
    As requested

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    tomv87 reacted to DrDave in IBG PZL P11c   
    Time to stop whinging and get modelling!

    to paraphrase Victor Kiam, I was so impressed, I bought another one
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    tomv87 reacted to DrDave in IBG PZL P11c   
    superb deckles 
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    tomv87 reacted to DrDave in IBG PZL P11c   
    Well done IBG the decals are great!
    cant move them at all though once they are on so get it right first timejust a little mr surfacer on the bottom as I misaligned slightly 

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    tomv87 reacted to Brett M in Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair - Done!   
    Been a bit, with the crazy world going on and some earth shaking in the Salt Lake area! But, progress is moving ahead. Landing gear attached, wheels and tires done, landing gear doors. Canopy painted and close to where I want it. Small touch ups here and there and then the radio rigging/antenna to be done. 
    Let me know what you think so far!


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    tomv87 reacted to Brett M in Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair - Done!   
    Thanks everyone for reading and watching progress. It's done! RFI below the image.

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    tomv87 reacted to Fanes in Bf 110E-3/trop 2.(H)/14 North Africa - almost done   
    The antenna mast - part 2
    Well it's done and glued onto the canopy but its predecessor hasn't submerged.
    Here it is:

    The wire is made from elastic thread (Uschi's fine rigging thread). The insulators were done with a drop of superglue followed by a blob of white glue, which didn't adhere to the thread on its own. The cone was made from 0.2mm sheet smash moulded over a sharpened tooth pick.
    That's it from me - the next post will (finally) be in the RFI section.
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    tomv87 reacted to JefH in 1/32 Hasegawa P-47 "Oh Johnnie"   
    Been away from the bench and the site for a bit.  Been swamped with work, but I've also had a few stalled projects that possibly stalled because they were too involved. 
    Decided to get back into it with a simple mostly out of the box build of the Hasegawa P-47.  

    Didn't unfortunately take a lot of in progress photos because I wasn't sure about doing a build log.  

    The P&W R2800 is OOB.  The more I look at it the more likely I think I will add some wiring to it.



    I used a Eduard "Look" set for the instrument panel and the harness.  They're not nearly as nice as HGW, but for a 10 minute job not too bad.  The information placards aren't 100% accurate and the oxygen hose isn't correct.  Just thought I'd busy up the very visible cockpit area.   I need to weather everything up further before I seal it them up in the fuselage and cowl.

    I plan on marking it up as LT Ray Knight's "Oh Johnnie".  Mostly because I have a 4yr old at home who loves the Goofy on the unit emblem on the fuselage.  
    Thanks for looking, hopefully I'll be able to get this one through to the finish line for a change.
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    tomv87 reacted to mpk in Finally completing the Hasegawa Tony I began here a couple of years ago.   
    This is where it is currently.  I stripped the original scheme and began again.


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    tomv87 reacted to dennismcc in Hasegawa Mitsubishi Raiden   
    Well I am still at it, the yellow flash mask on the starboard side was removed and the yellow extended, it's a good job Mal sent extra masks for me, then it was time to apply the masks to the tail which I had already airbrushed white.
    The mask was cut down to size and the position for it was marked on the tail with Tamiya tape, transfer tape was applied to the mask to hold it all together and the mask applied, this was the tricky bit that I was not looking forward to but it worked.

    The transfer tape and the masks was removed to reveal this

    The Tamiya tape on this side was used as a guide to mark out the other side of the fin/rudder

    Then the flash mask was re applied to the fuselage side where the yellow had to be extended, to do this the mask was held together with Tamiya tape while I applied it.

    With this all done I was now ready to start the paint job, my wife wanted to know how I was getting on so I showed her what I was doing, during which I noticed this.

    Stupid boy, so the masking was removed and the white extended, once again it was a good job that Mal sent me spare masks.
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    tomv87 reacted to dennismcc in Hasegawa Mitsubishi Raiden   
    At last with all masks in place satisfactorily I could apply the paint to the undersides, for this I used Sovereign Colourcoats ACJ016 and it airbrushed beautifully, I left it for a day then had a good look at it, I was a bit puzzled that the colour was not greener, then I looked at my build notes and noticed that I should have used ACJ012 Hairyokushoku, stupid boy, but it did give me a great undercoat. So I airbrushed the undersides again and it also airbrushed beautifully and looks perfect to me.
    All ready to go.

    And with the right paint

    Not forgetting these bits

    So back on the shelf with them and carry on with the next project, the N1K2
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    tomv87 reacted to Thunnus in 1/32 Revell Bf109G-6/AS Hohenjager   
    Thanks guys!
    Time to rivet the wings.  I have to be careful not to break the glue bond between the inner and outer wing panels as the contact area between the two is not very significant.

    Using a set of drawings that I obtained from the 109Lair website, a flexible ruler and a soft lead pencil, I draw the rivet patterns on the wings.

    The larger Rivet-R from RB Productions is used for the long straight runs.  I'll use the smaller Rivet-R Mini for the circle.

    The rivet wheel is slowly traced and firmly over the drawn lines. I don't use any guides for this so the rivet lines aren't perfect.

    The rivets are then given a light sanding to remove the excess plastic that is pushed up around each rivet hole.

    I used brass sheeting folded around a form to create the hollow ammo chutes.  You can see the white Milliput that I used to wedge the cockpit tub into place.  You'll also notice the exhaust pipes... I'm trying to figure out how to add the exhaust deflector plates.

    I'm going to tone down the raised details on the rudder.

    Here's the smoothed rudder set into place on the tail.

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    tomv87 reacted to Fanes in Bf 110E-3/trop 2.(H)/14 North Africa - almost done   
    The cockpit is completed after some fiddling and struggling!
    The seatbelts are in palce and recieved a thin brown wash to highlight the details. The belts on the front seat were routed through the opening since I found two pictures in my references with that configuration. Dust and dirt was added to the cockpit floor with some MIG pigments.

    One shot from the rear:

    Two items will be put in place later on: the glass on the Revi (right before installing the wind screen) and the MG15 (at the very end of the build)
    If the wheater stays rainy I might get a chance to close the fuselage tomorrow!
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    tomv87 reacted to BiggTim in FW190D-13 Yellow 10 conversion   
    Flaps are done! I used the kit flaps, thinned them down a bit and cut a bit off each end, then glued thin sheet styrene to both sides, overlapping the ends to the original length. Sanded the trailing edge almost to a knife edge, then primed, RLM 65 overall w/ wood (Testors 1735)on the top surface, and then some transparent woodgrain decals from HGW. This was my first attempt with the decals, and I found them VERY soft and hard to use without ripping them, even doing each piece individually so the grain doesn't align across the joints. I wound up having to spray a thin clearcoat over them while still on the paper to give them some strength. That worked fine for decals going on a flat surface, but I'm not sure what I would do for a curved one! I overlapped the edge of the decals at the joints slightly to form the dark glue lines, then accentuated them a little with a burnt sienna pencil after the matte clear was dry.

    Here are the real flaps:

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    tomv87 reacted to Thunnus in 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1a Corsair - Boyington's 17740   
    Another layer of weathering has been completed.  Hard to see from a distance.

    But from a closer distance, you can see the effects of the salt fading.

    With the transition from global to more localized effects, I can start to take the masks off.

    Although there is a small sacrifice in accuracy, the canopy can also be posed in the open position.

    The curious clear window in the belly.

    Lights in the wings.

    She's almost ready to stand upon her own legs but I'll stop here for now.

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    tomv87 reacted to Hartmann52 in Ju-87B, 1:32, Trumpeter   
    Any fotos:

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    tomv87 reacted to Hartmann52 in Ju-87B, 1:32, Trumpeter   
    This step its finish. Next - weathering

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    tomv87 reacted to Hartmann52 in Ju-87B, 1:32, Trumpeter   
    Work does not stand still - slowly but surely we are moving towards the finish line. The main painting is finished. Decals are being applied. After that - wethering and final assembly.
    Variant - gruppen komander III/St.G. 77 hautmann Helmuth Bode, Kharkov, may 1942

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    tomv87 reacted to monthebiff in 1/32 ZM Henschel Hs-129 B-2   
    A little more done today and added the yellow flashes to the lower wings, nose and tail band followed by the national insignia on the tail.



    Time for some decals and a practice on a my test mule (Mk V Spit) to get the white wash technique right!!
    Regards. Andy 
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    tomv87 reacted to Brett M in Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair - Done!   
    Thanks! That's kind of what I keep telling myself as well. Once I start on the lower side of the plane, that should help "blue it up".
    More work tonight. How does the demarcation line look on the tail? It seems that this wasn't exactly a fixed paint scheme, with the line moving up and down on different planes. 
    I'll mix up a slightly lighter shade of blue grey in the next day or two and spray the fabric areas (unpainted). 
    Comments, suggestions, pointers.....all are welcome. 



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    tomv87 got a reaction from Thunnus in 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1a Corsair - Boyington's 17740   
    Wonderful work going on here. Exceptional build!
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    tomv87 reacted to chrish in NLLSP- No Longer a Large Scary Project- finished   
    Painting on the 109 underway, again, the Kitsworld decals shows fairly heavy mottling going right down to the bottom of the fuselage sides. While paintings (never trust an artists rendition) show little... or even no mottling on the aircraft sides. There's also paintings of the aircraft with II Gruppe straight line instead of a III Gruppe wavy line, but I have 1or 2 pics. here of the aircraft with the wavy line so, that's what I'll use.
    I ran out of a key Tamiya color to home mix the RLM 75 so used some recent acquisition paints that were as yet untried, Mission Models, they seem to work ok.
    My query: does the mottling look to heavy?

    paint came up with the tape off the resin exhaust pipes, my fault. not the paint. I forgot to clean and prime the resin

    Thanks for looking
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