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  1. That is some crazy detail with that gear!!! Very nicely done!!!
  2. Didn't realize this was you John. Will be watching this here as well. Almost done with the 262.
  3. I umm......well I uh.......Holeee.......you gotta be........
  4. Very cool build and awesome diorama!! Love it!!
  5. Alright gang.... Catching everyone up. Black based.....after a BUNCH of body work. I know ....a Tamiya?? Warble pattern applied.... Filled in the panel lines with some black: RLM 76 applied to the bottom side: Top side splinter camo coming together: Top side camo coming more together and tried my hand at the first attempt on the side mottling....... But didn't care for it much so I re-applied the RLM 76 and mottled again....there....that's more like it.... and that's where we are as of right now....
  6. I really dislike being away from this forum for so long at a time as this is a truly great group of folks here. Lots of work drama going on right now and it had me all tore up for a while but I never stopped building as it was one of the things that was instrumental in me not loosin' my everlovin' mind. Gonna catch you all up on this build soon.
  7. Sorry for the absence fellas. LOTS of changes going on at work that directly affect me. Pretty frustrating but looks like there's some good stuff on the horizon for me in the next couple of months. Fingers crossed and hoping that things work out.
  8. First off, this build turned out very well. I hear you on the RFM instructions as well as the parts count. I built their VW Type 82 staff car and while I enjoyed it very much overall, there were some frustrating points in the build. As you said though, incredible kits with alot of detail.
  9. You came away from that build a winner!!! All paint, detail and weathering work is just astounding! Beautiful aircraft build Neo!!
  10. Yesiree. I've definitely got more work to do in here in light of that.
  11. Ok fellas....got some measurable benchtime finally. Got this part wrapped up here.... and got started on the gun platform. Still gotta add some details and weathering but we're off to a start anyways.
  12. Thanks fellas!! Trying to cram whatever modeling in that I can amidst these 7 day work weeks.
  13. I've got some touch ups to do here and there as well as more parts to install but we do have some progress.
  14. Thanks Kevin. Been a pretty crazy last couple of weeks man. This place becomes a third world country down here when ANY thing out of the ordinary occurs.
  15. Well gang.....this has been a rough couple of weeks with the freezing temperatures here in South Tx. Putting up with folks who know absolutely nothing about how a 4-way stop is supposed to work to the state closing down public highways down while it's 40 freekin degrees out with NO precip on the roads to empty shelves at the grocery store. Since the freeze I've been working with my crew 7 days a week for the foreseeable future till all this mess is cleaned up at our refinery. Needless to say, benchtime has suffered BUT.....I've at least made some progress. Seat belts, rudder pivot and pedals all installed. The belts were Eduard color parts that I took the liberty of weathering up a bit as well as weathering the whole cockpit area. This whole instrument panel ordeal that's coming up is gonna be a pretty big task. I have the Eduard color IP but it aint gonna work with the Aires IP. No cheating for me on this go round with that as it's gonna be down to the nitty gritty with the detail painting. Ya know fellas....the one thing that I absolutely cannot stand is when I buy something and then go and LOOSE it. I bought the decals for "White 3" and now can't for the life of me find them anywhere. I already know what's gonna happen too.....I'm gonna buy a set and then the day after I apply them ....I'm going to find the original set. Happens every single time. Anyways....progress:
  16. I hear exactly where you're comin' from in regards to what others do and the whole "highly inspired and desperately inadequate" gig. Sometimes I don't feel like we give ourselves enough credit though. If we're really trying then we are learning and therefore succeeding. You're doing a good job on this. Keep up the good work.
  17. autiful build L_D!! Sucks about the windshield and light covers but looks like you got that all sorted out.
  18. VERY good work on that figure Chris. WOW!!! Good call on switching out the cape for the wings.
  19. Been a while since I've seen you post in this one Kevin. I remember alot of these kits.
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